Thursday 31 March 2011

Babbling brooks and fishing tales- March Counterfeit Kit add-on Updated embellies

Babbling brooks lead to dreams of rainbow trout, steelhead, sockeye salmon...DH loves to fish and go       boating. My "In The Woods" Kit will be used for our times in the woods up at the lake. I have 3 years of     boating photos taken in the old boat to catch up on (YIKES!!!). The new boat will be delivered this month. I think it about time to get the old ones into layouts.

Last year DH and SIL caught a huge rainbow trout. ..I  think it was 27 inches.  I will imortalize those fish photos into layouts with this add-on.  We have a photo of  the fish beside a tape measure, I think I will use the little blue grid flags to record the weight and  length.  I  am really looking forward to scrapping with this kit.  

Still having camera card troubles...will post the fishing embellishments tomorrow after yet another trip back to the camera store   

*****Finally******The Fishing/Boating Embellies for my Kit...                                                                                                                                

March Counterfeit Kit...Wildflower Add-On Kit

Whew! Finally got my camera card problems sorted.  Apparently size does matter as my camera can't read the card correctly if it is over 2 GB!

Here is my interpretation of the Wildflowers add-on kit.  The sheet music is from a little shop in my Mom's small town. I picked up some band and choir books from the 50's, 70's and 80's for a buck apiece. Lucky for me, there were some song titles that had to do with flowers. The doily and the little child ephemera was found at the same shop...I think I paid around 25 cents each. What a score.
The envelopes were just some old, long, cream coloured ones I picked up at a garage sale. I just cut them with a border punch. 

I will be using this add-on kit mainly for the flower beds and landscaping up at the resort where we keep our 5th wheel.   Pretty well all this months kit is to scrapbook our camping, fishing, swimming and relaxing times with family and friends, while we are up there.  I like the fact that it will all co-ordinate with the Back to the Woods theme.

Monday 21 March 2011

March Counterfeit Kit

 Had some camera issues and couldn't post my March Counterfeit Kit up till now.  I have to say I had a really hard time putting this kit together.  It is hard enough to sort through the stash looking for one type of paper, cardstock etc.  Trying to pull papers for all these different add-on kits gave my ever lovin, concussed pea brain, a big, fat headache. teehee
 I gave up trying to pull them all and decided to tackle them one by one. So far have I have managed to take photos of my main kit and 2 add-on kits.  More add-on kits to follow as I am still having pesky camera card troubles.

Here is my Into The Woods main kit.  Lots of camping layouts are in my future. You can just see a bit of Kraft cardstock in the bottom right corner. I plan to use lots of Kraft on these layouts.  I  have added some log stamps and a bit of ribbon from my stash but can't redo the photos yet.  I included some little chipboard critters. We have a couple of squirrels that hang out in the big tree on our lot and have a beaver family at the marina, so hopefully these will suit those layouts.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

I'll neva bite you again

Little P. is  3 in a month !  I thought he had left the biting stage behind but there was a little "nibble" yesterday. C. came crying, P readily confessed and went for a timeout.  C. seemed surprisingly forgiving and tried to talk me out of his timeout.

She advised perhaps he hadn't meant to actually bite her and most of the bite was on her pant leg.  The whole story then comes out that they were playing doggies and he was the doggy biting her pant leg!

P. finishes his timeout and agrees that little boys and puppies shouldn't ever bite...he then joins C. at the art table to colour some reindeer chipboard cutouts...

He is just starting to master the basics of drawing and proudly draws a mountain for his reindeer to live on.  He then buckles down to colouring his reindeer.  After a few minutes of heavy breathing and a lot of sighs, he turns to C. and says...

"C....would you dwa eeeballs on my waindea"?

C is much too busy finishing her raindeer to want to help but ever the diplomat she tells him that if she does all the hard work for him, he won't ever learn how to do it himself!!!

His response...

"C...if you dwaw eeeballs on my waindea, I won't eva bite you again"

He eventually did draw his own was an oval and one was a dot...soooooo cute!!!

I love most that I can track these precious moments on my blog.

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Oh my...Life with a dog!

Spent Tuesday morning with C. and P. and the new puppy.  C. is usually up around 8:45 am and so I was quite surprised to see her and the new puppy downstairs at 7:20...YIKES

Poor old grandma likes a little more sleep!!!

P. tagged along downstairs and generally seemed a little off.  He was a very good boy all morning but seemd a little more overtired than anything else.  Daddy came home around 10am and P. ran over to tell him how he missed him sooo much.  Daddy had a cuddle and realized poor little P. was running a temperature.  Within minutes he was barking the familar croup cough and struggling to breathe.

Thanks God for nebulizers!  Daddy reluctantly set out for his last call of the day and had plans to get his knee Xrayed before returning...He must have been really worried about P. as he returned home for the day just after lunch, forgoing his knee Xrays untill Friday.

On the other front, C. was a very trying little girl today.  Grandma thought it was a combination of overtired plus a bit of attitude and little C. spent some time alone in her room today. 

Between walking the puppy, taking the puppy out to pee,  helping P. to go pee, and fending off what seemed endless complaints from little Miss C., Grandma made a lucky escape home!

I no sooner got into my own door than Mommy called to say that little P. had barfed all over Mommy and Daddy's quilt!  Daddy was snuggled up beside P., tight as a bug in a rug, and poor little P. had valiently tried to get up and run into the ensuite. He did not suceed...

Poor Daddy had to clean it all up!!! 
Lucky, lucky, Grandma!!!

Now C. is running a temperature and not feeling well.  Methinks the constant complaining all day could have had something to do with her not feeling very well.  Grandma is feeling guilty about being a bit of a crabapple with her today...

I think Mommy and Daddy have their work cut out for them tonight!  Oh my!

Sunday 6 March 2011

The power of positive thinking...

My little grandaughter C., has wanted a new pet for several months.  They started out with a fish about a year ago.  Sadly, the little fish was floating upside down in the aquarium one morning.  Then there was a gift of a seahorse farm that generated a lot of interest from the kids, but did not seem to fulfill the "pet" request.

Grandson P. is allergic to cats, so there was quite a decision to be made on just what kind of animal this new pet would be.

Now C. really wanted a puppy, but she was keeping all her options open. She said she would take anything that she could hold in her lap and pet!  A puppy was high on her wish list but she happily said that she would take a bunny, or even a hampster or guinea pig. Her mantra was, if I can pet it, I will take it!

A short stint of babysitting a friends guinea pigs conviced my daughter that guinea pigs were not going to be the pet of choice.  Way too stinky!!!

So time dragged on and C., ever the optomist was sure she would get the pet very soon.  In the meantime she kept busy digging up worms in the garden and letting them "play" in her hands.  She would name them and introduced them as her pets!

Her birthday yielded a FurReal dog that she could indeed hold in her lap and pet. It even had a leash to take it for a walk...but it did not fulfill the yearning for a real pet.

She was sure that Santa would bring her a puppy for Christmas so she started drawing elaborate pictures of the puppy.  They all were basically a drawing of a little girl walking a puppy on a leash.  Mommy had to explain that Santa does not bring pets.  There is no room in the sleigh, they might jump out and get injured...etc

Undaunted, C. kept churning out these pictures and willingly shared the story of how she really wanted a pet with any friends or family members that would listen.

She kept her puppy requests in her prayers and never stopped believing that she would eventually get a puppy.

Yesterday her dreams came true.......A family member remembered her yearning for a puppy and recomended C's family to receive this little cutie!  She is a sweet, quiet, good natured 5 month old Miniature Schnauzer.
She finally got her puppy!!!  C. is over the moon!!!

After a visit to the groomers, the little puppy now looks like this...

I think I liked the shaggy, waif like version best!!! What do you think?

Friday 4 March 2011

Addicted to flowers!

Oh my gosh, I am getting addicted to making counterfeit  flowers....

I have my neighbour addicted as well!  This is a good thing means we can go to the fabric stores together and buy .02 of a metre of all sorts of fabric and then divide it up when we get home. 

We are definitely a pair of flower fanatics...

Here are some of my recent creations.  I know, I know, I need to learn to use the camera...I couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash...hope you can see past the flash problem. Even though I know it sounds corny, I love them.

Tell me what you think!

I can already envision layouts I would use them on.  The reds and pinks are earmarked for my February Counterfeit Challenge Kit. The plain aqua flowers are for a wedding album I am working on and the black and aqua are going to be used on sympathy cards.

Hope you enjoyed the peek.

 Tell me what you think!

My Feb kit for the counterfeit kit challenge

Thought I had better get my kit posted for the February Counterfeit Kit challenge. I really enjoyed creating my kit...promise to post some actual layouts and cards soon.

I am racing to get this posted as the new March kit challenge will be up tomorrow!

I have really enjoyed this challenge blog.  When you follow along and create a kit from your stash, it is sooo easy on the budget.  I placed everything in my kit in an iris cart from Michaels. That was I can grab it to take to an impromptu crop at a friends ( or at the LSS) and I have everything I need to churn out same finished pages or cards.

So here is the linky to my kit, my add-on kits and my bling.

I waited and I waited and I been good.......Birthday chuckles

The Domestic Diva threw a wonderful 57th birthday party for me on Sunday.  The smell of the garlic encrusted roast beef was fabulous when we walked in the door. mmm...mmmm...mmmm...heavenly!

C. and P. came running clutching the birthday cards they made for me.  C's card was  a lovely drawing of C. walking her puppy.  The puppy, collar and leash are all drawn with great detail. A few butterflies and clouds finihsed it off.  I think she thinks if she draws that puppy often enough it might just come to life! Oh, to have the confidence of a 4 year old once again!

P. had great fun drawing lines and shapes. There was the faint glimpse of  the letter P and he was quite proud of that.  A really good job for 2 years old!

After a superb birthday dinner of roast beef, yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings, I was completely spoiled with Scrapbook store gift cards and some is burning a hole in my pocket as we speak.

My favourite birthday memory is hearing little P. say to his Mommy "I waited and I waited and I been good and you haven't lit this fire yet"!  His mommy was having some difficulty getting the roast to the correct internal temperate and  there had been a lot of opening the oven to check on it.  We all thought he was hungry and referring to the flame under the veggies...He was sternly sent out to join his Dad and ran to us repeating "I waited and I waited and I waited" and threw his head in Daddy's lap.  Daddy was quite sympathetic and stroked his head saying "I know, I know, you are hungry for dinner". P. looked up with confusion and corrected silly Daddy. He said "No, I hungy for cupcakes"!

There was a bar-b-que lighter beside the cake and he was patiently waiting for it to be cake time!!! 
Dinner must have seemed like an eternity to him cuz when mommy finally lit that fire, he was the first to start singing...

Happy BIRFDAY to you, Happy BIRFDAY to you, Happy BIRFDAY  dear GWAMMA...

I did it!

Whew!  I did it!  I created my first blog!

It was so much easier than I thought it would be.  I know it is very rudimentary and I need to add more extras,  but the basics are done and I can actually post!