Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A couple of cards I made

After a long day at work, the Domestic Diva took me to a "cardmaking do" that her  cousin-in-law organizes.  I treasure these card classes as her c-i-l is really talented and always has lovely design ideas. To top it off, she is a fabulous baker and always has an enticing spread of goodies and appetizers out for everyone to enjoy. You always feel welcomed and totally relaxed although that does seem a bit of a contradiction when you are frantically rushing to finish all your cards!!!  Poor Domestic Diva started her day at 5:30 am to get ready for work and finally arrived home from card class at 11:15 pm.  Three cheers for such a kind, special daughter as she had to work again the next day...
I wanted to share my favourites with you today. This butterfly Birthday card will be mailed off to my Mom. She will be 87 in February.  She likes to receive handmade cards and always saves them to give back to me a few months later!  
The little butterflies are all embossed with different patterns. Here is a wee close up.
This next card is going to be for my, they don't have to share it as we made two of each of these....teehee 
I  have thrown in a close up of the Eifel Tower and the crown as they are really heavily glittered. I think the camera is making them appear more colourful than they actually are. In real life  they just look sort of shimmery. 

Of course we had to  do a cream insert for the inside of the card. For some weird reason, my camera did not pick up the dark brown edge of the card around the cream insert. We stamped the envelopes to co- ordinate as well! Sorry...I forgot to take a photo of that...

I stayed the night at DD's to save her the drive to my house and back. It was so much fun to have a chat on the long drive out and back...sometimes it seems that there just isn't enough time to have a really good natter.


  1. Your cards turned out beautifully! I just love the sparkly Eiffle Tower, looks like the real one does all lit up at night!

  2. So pretty! Love the touches of sparkle!

  3. Beautiful cards! Love the butterflies.

  4. Great cards. Love the glitter and embossed background. Such a nice evening spent with family and friends.

  5. I love the script with the touches of blue and the butterflies, and I love the sparkly touches on your second card! Very nice!


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