Thursday 5 May 2011

Wooden Stamp Storage

I'm on an organizational roll...

Thought I would share my wooden stamp storage in the hopes that some might respond with their own acrylic stamp storage ideas...A product that I have not fully organized yet!

I keep my wooden stamps sorted by theme in these 6 drawer rolling iris carts from Costco.
My themes are Inks; Alpha; baby; birthday; Florals, nature, Odds and Ends; Shapes; Wedding/Love; Words/Phrases; and Xmas.

Some of you may remember that I have memory problems since we hit a deer a couple of years ago. I can't remember what supplies I have (or where they are) anymore!!! I  took the Wookie Mouse Organizational Challenge at Two Peas and she showed this great idea to create a binder of stamped off images.
As you can see, the iris cart drawers have a couple of layers of stamps in each one. Stamps can become forgotten when they are hidden on the bottom layer. I guess there is truth to that old adage, out of sight, out of mind!

To keep all my stamps visible, I stamp them off  (by theme) onto cardstock. These are then stored in a binder that I can peruse when trying to decide on the "perfect" stamp to use on a project.

Now I am trying to find a solution for my acrylic stamps. Currently I store the little Studio G stamps and simlar size in baseball card sleeves in the same binder mentioned above.  I haven't found a solution for all the other zillion different sized acrylic stamps I own.  I don't really have room for a Clip it up although I think they look great.
Any ideas or pics would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday 4 May 2011

My Scrap Room

I have a room that is my very own:)
It is in the basement and doesn't have a window:(
My husband calls it the dungeon.
I call it paradise!

I have been on a bit of a scrapbooking hiatus due to some health issues. I still shopped, re-organized my stash, played with creating tags, flowers, journalling spots, cards etc...but wasn't actually getting any pictures laid to paper. I soon realized that whether I was "playing" with bits and bobs or actually creating layouts, I still enjoyed my room.

Thought I would share a few random shots...

I found these Ikea cupboards on Craigslist for $100     What luck!!!             
Here are some random shots of the inside of the cupboards.

The chest of drawers that is holding up my countertop was DH's when he was a child. He was delighted to see them reused...They hold my card  and envelope supplies as well as finished cards. Here is the inside view of a you can see my trusty labeller was once again put to good use.

These little woven fabric drawers came from Jysk and I just happened to find the matching baskets at Dollarama.  I was lucky enough to find a couple of different sizes of the baskets.
These little stickles shelves were being cleared out at my LSS. I picked them up for around a buck each...what a score! I bought a bunch and haven't filled them all up yet...

I think that means it is OK to go do some more shopping!!!

Hope you enjoyed my picture tour...feel free to leave any questions or comments...