Tuesday, 31 January 2012


This is my first time participating in WOYWW. See Julia's blog  http://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ for details and stop by and leave her some praise.
I hope I am doing this correctly...It is Wednesday in Britain but still Tuesday here...don't think I can stay up till midnite:(
Hope it is OK to post now...

My next door neighbour and I get together once a week to make cards or to scrapbook. Lately, we have been making flowers. Sometimes we make sets of 2 or 3 flowers for scrapbooking embellishment clusters. Other nights we make really big blossoms to sew onto hairbands or hairclips. It is very relaxing work and quite addictive. I have to share a secret...my neighbour is much FASTER at this than me...I am such a slowpoke at all crafty things!
The green woven basket contains the fabric circles that I have already handcut. I keep a little wheel of pins in there too as I like to pin each "set" after I singe the edges.

The big clear tote with the green lid contains all my folded up (well, actually, stuffed in) material, fabric scissors,  lighter, candle, beads and other embellishments for the flower centers. Everything I need to create flowers is in that bin!
That way, if she hosts the evening, I can just grab my little box and I'm good to go.

Now for the embarassing bits.  Yes there are unfinished projects lying out too. I am just lucky that there is a sort of hidden corner to my desk to hide things a wee bit...(who am I kidding, right!!!!!)  Look right...waaaay over to the right...You will see a 3 drawer unit full of the bits and bobs needed for my current long term project. I am making a wedding album for a gift.  There is also a huge bag of blingy ribbon just behind those drawers and a stack of completed wedding pages behind that. I think I have about 16 pages done and maybe 8 or so more to go. It has been just a fun project and DH would like me to make one for us to keep as well.

Under the wedding pages there are 2 scrapbooks (to be sold on Craigslist) and my January.Counterfeit Kit Challenge kit...yes January...eeeek! The Feb challenge starts Feb 5th so I have to get my butt into gear and scrap my Xmas photos with this kit.
Yes...that is an empty frame hanging above the desk! The other side of the shelf has a semi finished layout that I have cleverly hidden with the tilt of the camera. There is actually another shelf above that white shelf you can see. It hold family photos and as they don't like their pictures posted on the internet, I angled the camera to hide that shelf too!

Earlier today Little Miss C and I made these two flowers and sewed them onto "Goodie" brand hairbands. I love this brand as little Miss C has long, very fine hair and they never slide out. They have little ridges that hold tight

She was very proud that she did the "sewing". She almost finished one and then let the needle graze her finger...she didn't cry...just said "OUCH" and then told me I could do all the sewing parts....

Hope you enjoyed my desk and hopefully by next month my January Counterfeit Kit will have been all used up!


  1. Gorgeous flowers! I love making flowers too! And it's much more fun when there are two of you, isn't it? And your desk is so huge and neat! I am impressed! Welcome to WOYWW! Warning: it can be quite addicting! br />HeARTworks

  2. You have a GORGEOUS desk. I am impressed. Love the way you have it laid out, too. So easy to find the things you use all the time, and hidden shelving to hide everything else. Welcome to WOYWW. I know you said you are a scrapbooker, but feel free to drop by if you are interested in taking my free altered book classes. I'm # 30 this week.

  3. These are gorgeous, love your work desk! Thanks for leaving me a comment, it's a new blog so I am thrilled you found me! Xxx

  4. OMG I'm drooling here at the size of your lovely organised craft space, you lucky thing you.
    Love the flower headbands, very stylish indeed.
    Happy Wednesday
    Minxy x

  5. Oh my! Sooooooo tidy!! I seriously need to take some time out from crafting and get tidying! Now if I had a quid for everytime I said that.....lol..

    Welcome to WOYWW

    Take care

    Jackie x

  6. great looking desk and crafting area. I think all of us have secret areas where we hide our 'stuff' Love the flowers. I am offering up some blog candy so come leave a comment on my blog and get a chance to win! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #87

  7. What a great space to play, love the flowers. I've only been joining in since the New Year started, it's great fun! Enjoy this WOYWW. Zo x 89

  8. WOW, what a fantastic work space, just love it, lovin the flowers, welcome to WOYWW, be warned it's very addictive, enjoy, Hugs May x x x x

  9. Welcome to WOYWW, that's it, your are addicted now. Gorgeous flowers and they make beautiful headbands.
    Ann B

  10. LOVE the flowers! Gorgeous! Trish #76

  11. ohooo look at all your tidy craftymess it's lovely, would you please come and tidy mine!?! I've not been home for a month so it's still the same as it was at Christmas! (not the woyww picture seen today!!) Have a happy WOYWW

  12. Wecome to WOYWW, this is only my 3rd week so a newbie to, your crafty space is amazing! and those flowers are gorgeous, i think i would like to have you as my neighbour! Hope that you have a great crafty week Lou E # 26

  13. Gorgeous flowers, such a gorgeous selection of colours :)

    Have a fab WOYWW and a great week, Karen #108

  14. Welcome to WOYWW - Wednesdays will never be the same again!

    I'm assuming you must be in the States or Canada - more likely Canada as one of the pics on your walls seems to be an advert which includes French... we need to know more about you and what you do!!! ROFL

    Gorgeous flowers you've made, and Little Miss C did very well...

    Thanks for stopping by...

  15. your flowers are so amazing and I love your desk, it is so tidy and organized, great to have all those cupboards!
    Happy WOYWW Debxx #8

  16. Love your space--so nice and neat and your flowers are awesome, too. I just joined WOYWW last week and it's been a lot of fun!

  17. Welcome to W.O.Y.W.W, Is so inspiring to see other's creativity. I love your flowers for the headbands. I have very fine hair myself and nothing stays put. Well done for coming up with a solution. JB.

  18. welcome to WOYWW...thanks for this week's crafty snoop..looks like a fun creative space...happy WOYWW...hugs kath (63)

  19. Wow, what a wonderful space! It is so spacious! The flowers are beautiful!

    Happy WOYWW! Danielle #22

  20. Gorgeous flowers and your crafty space is lovey
    Anne-marie x no 136

  21. Welcome to the family ...hope you enjoy taking part and making friends.

    Love the flowers on the head bands ...what an organized desk you have ...and so tidy.
    Many post on the Tuesday night ...and not all make it every week ...so dont worry...some of us take several days to visit...and most never manage to visit everyone ...we have only the rules JD mentions xx

  22. Thanks for a great crafty snoop this week. Loving those flowers. Welcome to WOYWW

  23. I LOVE that dark purply-black flower, from the matte/textured layers to the bling in the middle = gorgeous!
    Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

  24. OMG your craft space is amazing please show us more!!

    YOur flowers are lovely - how nice it is for you and your friend to craft together on a weekly basis.

    Laura #86

  25. Your workspace is wonderful! As are those amazing flowers! Beautiful. Kim

  26. Welcome to WOYWW (I'm sure we'll see you back - it's very addictive) - your flowers are utterly gorgeous and you have lots going on, although your crafty space is so tidy and organised -(Hazel, WOYWW #10) x

  27. Ooooh, I'd LoVe your workspace and I LoVe your flowers! Welcome to the world of WOYWW'ing and look forward to catching up with you again soon. Debbie #84

  28. Oh My Word!!! You are SO organized! Love your flowers, but I love your organization even more!!! =)

  29. I LOVE your work area :) Beautiful.
    Your flowers are so pretty.

  30. Your flowers are beautiful and your desk is wonderful.

  31. Crafting with a friend is always special. Love your workspace.
    A x

  32. What a beautiful creative space and those flowers are gorgeous! You kindly popped by and asked what the scalloped edged pages were. I think you are referring to the several (!) sets of Wendy Vecchi stamps I have. The pages you could see are the contact sheets the stamps are mounted on! Hope that answers your question! Happy Wednesday (as I think it is Wednesday for you now!)

  33. LUCKY YOU to have a craft partner. LOVE the flowers & your CLEAN desk. Wish mine was. This was my first WOYWW too & I was so surpised how many visitors there were. Have a great weekend. Charlene

  34. You have a lovely work area and the flowers are really pretty!
    I'm attempting to visit everyone on the WOYWW list this week. t'is a daunting task but at least I'm trying, more than I've done before!


  35. Lovely flowers. thanks for visiting me I'm a bit behind in my return visits!

    Hugs Pam x

  36. You are a lucky girl to have such a fantastic area to work.
    Welcome to WOYWW, but be warned... it is very addictive!

  37. hahaha your desk is too clean but I love your flowers, I am a flower girl when it comes to crafts, you can schedule your post to turn up on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, I think Julia did post that any entries before Wed would be deleted or something to that effect.
    Bridget #72

  38. What a perfect workdesk you have, so organised. Your fabric flowers are wonderful.

    You may be not be as fast as your neighbour, but what's the rush - take your time and enjoy it (well, that'd be my excuse for being slow anyway - lol)

    You asked if I made the little pink flower on my blog - no, it was sent to me in a swap. It was pretty though.

    Thanks for your visit and enjoy your WOYWWing xx

    Sherry (139)

  39. I love these flowers! They are beautiful! And I love them as a headband, how adorable is that?!

    Happy WOYWW (on Thursday!)
    Katie #31

  40. Hooray for joining us! I love all your little jars of colour, it reminds me of my own space. And your flowers are really pretty.
    Aeryn (181)

  41. welcome to WOYWW carefull it will suck you in and steal your time LOL
    great desk and i love all your colour themed jars
    janet #6

  42. Fab flowers, I am so impressed! Love your work area, it is so neat and tidy.
    You cannot be as confused as I am, I live in the UK but am in America at the moment and cannot decide what day is what. Talk about walking through doors!
    Thanks for sharing and your comment on my blog.
    Hugs, Neet 151

  43. All those flowers are beautiful! And I love your craft space! So clean and organized and lots of room to create! Thanks so much for showing us and hope to see you again on WOYWW!

  44. You have a really nice setup and it looks very tidy:) Your flowers are gorgeous.

  45. Hi there Scrappy Mo - ah do love the wee headbands great work little Miss C. even if a finger was picked in the making of this headband!! :D great crafty space and will let you into a hint - I am in Oz so I post when it is Tuesday everywhere else practically! thanks so much for popping over, and for sharing... and a big welcome to our wonderful WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #21

  46. Wow, your craft space is so tidy! You would have a fit if you saw mine, lol! The flowers are beautiful, Judith xx

  47. I’m so pleased that you decided to take the plunge and play along with us on Wednesdays, but I hope you realise that this first post is the start of a long and slippery slope, Lol!

    Love the fab flowers, you could make a fortune selling them when you’ve made them, absolutely beautiful.

    Happy Crafting!


  48. amazing space,fabulous flowers and if you would't have pointed out your dirty little secret corner I would have been none the wiser

  49. Hi
    I love your desk and those flowers are wonderful, I read your weigh in you are doing so well, I am trying to cut down and all I think about is food, this is day 3, I hope it gets easier. Have a lovely weekend. Laura

  50. Lovely to see you on WOYWW and what a gorgeous workspace you have. Your scrapbook sounds like a beautiful gift to give, can we have some peeks?
    Love those fabric flowers.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #116

  51. Don't worry about being "slow" at crafting.... making nice stuff is the object...however long that takes. It takes me months to get some dolls the way I want them....and hurrying is not an option for me. I go my own darn speed. Whatever speed that is on any given day....oh, yeh...and .... having fun... paramount!

  52. Your space is just wonderful! So beautiful and so are those flowers. I would make them go up in smoke for sure!

  53. Thanks for popping by, I love your craft area! :) x

  54. Sorry for just getting round *sigh*
    Your work space is very cool (and tidy)! Love the flowers!!!!!!!!! More patience than I would have ;) You're so luck to have someone to craft with! Thanks for sharing, commenting and joining WOYWW.
    Hugs and see you next week.

  55. you have a fantastic work area - love it.
    fabulous flowers


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