Saturday, 28 January 2012

Coupon Shopping

Mr. Scrappymo! went off to have a leisurely lunch with his buddies. One friend recently had a heart attack and DH has been anxious to see him and hear how his recovery is going.

I got dropped off a Guildford Shopping Mall as I wanted to do a bit of a coupon shop. I had my price matching all circled on the competitors flyers and my trusty coupon binder in tow and I was off to conquer the bargains!

Here is a picture of my haul...The best part is DH walked into the store just as I was finishing up with the cashier and he manhandled the bags down into the car...teehee
Pricematched the U pads to RCSS...,,,the Walmart price is handwritten in red to the right (an additional savings of .50 cents).
Pricematched the Dawn from  Save-on additional savings of .01 cent each... I smiled a bit at this one as my Gran always said "a penny saved is a penny earned"
Pricematched the soup to Shoppers Drug additional savings of $1.40 per can.

Soup $1.00 off every 4 cans..saved $3.00
Always pads..........................saved $1.00
Purex soap............................saved $2.50
Royale toilet paper.................saved $2.00
Royale paper towels...............saved $2.25  (DH used these for the BBQ...I boycott them myself. Think what we could save if I got him to boycott as well!

To calculate my total savings, I added my subtotal of $50.30 plus the $24.38 savings by pricematching (see my red ink prices).  If I did not price match and had just paid the Walmart price today, my subtotal would have been $74.68

As you can see, after my coupons were deducted, I paid $37.06. Pretty darn close to half off...YAY!!!
This jumped to $41.68 after the tax was added on....Ouch!

All in all...not a bad haul!.


Julia said...

I think it's awesome that you saved so much!!!

Tracy said...

Good for you, want to come and do my shopping for me :)
We don't get the good deals and coupons like others.

Blessed Ladybug said...

I know that right i too am a coupon shopper .. no matter what store or resurant i'm looking for a coupon....thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

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