Sunday, 1 January 2012

Rebuilding me in 2012


Oh my!  I love the look of that date written out on the page.
Today is  is the first day of many changes for me.  To help me on this journey, I have chosen once again to embrace the concept of One Little Word to guide my year.

Last year I chose Focus to aid me in my continuing journey to cope with post concussion syndrome. I did some one-on-one work with a specialist and learned some good coping mechanisms.  I am proud to say that I achieved my goal of reading a book from cover to cover. For the first time in 3 year, I started a book and finished it, connected the characters and remembered the plot etc.  I learned some valuable skills to get me to this point.  I am hopeful that with the addition of an Ereader, I will be reading more books in the future.  The ability to triple space, increase the font size etc is key to my success.

This year I have chosen REBUILD as my word.

2012 will herald many changes for me. My first back surgery will be in early spring. A second one will follow, once I regain my back stability.  Once my back is sorted, I will be able to proceed with shoulder
surgery and then finally get my knees replaced.
Rebuilding me will be my focus this year. I want to rebuild myself in many ways...

Rebuild my eating habits so I will be in better shape to get through all that lies ahead.
Rebuild my emotional health so that I keep positive on a daily basis throughout this journey.
Rebuild my attitides towards exercise and sports to encourage me to build my endurance.
Rebuild my daily life to eliminate energy vampires and negativity.
Rebuild my positivity to help me become a better person, inside and out.

It should be an interesting year.  I am looking forward to the journey.

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Anonymous said...

That seems an excellent word to pick - wishing you all the best for the coming year :)