Sunday 25 April 2021

April Rudolph Days Challenge

It is time for the April Rudolph Days Challenge. The time seems to have flown by for me, since last months challenge!

Our designers have been busy creating lovely cards for your inspiration. First up is Sue at Sue's Crafty Corner. Sue's card features this delightful robin. I love the colouring on this pretty bird and also love that glittery background! I see I will have to pop over to Sue's and check out how she made this card. Best of all, Sue has made multiples of her card. She is always so good with that! I hope you will pop over to Sue's blog and leave her a comment. Just click the hyperlink above...

Sam at Whispers Cards blog has made us two lovely cards. The first one has a beautiful non traditional colour scheme. The sweet floral bouqet is highlighted by a lovely die that has the sentiment written around the circular shape. That die is so cool! I like the design Sam created here.

Sam's second card is lovely too. This one follows a similar design, but has a totally different look with soft, light colours this time. The snowman is a sweetie and she has used that lovely die again to frame the snowman. I hope you will pop over and visit Sam on her blog, just follow the hyperlink here.

Just a little update on Al and I. We both had our first jab. Mine was last week, and Al was two weeks ago as he is ever so slightly older than me! Both our daughters and our son-in-law have had theirs too! We feel blessed. Canada has a vaccine shortage at the moment as we do not make any vaccines here. Therefore, the government has decided to protect as many people as possible with the first jab and delay the second jab for 16 weeks. Not sure how I feel about being part of an experiment to see if the vaccine protects effectively for the 16 week delay, but such is life!

They have tightened our restrictions here and travel outside our public area is prohibited, and restaurants have closed to indoor dining again. We had self isolated the whole time so being able to meet the kids outside again (socially distanced) is wonderful. Just a few more days for me and we can do that again!

More good news for me too! I have a date for the breast clinic at the end of May. They do the mamagram, ultrasound and any scans there before they see you. So it is good that I will have the protection of the vaccine for that visit as I think the visit is 2 1/2 hours long. Although it has been a long wait for the appointment, part of that is due to covid and the rest of the wait is just part of the price of free medical care. Although our medical system is free, we have a shortage of specialists and doctors, so we have to put up with wait times...

Our prize this month is this Memory Box Circle Frame.

Thursday 1 April 2021

March Rudolph Days Challenge Winner

We had 59 fabulous entries for this month. I think that is great considering it is still the first quarter of the year!

As always, I have used Random Org to chose our winner and it is # 51, Pat.

Pat, can you email me at and let me know your mailing address.

Update April 6, 2021 Pat is now showing as number 50 even though she was 51 at the time of the draw. I have had to delete the person before her as the hyperlink for that entry was creating blogger problems for some reason. I have kept note of that deleted entry so that blogger can still be part of the end of the year draw for those that enter every month of the year.

Also, a wee update on my daughter

My daughter stopped by and picked up the mail, thank goodness. It was really starting to worry me. She has 4 days off for Easter, so she was feeling not quite so bogged down. Her father-in-law will be off as well, so will be home to look out for his wife. It will give my daughter time with her own family.

While it is lovely that her mother-in=law wants my daughter to go to appointments, specialists, etc., there is a bit of a sad reason is because she does not want her son or husband to be upset with bad news from a stranger! They are both very kind and sensitive daughter is kind as well but is pragmatic too. She can listen and question the doctor carefully, and then once back at the family meetings, she can word the medical news kindly, in words that are not quite so upsetting.

I am very proud of her!