Monday, 30 January 2012

A Few Shopping Deals

Tonight DH and I went up to Timmy's for the first day of their 99 cent latte specials. Timmy's is only a few blocks from home and DH was a bit tired so I was surprised when he asked if I had any sale/coupon bargains left to capture this week.

Yep, I had a few things left on my list that were Sun/Mon loss leaders so  I jumped at the chance to grab them.  We set off to Shoppers Drug Mart...In and out in 5 minutes flat and saved roughly 65%.  The drive-thru at Tim Hortons took longer! Poor DH got roped into buying 4 Alcan Foil as there was a limit of 4 per person. He usually hates this part but loves tin foil for his BBQ meals at home and up at the lake. 4 for the house and 4 for the RV...bonus! The teensy Palmolive are for the RV as well. They fit in my storage baskets under the sink!

A lot of the savings were just the loss leaders but I had some coupons as well. Final breakdown after coupons:
Tide 3.99 each
Kotex  2 pkg  of 18 at 1.25 each
Kotex 2 pkg of 20  for 1.50 each
Campbells soup  34 cents each
My wallet was happy!

I love a quick coupon shop.


Lisa said...

Some day I hope to have the time to coupon shop!

Anonymous said...

This was such a great shop! I can't believe you did so well with your savings. It has inspired me to include more coupon deals in my shopping treks!