Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Santa Maybe...coming down the Xmas tree tonight

Dec 10th was little Miss C's ballet recital. We bought the tickets,  drove one hour away to the recital , bought a rose, bought legwarmers ( to help the fundraising)  spent about an hour and a half watching all the dance skits, and  drove a hour back home. All in all, we watched  little Miss C on stage for all of two minutes!!!  Oh my!!!

It was so cute.  The kids were all great...the little 2 year olds were precious. Miss C danced to Santa Baby...only she thought the words were Santa Maybe...coming down the christmas tree tonight! 

DD gently told her that she thought the words were Santa Baby...coming down the chimney tonight.  A couple of days later, Miss C told DD..." I listened really carefully at class today and it is Santa maybe...comin down the Christmas tree tonight".

DD reminded her that Santa comes down the chimney...Little Miss C camly stated she knows the words are  Santa Maybe cuz depending on whether you have been naughty or nice, Santa may or may not come to your house.   

She had her little brother convinced that Santa was coming down the Christmas tree and he had great fun demonstrating for me how Santa had to jump from the fireplace hearth over to the top of the tree!!!

Oh to be young again...teehee

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Julie Ann Shahin said...

We just took our tree down last night! And why was the recital an HOUR away? Why wouldn't they make it local? I hope she had fun! xoxo