Wednesday 29 February 2012

WOYWW #143

Once again it is time to peek into the crafty, creative workdesk's of all our bloggy friends. If you would like to join in the fun, just click on Julia's blog here.

I don't know if you  remember my stamps from last week. I've got all the images stamped off and coloured. I'm still working on  getting them made up into cards. I finally finshed some and submitted them for a few challenges. I have never done that before and have been wanting to delve into the challenges for quite some time.

The finished cards are at the back of my desk. I now have a little mountain of the other finished images from last week, to run through my big shot and then make into cards.

In typical fashion, I am putting that off and  as you can see I am just starting to stamp off even more images! I will use these on thank you notes. These ones will be great to take with me to DD's on Tuesdays.  I only need to bring 2 copic pens, 2 stickles, and the little baggie of images...easy to tuck in my purse!

Once little Miss C goes off to school, little Mr P usually plays with his trains (or toys) for about a hour or longer and then comes down looking for "'Gwamma" to play a game or play Go Fish. I have a game plan in mind and plan to work on these images while he is building trains.

I also have some ticket stamps out as I seem to go through a lot of these. I like a variety of sizes for both cards and scrapbook pages. Lastly the coffee and tea stamps on the left will be stamped off and made up into cards to hold a coffee shop gift card.

Just want to assure you that my desk is not always this tidy. WOYWW just happens to fall on the day that my neighbour and I get together to craft. I always set up the desk with my current project, on Tuesday night before I go to bed. If this was "what's on your workdesk Sunday", it would be quite a scary sight.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my desktop (and my life) and  I will try to get round to yours this week!

Wednesday's Words Of Wisdom

There is always, always, always,
something to be grateful for.

                                         author  unknown

Another Spring Card

Just wanted to post my Mom's birthday card before I mailed it off.  It is a belated card as her gift is bulky and oddly sized and it took me a while to find the right box to send it up in. I will tuck this card in with her present. It is like the one I posted yesterday, but with softer, more feminine colours.

I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I can't get the card to photograph without that funny pale cast over the bottom of the nest. I am just rubbish with the camera! Argggh! I can assure you that the nest is does not have a pale cast on it in real life! I think it is because I wiped the nest with a damp cloth to get it to curl and have more dimension like a real nest.  The bottom right curve and top left curve sort of roll forward and I think they are catching the light differently.
I stamped the little bird image inside and just inset a simple scroll Happy Birthday greeting.

 It is a few days until the one year anniversary of my Dad's passing. He would have smiled at this card as he loved nature and all wildlife. I think I had this anniversary in mind when I made those cards as I thought of him and his quiet ways with animals, birds and especially horses. Mom will like that reference to him in the nature theme of the card.

So here's to you down on Mum  and us, when she opens her card.

Sunday 26 February 2012

Thoughts of Spring lead to Spring Cards

My snowdrops are blooming! They always leave in good spirits from the moment  I see them start to push their way up out of the soil. It then becomes a constant daily watch to see if they have budded yet...if they are about to open...and sheer joy when they do. I love my snowdrops throughout that whole process.

I think I am energized from watching this earnest transformation and I finally have my card making mojo back.
The snowdrops are blooming and the birds are gathering to chirp so brightly early, early  in the morning. All my shrubs are budding with new bits of green; finally it's time for spring!

I need birthday stash is dwindling and I was inspired to create this spring themed birthday card. I based it on a card I saw on Pinterest , a card made by Amy at Pickled Paper Designs.

I managed to get some black chalk on the card just to the left of the bird. As I tried to erase it off, I realized that the eraser was leaving a different sheen on the card. As I chalked and inked the bird image, that different sheen stood out like a sore thumb! I added the branch as it hides the edge of the sheen problem and hopefully now, no one but me (and my blog readers) will know about my error!  Now, don't tell anyone...promise?

I stickled the eggs as they were hard to colour in the nest...the kraft card stock just would not take the colour.
I have decided  if I am going to continue trying to use copics, that I am going to have to invest in an ottlight with a built in magnifying glass. My plus 2.25 readers just do not cut it.

 There is an ever so tiny crystal for an eye on the little bird...good thing I hoard bling as I almost thought I didn't have one tiny enough...then down at the very bottom of the bling drawer, I found a card of teensy ones.
So far, I have just stamped the little bird image on the inside of the card. I will add a verse stamp once I know what I will use the card for. I am leaning towards a birthday verse. The card envelope is kraft as well and has the little bird stamp on the flap.

This is totally a card made from my stash. The corrugated cardboard is from the sleeve on my coffee drink at Starbucks earlier today, the jute is from a roll of ribbon I bought at the scrapbook store a couple of years ago. It is the first time I have used this jute ribbon...I think I am hooked on it now. The buttons, jute twine and card stock are from my stash and I have had them for at least 5 years. I even had the little "It's your day!" phrase leftover from another card project I did last summer.

The only new things are the little letters that spell "sing" and the memory box die branch. Those were from my Christmas money. Nice to use up some stash and good to try out my new purchases rather than immortalise them in a drawer in my room.  It's not like I haven't done that before!

I am submitting this card to the following challenges. It is the first time I have entered any challenges, so I hope I am doing this correctly!

1.  -something beginning with B- (bird, buttons, branch, bling)
2, - use a die cut - (Memory Box branch die)
3. -anything goes
4. - All creatures great and small - (bird)
5. - Winged Things - (bird)
6. - fave colour - (kraft) fave embellishment (twine)
7. - distressed (torn and inked corrugated cardboard) (inked edges on everything) (torn ivory bird tag, inked edges in blue and then whole tag inked to look dirty)

Friday 24 February 2012

If It's Friday It Must be Weigh-In Day

Yep, it's that time...time to stare down the scale...down 1.2 pounds this week. That's a total weight loss of  17.6 pounds so far.
I have a long way to go and I won't kid you, it gets harder and harder to keep on track. I just try to keep focussed on the fact that I want this weight off before my surgery. I must admit though, when she wrote down the number on my diet tracking sheet this week, I asked her to re weigh me because my scale at home showed down a bit more...but alas, it truly was 1.2 pounds...

Back home and now facing the stare down with the fridge...just had a lovely turkey sandwich with 1 tsp fat free miracle whip, a lovely ripe tomato and a dollop of lettuce...mmm...mmm...good! Best of all I had it on Silver Hills Little Big I know that might not mean a lot to you...but to me it means I had a toasted 2, yes I said 2, slices of bread for my sandwich.  YAY!!!! A toasted open face sandwich just does not fill you up.  I have 1 cup sugar free jello made up for a mid afternoon snack so I am good to go till supper.

We end this programming to return me to life on the OWL journey to "Rebuild".

Wednesday 22 February 2012

WOYWW #142

Once again it is time to visit Julia at to view all the work desks from around the globe. This week my desk is covered in stamps and paper!
I am in a bit of a creative mood so I am planning to work on  some cards this week.
 I have picked out some stamps...
The golf stamp will be for retirement cards. The word phrase reads "Let the relaxation begin! Happy Retirement".
The bird stamp was picked up at the scrapbook store garage sale and I have never coloured it before...looks like it will be a bit of fun! I am very much a Copics beginner, so I hope it turns out.
The birds nest  stamp will be used in a scraplift of a card idea off Pinterest and the rest of them, I am not sure about.
Jo of   has been encouraging me to join in some challenges. Hopefully my finished cards will fit some of the criteria!

I have also included a the spoils of a little shopping trip. Mostly because I have not put them away as of yet! Our scrapbook store often prints a 30% off coupon that is good to be used off your entire purchase, plus one item at 40 or sometimes even 50% off.  Such great deals, but now I must rein myself in as I have officially spent my scrappy budget this month! I have been wanting those little letter alphas for quite some time.  Can't wait to use them.

Finally, here is a shot of the left side of my main counter. My Son-in-law installed the L shaped counter tops and built some oak brackets to help hold it up. It is further supported by my husbands childhood dresser and night table. He was so happy when I managed to work those into the room.   They had been stored in our garage for years.  The two bottom drawers of the dresser holds all my finished cards, stores of blank envelopes,  and cards I have been given by others that I have saved for a template.  The top drawer holds my cutters and cutting systems. The night table holds tons of memorabilia.
Hope you had a good week! Off to check out all the other desks...

Wednesday's Words Of Wisdom

Usually my Wednesday quotes are chosen for my OLW Rebuild journey. This ones for you too Mom...

Life is short.
Smile while you still have teeth!


Friday 17 February 2012

If It's Friday, It Must Be Weigh In Day

Set off with the infamous "weigh in bag" and found out that I am down one more pound.  I was hoping for more but a pound is better than nothing. Grand total to date is 16.4 pounds.

It is getting harder to lose and harder to stay motivated but I am doing pretty good at fighting off temptation. I find I spend less time in the kitchen as that is where all the temptation is.

I am now able to get myself a coffee out and I don't even linger looking at the goodies. I am content to have just the coffee...I have come to realize that the coffee is a real treat in it's own right. I have come to realize that sticking to my diet is my treat to myself....all part of my OLW...REBUILD!

Thursday 16 February 2012

Wedding Layout - The Kiss

Do you ever get a "bright idea" that turns out to be not so bright? You guessed it...that was me today!

I have posted before about how I have been working on a Wedding Album. Although we already  gave the main  gift at the wedding, I plan to give this album to the bride and groom. We will deliver it,  the next time we are over in England.  They are a lovely young couple and DH and our oldest daughter attended the wedding. I was unable to go as my doctor advised travelling that far, till after my surgery.

The bride is a card maker and kindly sent back a Cd of the photos. I have finished over 20  pages now and decided to photograph the layouts before I placed them in the album.  Yes, here comes the sad part.

I have such a glare problem with the overhead lights in my room, that I have been duct taping a new floor mat to the cupboard doors. It is a flat mat with no sheen. I taped the layout to the mat, took the picture and went to download the memory card.  While waiting for that process, I got up to put a few bits and bobs away, carrying a diet coke in my hand. I bet you imagine the next part...

As I walked by my precious layout,  the mat fell off the cupboards, knocking the diet coke all over the back of the layout!!!    EEEK!!!!!

I quickly pulled the photo off the rippled PP, but sadly the card stock mat is rippled too and the layout paper is most likely toast. I was trying to get the photo off as quickly as possible and in that process, tore the PP background too.

I have little bits of the layout all over my ironing board...trying to dry them out. Hopefully I can salvage the actual photo.

Here it is, before the mishap...
And a little close up of the embellishments that I have manged to save.
Off to finish what is left of my diet coke!!!

I got a Liebster...I can hardly believe it!

Liebster Blog Award

Good Morning Blog World.
Well, today I'm gobsmacked as my blog has been awarded a Liebster Blog Award!!!
The lovely lady who chose me is Jo. You can check out her blog here
Jo makes lovely cards and is very kind to offer helpful advice to newbies like me.
Thanks so much Jo, I still in shock that you nominated me and of course will proudly accept.

For anyone that doesn't know, the Liebster award is given to inspirational blogs with less than 200 followers.
Liebster is a German word meaning dearest or favourite and the tradition is that I would pass on the award to 5 other blogs that have encouraged, inspired and motivated me. To accept the award here's what you need to do:
1....Thank the person who gave you the award on your blog 
2....Link back to that blogger on your blog
3....Post the award to your blog         
4....Pass on the award to 5 of your most valued blogs (less than 200 followers)     
5....Leave a comment on those 5 blogs to let them know  

 I chose these 5 bloggers because they are fabulous crafters, their work inspires me and their blogs are just lovely to visit.
Here's my five in no particular order:
1. Jennifer @ Scrapping Daze

2. Anita @ The Flamingo Chronicles

3. Izzy @ Write Snap Scrap

4. Kathy @ in My little Korner

5. My fifth spot needs an introduction. Lisa @ Dreaming of Creativity is my next door neighbour and close friend. She is is kind and caring, and "just gets things done". She is the reason I started my blog as she encouraged me to just get on and do it!

To all you special ladies...I would be delighted if you accept this award to recognize your very special blogs.
Thanks again for all you do to inspire me.

Wednesday 15 February 2012

WOYWW # 141

Once again, it's time to view work desks all around the globe. Just visit the lovely Julia's blog, Stamping-Ground, if you would like to check it out. .

I'm still a sea of flowers...Here are some of my latest. Sorry about the glare. The problem with taking the pictures exactly on my desk, is that my scrap room is in the basement. I have overhead lights and no windows at all:(
I have the flash off but that is the glare from the lights bouncing off my countertops and bouncing off the satin of the petals.

 These flowers are just balanced together...waiting to be hand stitched into place tonight. I will even them out a bit as I assemble them...there is a sort of glitter covered netting in between the petals. I may save these flowers for some scrapbook layouts.
The plain blue one is for grand daughter's hair. It will be sewn onto a hair clip. I think I will do the same with this brown one. She has an outfit that would look great with it.

And now the boring bit...
This is my stack of grocery flyers...I just finished circling all the bargains, making my lists, and pulling out my coupons. Yes...I'm one of those crazy coupon ladies. My binder of hundreds of coupons is just out of site, on the floor in my shopping satchel (aka large burlap bag from last week). Sitting on top of the flyers is my recent couponing score. It's a $4.00 no touch hand soap dispenser...regular price 14.99 
It is sitting out as a paperweight of sorts to remind me to pick up more for family members. I was digging through by binder to see just how many extra coupons I had for it. It is Xmas themed but has a lovely vanilla scented soap I love. I will popthat refill into my stainless dispenser today, and stash the Christmas container till December. I like to use these if I have mucky hands (cutting up chicken etc) as then I don't have to touch the container.

Well, that's it...nothing too exciting. Hope to hear back soon from the bride and groom if it is OK to post their wedding layouts...then I will finally have something fun to show you! In the meantime, they are still hiding on my desk, way over to the right!!!.

Wednesday's Words Of Wisdom

Happiness depends upon ourselves.


Sunday 12 February 2012

Thomas And Friends...Oh My!

DD brought the Grand kids by for a sleepover.  We used to have them every couple of weeks for an overnight. Now that Miss C has started school, has activities, play dates and sleepovers with her friends, there are just not enough days in the week. Mr P has all his activities and play dates too... Much as we love to know that they are happy and settled with friends and school...we miss those sleepovers. Oh my!

SIL was away for the whole weekend, ice fishing with his buddies. DD was invited to a ladies evening at one of the other school moms houses. Suddenly, the schedule had an opening! YAY! It was a narrow opening but we made it work. They arrived at 6:30pm after their swimming lessons and we had to run them home by 11:30 today for ballet class.  We played, read stories, visited, and generally had fun.

Mr P built this train track and played with Thomas for a couple of hours. He has the wooden track Thomas at his house and builds complex tracks that run all around his room and out into the hallway, all the down to the master bedroom. He has towers and tunnels and hills etc. at his house.

We just have this paltry little track with hardly any extras...but he loves it.  I think it is just because it is different.  He will be 4 years old in three more months and is still crazy about trains.
DH got him busy making a tunnel out of an old shoe box! They had fun with that.
 We delivered the kids home for 11:30 and volunteered to have Peter till ballet was over. We set off walking up to Starbucks where he introduced Grandpa to his favourite thing there...banana bread! It was so nice to show Grandpa all our little rituals. Mr P and I go to Starbucks every Tuesday after we walk Miss C to school.

DD got back around 2pm so DH and I set off to Fort Langley for a leisurely afternoon perusing the shops and checking out the new housing development along the river.  The houses right on the river were fabulous, but there were not any for sale signs in that area...good thing, as they are very pricey.

We did pick up some realty brochures but the houses were a couple blocks in from the water,  priced similar to ours, and  there were no "master on Main" floor plans.  All in all, it was a nice, relaxed afternoon.
Fort Langley is a lovely, arty little town with plenty of historical attractions, fabulous little shops and lots of people walking about with their dogs, popping in and out of the shops. At one shop, the saleslady asked me if I would like to sample some lavender tea. I thought she would offer me a wee paper thimble of tea...she brought me a half cup of tea in a china cup and saucer! All the customers were walking about sipping their tea...Heavenly!

I found some specialty candy for the Grand kids Valentine prezzies and these lovely place cards.
They are even prettier in real life. The black damask edge is embossed with a sheen. Sorry about the grainy, horrid photo!  I am thinking I will use some for place cards but most will be used for embellishments or word tags on cards. They don't have to be acid free for cards...right?

We even managed to pop into Wendells bookshop and coffeebar.  DH wandered about looking at the books while I grabbed a latte. Sugar free and skinny, mind you!

Saturday 11 February 2012

Valentines Cards

Have a couple more Valentine cards to share.  I love to send off cards in the mail.
The "So very Sweet" card is for my Mom. She is 86 and lives about 4 hours drive away from me.
She is so sweet. She always displays any handmade cards for about a month and then saves them to give back to me!  (Just in case I can salvage any embellies off of them.)

The next card is for my stash  A certain Mr. Scrappymo! will be getting it next year!
The red square is an embossed heart , sort of like a wordle. I know it is hard to see in the is bit of a close up.
I used stick pins for the first time ever.  I think I should have made a bit more of an embellishment cluster with them!  Oh well, the good thing about making a card for a husband is they think it is matter what!
Hope you enjoyed them and thanks for stopping by.

Friday 10 February 2012

If It's Friday, It Must Be Weigh In Day

The stare down with the scale results are in for this week...I am down 3 pounds in total for this week!

That makes a total of 15.4 pounds lost in 4 weeks.  YAY!!! I was actually down that 3 pounds on Monday so am anticipating a good loss again next week.

Off to chop up the veggies for my supper tonight!

Ten on the Tenth

I'd like to share my current ten favourite things.  My local scrapbook store, Clipper Street Scrapbooking,  in Langley, B.C.  started carrying Memory Box Dies. No, I don't work for Memory Box, nor do I know anyone who does...but...
I just love these slim little dies.  They don't take up much room store, there are so many lovely shapes to choose from and ....drumroll  please...they are very reasonably priced!  I got a little cash for Christmas and I purchased some of my faves.
1. Perfect little tickets...oh my! I have the stamp to fit, on order!
2. I no longer have an excuse why there is not a journalling element on my pages.
3. I think this little tree is the perfect size for cards.
4. This gets better when you see number 5.
5. Yep, you guessed it...the background for the butterfly above.
6. I think this one is good for cards or layouts.  I have some little felt and also rhinestone birds, that will be perfect with this.
.7. I know, I know, I was a wee bit greedy!  I just couldn't have the little one without it's bigger partner.
8. Sort of reminds me of a doily.
9. I thought this little belt buckle was just so sweet.
10. I thought I could do seasonal type cards with this little wreath.

That's it...but I'm dreaming of more!

Now, head on over to the lovely Shimelle's blog to see her ten and drool over all the other links she has kindly set up for your viewing.

Thursday 9 February 2012

It's A Guy Thing

Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of card design ideas for the men (and boys) in my life.

Luckily for me, DD's cousin-in-law has great design skills.

A couple of times a year, she has a cardmaking night. Usually about a dozen women come and take home 10 glorious creations. She has a lovely home that always has a warm, inviting feel. Her entry is always decorated for the season.  I just love to walk up the sidewalk and see what gorgeous, heartwarming things she has tucked up at the entry! The entryway is always just a taste of the evening to come as the inside of the house and the nibbles are always fantastic too.

Here are a couple of the cards I made with her.  I love that they are so masculine looking.
She always provides clear card sleeve envelopes which I have added labels to and mailed as is. In this case I chose to use a red envelope as I always buy Christmas cards in January when they reach at least 75% off (I like 90% even better).  I buy them for the envelopes!  The red envelope in the foreground  is one of these finds.  Red is perfect for Valentines cards and some birthday card, etc.

The second card is for a young man or boy. I love the feeling of action it evokes.
I have a lovely black envelope to match with this black ground.

Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed the cards!

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Scrapping With Friends

I got home at 10:45pm from making hair clip flowers at Lisa's. She lives right next door, so I didn't have far to walk. We burnt though those flowers (pun intended!), while we drank tea and watched Mad Men.

She has Netflicks:)  I think we just finished watching the 6th episode of season one. .. I love that show and it sure is fun to watch while crafting.

Just have to glue the flowers onto the hair clips and then I will post a picture.

DH and his good friend went to the boat show downtown. I laughingly told him don't come home with a new boat!  Last year he set off to the boat show with the intention of purchasing a new one as our old one had finally quit. After an evening of hard bargaining he came home with a new Bayliner.  This year he just looked and toured the yachts!!! Cheeky!  He was surprised how much the price of his boat had increased this year!

WOYWW # 140

It's that time again. It has been Wednesday in England for quite a few hours now! Time to stop by Julia's blog and check out all the busy workspaces from all around the world.

I haven't got any cards or scrapbook pages finished up this week as I am still busy making flowers.
Earlier today, I posted about Little Miss C asking me to make a new design of flower hair clips. (See previous post for details.) Here is the sample picture of the one her mommy bought her. It is a wee bit lopsided in its construction.  Miss C and I plan to build ours a little more evenly.

I have just started dragging out all the bits and bobs to make some of these new style. The pale pink boa was from a Zellers clearance last year... ten cents each boa...Now, that's a clearance!!!  Luckily I picked up 8 packages.

I popped into Michaels today and found that lovely white has the added bonus of some silver  threads running through it. I grabbed the black as well...too bad it doesn't come with silver threads too. I had the black polka dot flowers already and added in some white petals from my scrapbook stash.  I always have an assortment of hair clips and goodie brand elastics. These should work out just right for the fasteners for the first few.  I will keep my eyes peeled for the specific type that is on the flower Miss C already owns.

I have had to take this picture on the other side of my L shaped counter. I don't normally work on this side as it houses my computer, cricut, and printers.  But since my other flower projects from last week are still on the other counter, I was forced to set up over here.

I have one more project to show is crammed into that same corner...almost on top of my keyboard.
I will push the flowers to the side so I can show you the second project.

These are burlap flowers that I cut out of a shopping bag from the dollar store.  A couple of days ago, I blogged about the bag I made to carry my weigh in clothes, diet sheets, diet grocery shopping book, etc.
I decided that the flowers on that original bag were a bit too small and looked a bit lost on it. I managed to cut a bigger petal and added it behind.  I am happier with the final result and now have to ink up a bunch more to be attached to the bags I am making up for gifts.

Here is a sample of the finished bag.  It is a burlap bag, lined with plastic...I think it is meant for fruit and veg etc.  There is a huge bag to match (also plastic lined) for the regular groceries. I will give a matching small and large one to my daughters and to my sister...hope they don't read the blog this week. Both my daughter are really into recycling so I may gift the bags at Xmas, with a couple of their Christmas gifts inside.

Wednesday's Words Of Wisdom

                                                                         The present moment
                                                                                is filled with
                                                                           joy and happiness.                                                                         .
                                                                            If you are attentive                                                                     
                                                                                you will see it.                                                                               t.
                                                                                                       Thich Nhat Hanh

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Hair Pretties

Seems that I am still on a bit of a hair pretties kick!  I am still making the fabric flowers that I have blogged about previously, but I am now trying something new.

Little Miss C was very excited to tell me that she would like us to make a new style of  flower hair clips. She was able to describe them quite clearly (she is only 5) and told me she would like some quite large rhinestones in the center. She kept saying I can show you, I can show you, Grandma.

She ran upstairs and came down with a backpack case that was decorated with HUGE rhinestones and she pointed and said...Oh!...something like THESE!

Now, I must mention that my DD likes little Miss C to look cute in her clothes and accessories but dislikes anything garish...Oh dear...Houston, I think we have a problem.

A bit more conversation ensued about how we should make them with little Miss C nodding her head knowingly and reassuring me that she could show me how to do them. She shared some detailed explanations of the type of clips to use...ones she assures me that she "knows will stay in her hair" and then scampered off upstairs.

A wee bit later she comes running back down, triumphantly waving something in the air and calling out...I found it!!! See Grandma...I told you I could show you how to make them!!!

Can you guess what was in her hand?  This beautiful flower hair clip!!!  Of course she knew it would stay in her hair cuz she had already worn them...successfully I might add.

In all the discussion, she had never once mentioned that she already owned one and we could use it for the pattern.
hahahahahahahahaha...I love being a Grandma!!!!!!!!

Saturday 4 February 2012

If It's Friday, It Must Be Weigh In Day

Down another 2 pounds this week for a grand total of 12.4 pounds lost in the last 3 weeks.
I am happy with that loss and determined to keep to my plan to REBUILD. For some reason, I am really thinking about food tonight.  I am trying to drink tea instead.  Somehow, now quite the same! But it's better than cheating...

I always take my gym shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt to weigh in. I figure if I wear the same outfit every time (my gym clothes) then I can't kid myself that this week my jeans were heavier or whatever.

I found this little bag at the dollar store. It is burlap lined with plastic. I think it is for carrying your salad and veg. There is a larger bag to match, for your larger grocery items.. Burlap is all the rage here at the moment, so I decided to alter it a wee bit and use it to transport my gym strip, diet sheet and food guide that I take with me to weigh in.

I cut up the larger bag and rolled it through my Big Shot with this flower die cut. I then used brown stazon ink to accent the edges. I really like how it turned out and think I will make some for my girls and my sister for little gifts.  Not bad for $2.00
Here is a bit of a close up of the punched flowers.
Sorry about the yellowish look of my flash. I am a terrible picture taker and although just a point and shoot, it is a new camera...I still need to read my settings for how to correct this.

I am off to the scrapbook store tomorrow as they have a similar die to this one, but it is much larger.  I think I will add one more, bigger layer to the big flower and  place the smaller flowers differently on the bag. Perhaps I will even make the mid size into a large and the tiny into a medium...I think they are a bit lost on the bag at this size..

I can't wait to play with them. Luckily I bought a couple of the bags.

Friday 3 February 2012

A tired hello

It is just after midnight and I am sitting in a sea of chaos!

The domestic diva came by to make some cards. We had a good natter and started to churn out 6 cards and then suddenly everything went sideways!

DD spilt my Stazon cleaner all over my fitted carpet in the scraproom.. A huge amount spilled and sprayed all over! We had to race up and down the stairs to get cloths to blot it all up and wet cloths to scrub it, etc. Oh my...All the while we were trying not to wake up poor DH who just got back from a business trip and was asleep, exhausted.
I just cleared out the carpet protector mats that normally live on that carpet. They were cracked and tatty and off to the landfill they went.  Dh bought me new ones but the sizing was off and they don't fit. We are going to replace them this weekend..isn't that always the way!.

Once we got all that sorted, we got back to the cards and then discovered that the flowers we had inked sort of clashed with the swirls we had stamped.  A second coat of darker brown was applied...nope, still not right. A third coat of stazon and then they finally met with her approval.  20 inky fingers then had to be cleaned with...oh guessed it, the tricky bottle of stazon cleaner!!! Mission accomplished safely, this time.

It was so late when she headed home that I volunteered to tidy up tomorrow.  Ohhhh, this desk would make a great picture for WOYWW...too bad it is not Wednesday!

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Wednesday's Words Of Wisdom

People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.

                                                              Abraham Linclon