Monday, 25 September 2023

September Rudolph Days Challenge

Sorry that I am so late getting this post up!

Sue is taking a much deserved break at the moment.

Jenny at Cardsarus blog has worked hard to bring us two lovely cards for our inspiration. She has made up die cut cards brimming with mirri card shimmer and shine! I love both of these stunning cards. As always, Jenny has finished the insde of her cards beautifully as well! I always look forward reading her posts and viewing the inside of her cards. Although I absolutely love the die cuts Jenny used on these cards, I love even more the elegance that the mirri card gives! Please pop over to Jenny's blog and leave her some praise!

Our prize this month is this Creative Expressions Sparkle Bauble die.

Tuesday, 5 September 2023

Winner August Rudolph Days Challenge

Sorry that I am so late with this prize draw. I have been poorly, so have not even managed to get round to visit you. Will play catch up once feeling stronger.

I will add the random org photo when I feel better...too tired to do it now...

Our winner is #14, Helen. Helen, could you please drop me an email with your mailing addy?

Friday, 25 August 2023

August Rudolph Days Challenge

Once again. it is time for the Rudolph Days Challenge. You have till the end of the month to submit your Christmas card or Christmas project, and don't forget if you are submitting your same card to other challenges, we have a limit of ten other challenges in total, including ours. Don't forget to leave a comment here, as well.

Our designers have been busy creating inspiration for you. First up is Sam, at Whispers Cards blog. Sam has created this darling Christmas tree card. I love the pretty design papers she chose, and best of all I love the way the verse is highlighted by the apperture Sam has cut from the embossed tree cardstock! Such a cool idea. That pretty piece of pink ribbon is perfect and really makes the background DP shine. I hope you will pop over to Sams blog and leave her some praise!

Next is Marjeta from Marjeta's Creative Company. Marjeta has made this adorable snowman card! This little trio of snowmen make me grin, as this image is so fun. Marjeta has added lots of texture on this card. The background looks great, it looks just like a snowy day! The snippet of ribbon also reminds of snow. I hope you will pop over to Marjeta's blog and leave her some praise.
Our prize this month is this Woodware, Robin Post stamp.

Wednesday, 2 August 2023

July Rudolph Days Challenge winner

39 entries. Not too bad for the hot days of summer! We have been busy visiting with my cousin and his wife, who come down to the Coast once a year. They stay a few days, and catch us up on thir kids and grandkids lives. They visit with Al and I, our kids and our grandkids. Always a busy but wonderful time.

I have used Random Org to choose our winner, number 36 Robyn Oliver. Send me your mailing address, Robin, so I can post your prize.

Tuesday, 25 July 2023

July Rudolph Days Challenge

It seems this month flew by, and now it is time for the July Rudolph Days Challenge. Seems so hard to believe that summer is more than half way over. We have had some lovely hot days (and nights), and today (and hopefully tomorrow) brings some much needed rain. My garden sure enjoyed the good soaking as all my plants look a little perkier now. At the moment, we have over 500 wildfires burning here in British Columbia, so the rain will hopefully be a bonus for the firefighters!

Our design team has been busy creating beautiful cards for our inspiration. First up is Sue from Sues Crafty Corner Blog

Sue has made some beautiful cards...multiples as always! Sue has chosen such a great image for the feature of her cards. I wonder just what those adorable mice will get up to! Great colours and such a lovely hand stamped border background! Well done, Sue! I hope you will all take a moment and follow the hyperlink on her blog name above, and pop over to her blog to leave her some praise for these beauties.

Next up is Jenny at Cardsarus blog. Jenny has made beauitful cards for us too! Jenny has used a great design that calls for scraps of glitter card that have been diecut or punched into circles, and then stacked and shaped to resemble a Christmas tree. I love the way she decorated all the circles. I must say, Jenny has an amazing Christmas button collection! I hope you will follow the hyperlink on her blog name and pop over to leave Jenny some praise.
Our prize this month is this Memory Box Holly die bundle.

Sunday, 2 July 2023

June Rudolph Days Challenge Winner

It was just Canada Day here on the first, and and then I go busy today repainting the lawn furniture. My, that was a hot job in the sunshine today...but much better than painting them rain of course! In all the excitement, I nearly forgot to draw the Rudolph Challenge winner. Without further ado, Random Org chose #28 Barbara G.
Barbara, drop me an email to and let me know your mailing addres.

Sunday, 25 June 2023

June Rudolph Days Challenge

Hi there. Summer is finally here. After a lengthy rainy spat, we now have had lovely sunshine once again. My garden and I are very grateful!

Our designers have been busy creating cards for your inspiration! First up is Sam at Whisper's Cards blog. Sam has made up this very cute vintage looking snowman image into a really sweet card. I love her choice of design papers as that contributes again to the vintage feel! Hope you will follow the hyperlink and pop over and leave Sam some praise.
Next up is Marjeta of Marjeta's Creative Company blog. Marjetta has made up this lovely Christmas scene featuring a comfortable chair beside a cozy fireplace. It looks like just the perfect place to relax in during the busy Christmas season. I love the pretty poinsettia and the greenery too. I hope you will follow the hyperlink above and pop over to leave Marjeta some praise!

Our prize this month is this Penny Black Frame die called Holly Frame.

Thursday, 1 June 2023

May Rudolph Days Challenge winner

We had 30 fabulous entries. I am about half way through visiting and will get to the rest this week.

I used random org to draw the winner, #28, Sue at Zouave cards.
Sue, drop me an email with your mailing address. My email is

Thursday, 25 May 2023

May Rudolph Days Challenge

Hi there. I have great news to share. My shoulders are feeling so much better since the injections! My pain levels are manageable and I have regained shoulder movement and ability. Also, Al had his test results and while they still can not do any surgery for his heart valve issue, he has had his medications changed up. This has increased his energy levels, so he is happy about that. He still has days where he feels exhausted, but they are fewer now and overall he is feeling so much improved.

Our designers have been busy. First up is Sue of Sue's Crafty Corner blog. Once again, Sue has made up multiples of cards for our inspiration! Eight lovely Angel themed cards, if you can believe it!!!
Here is a close up for your viewing pleasure!
I think the angel image is beautiful and looks like Sue has the matching angel die. I really like the differing designs she created. The backgrounds are all so pretty and Sue has used some lovely die cut mats as well. It is hard to pick a favourite. I hope you will follow the hyperlink above and pop by Sue's blog to leave her a comment.

Next up is Jenny at Cardsarus blog. Jenny has made two stunning cards with a wonderful design. I do not know the name of this type of card but will be popping on over to Jenny's blog to read about what they are called, and to find out just how she made them! I hope you will follow the hyperlink above and pop over too. First up is this amazing card featuring sweet kids building a snowman. Lots of traditional colours and red glitter card here! Don't you think this is a great design?
Jenny has made us a second card with this great design. This one features non tradional colours and lots of glitter as well! This card features a very sweet looking angel and Jenny has created a blue background that looks like the sky, so it creates a feeling of the angel flying! I love these two cards and want to give this design a try...
Our prize this month is a Poppy die called Stained Glass Poinsettia.

Tuesday, 2 May 2023

April Rudolph Days Challenge winner

Well, we had 30 entries this month. I have not been round to visit as of yet but will get by as soon as I can. My left shoulder is so much better! The steroid kicked in about day 4 and day by day I regained more movement with it. I had the right shoulder done yesterday, Same procedure but no problems this time with reaching the joint etc.

I used Random Org to draw our winner, #6 Carol L. Carol, please email your mailing address to me at

Tuesday, 25 April 2023

April Rudolph Days Challenge...finally!

Sorry for the delay with the Rudolph Challenge this month. I had a hospital appointment for a cortisteroid injection to my left shoulder on Monday. I have had this done every 18 months or so for several years. Usually, I am tender for 3-4 days and then around day 7 the steroid kicks in and significantly reduces the pain in my damaged rotator cuffs. I have always had them done through the frontish side of my shoulders and also through the back. This specialist only goes through the front of the shoulder, just above the breast and right where your bra strap connects. Even though he used the dye based method for the positioning, I have scar tissue from the shoulder injury and he could not get the correct position of the needle. He had to keep reinserting and trying over and over. As they go in till they bump the bone, it was quite painful. He appologized and said he was sorry to leave me bruised. My goodness, it is so very much more painful than the side and back method...I just could not sit to finish off the challenge post as I felt like I could not get my breath if I sat upright, and could not comfortably lift my arms to type. That will teach me to leave things to the last minute!

Our designers have been busy creating inspiration for you. First up is Sam at Whispers Cards blog Sam has made us two lovely cards. First up is this beautiful belly band card. I love this style...hopefully Sam inspires us to give this design a try too! The traditional colours look great here. Gosh, that poinsettia is so very pretty. Hope you follow the hyperlink and pop on over to Sam's and leave her some comments.
Sam's second card looks so fun. Those three penguins peeking thru the apertures catch my heart strings! Love this one Sam.
Marjeta at Marjeta's Creative Company blog has made us a lovely card too. The colouring is super and the colours are so vibrant. I am in a Christmassy mood now! Hope you will follow the hyperlink to her blog and leave her some lovely comments.

Our prize this month is this Cottage Cutz Snowy Gnome House die.

April Rudolph Days Challenge

April Ru9olph Days Challenge will start a day late due to medical issues here. I apologize for the delay!

Crafty Hugs,

Maureen aka Scrappymo

Sunday, 2 April 2023

March Rudolph Days Challenge winnner

Quick catch up on Al as some of you have asked about him. He finally sees the heart specialist on April 12 to get the results of those test he had 6 weeks ago. We are praying that it shows he is well enough for the vavle repair surgery. His energy levels are still very much up and down, and currently he has something wrong in his knee and can barely hobble around. He is on a wait list for an MRI of that knee but that can take 10 or 12 months here. He has had an xray and while it does show arthritis in his hip, his knee is not arthritic. It is the leg they took the veins from for the bypass, so it is was full of stitches in the calf and thigh, after the bypass.

36 entries and every one of them were so lovely! I have visited everyone with the exception of the instagram post. I will attempt to get in to visit it today. I do not have an instagram account, but there must be a way to leave a message there anyway...

I used Random org to draw our winner, # 17, Linby.
Linby, can you please leave me an email with your mailing address?

Saturday, 25 March 2023

March Rudolph Days Challenge

Hello there! You have until midnight March 31 to submit your Christmas card or project, for the March Rudolph Days Challenge. I am looking forward to seeing your creations! Don't forget it is limited to one entry per blogger. You can enter other challenges up to a total of ten (including this challenge), and don't forget to leave a comment here on this blog.

First up is Sue at Sues Crafty Corner blog. Sue is away crafting in Cornwall at the moment, but has still managed to make these lovely cards for our inspiration! Sue is such a trooper. She is great about making multiples of cards. I hope to eventually be as productive! Here is a photo of her finished multiples. I can not pick a fave as they are all so pretty. Great scenes, each and every one!
Amazing work! Here is a close up of an adorable snowman scene. I think they all may very well be digital images, but if you pop over to Sue's blog, you can get all the details! Please leave her a comment while you are there...
Jenny at Cardsarus Blog has also been busy creating multiples of some very lovely designs. These first two cards feature glittery die cuts. The brilliance of the glitter die cuts pop against the white background card!
Jenny's next two designs feature die cuts yet again, but this time the holly seems to be cut from pearelscent card whilst the white on white card is a beautiful creamy white glitter card which looks so nice on the stark white card base. All in all, four lovely cards, showcasing beautiful dies and great choices of speciality paper. Please pop over to Jenny's blog to leave her a comment!
Our prize this month is this Crafters Companion die called Tis the Season.

Friday, 3 March 2023

February Rudolph Days Challenge Winner

Hello everyone! I had a lovely birthday celebration with my husband on the first of the month and then celebrated with the kids and grandkids the following day. I received a wad of birthday dollars earmarked for craft supplies!

Today, my husband took me round to the local scrapbook stores in our area. I managed to locate some more 49 and Market design paper and embellies, for a vintage book I am making featuring old black and white photos of my Grandparents. I have some birth and death records, Grandpa's army records, and my Grandmother's Nursing Certificate, as well as lots of old photos. I am excited to start this book!

I used Random Org to draw our winner. The first name drawn had left a message that they were only playing for fun. The second name drawn was Clare #4. Clare, I was delighted to read your name as that is my middle name and you spell it the same way as me. In my country, Claire is often the feminine spelling and Clare is the masculine...I have spent my life spelling mine out letter by letter to ensure the correct spelling. It is amazing how many times you have to provide your full name for documents etc.

Clare, could you please email me at and provide your mailing address. Thanks.

Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Feb Rudolph Days Challenge Winner

As it is my birthday today, I will draw the Feb Rudolph Days Challnge winner tomorrow on March 2nd. We have a busy day today with outings for lunch and for supper. The kids and grandkids will most likely visit till quite late so it is better if I delay writing it up, taking the winning number photo, and then posting it. This way, I can spend that time having some extra family fun!.

See you all tomorrow!

Saturday, 25 February 2023

February Rudolph Days Challenge

Hi there. Do you know what time it is? It's Rudolph Days Challenge time! Enter a Christmas card or Christmas project you have created and you will have a chance at winning a lovely prize. You can enter your card or project into a total of ten challenges, including this one. Don't forget to leave a comment here.

We are welcoming our newest design team member this month. A big welcome to Marjeta of Marjeta's Creative Company blog. Marjeta has coloured this fun Christmas gnome and made it up into a lovely card for our inspiration. I love the vibrancy of the colouring and beautiful shading here. Hope you will pop over to Marjeta's blog and leave her some praise. You can hit the translate button to get an English version.

Here is the image as Marjeta was colouring pretty!
Next up is Sam at Whispers Cards blog Sam has made up two beautiful cards using the same general design but featuring differing snowflake background die cuts and differing colour schemes. They are both so lovely! The first card is a lovely lavender creation. The large snowflake frame behind the adorable snowman is lovely with the multi pastel coloured snowflake design paper behind. Sets the perfect scene for the little fellow.
The second blue schemed version features an intricate diecut snowflakes background. It looks stunning in that glitter paper!!! With the addition of the extra overlaid snowflake, it makes a perfect backdrop for the sweet little snowman! The "snow" at the bottom of the wee snowman looks true to life...Lots of layers here and all so well done! I can not pick a fave of the two colour schemes as they are both my faves!
No update on Al yet. He has had the new heart ultrasound and other tests they needed, and he is awaiting a call from the specialist to book an appointment for the reuslts. Will update soon as we know. Our prize this month is this lovely LDRS Creative Layered Pointettia Die.

Wednesday, 1 February 2023

January Rudolph Days Challenge Winner

Hi there. We had 47 entries in the January Rudolph Days Challenge. Thanks so much to everyone who participated! It is always great to have a Christmas card or two finished up in the first month of the year. We will all be so glad to have these finished cards handy at the start of the Christmas card mailing season!

Once again, I have used Random Org to chose our winner, # 40 Darnell. Darnell, can you please drop me an email to and confirm your mailing address.

Wednesday, 25 January 2023

January Rudolph Days Challenge

Welcome to the first Rudolph Days Challenge for 2023. This is always an exciting month...a month to set new crafting goals, to plan some new cardmaking or scrapbooking ideas and designs, and to just have fun!

I have some news to share as well. We had several entries for the design team opening, and I finally got Al to draw the winner. I would like to welcome Marjeta from Marjetina ustvarjalnica (Marjeta's Creative Company blog), to our team. She will partner up with Sam who has been such a champ about being short a partner! Once you arrive at Marjeta's blog, there is translate button near the top that you can press to get an English version to read. Sam and Marjuta will be our designers next month.

Our designers have been busy creating cards to inspire you! First up is Jenny at Cardsarus blog. Jenny's first card features this pretty wreath! It looks to me that she has stamped the images individually in a circular mannner, and added some of the same stamps in the corners. I love the look of this and also love the matching images on the envelope! I am going to try to match my envelopes this year too, as I thnk it makes the card look fabulous!
Jenny made a second card in the new long, slim card style. This style is very popular over here right now. My local store has all sorts of dies and stamps etc in the slim sizes. I think Santa likes them too, as he brought me one of each this year! I quite like the glitter card Jenny used for the background. It makes her images pop off the card front! I am thinking these might be upcycled images but we will have to pop over to Jenny's blog to know for sure. Be sure and leave her some praise while you are over there!
Sue has been very busy as well. Sue has made a series of cards in differing background shimmery colours. They feature a very pretty Christmas bauble die. It always amazes me how many cards Sue makes for us to view. Be sure to pop over to Sue's blog, Sue's Crafty Corner, and leave her some praise! I am looking forward to reading about this very pretty die!
My first card showcases an image that was a gift from a friend, many years ago. I like the quiet, peaceful feel of this little scene. The image is embossed in black embossing powder and colourd with copic inks. l applied lots of star dust stickles on the trees and used a sparkle pen over the image and setiment. I used a snippet of quite thin copper mirri card from the $ store for the mat, and used another snippet of snowflake DP for the background. That background paper was from a really old kit that I picked up at the $ store as well.

My second card features a Hunky Dory cardfront. I love assembling these when I am bored! They always perk me up...The background is from my snippet files and the card itself is a 5x7 inch card. I managed to get red 5x7 envelopes this year but forgot to take a photo of the card with the envelope before it was delivered to our neighbours.

I only use these Hunky Dory cards for hand delivered cards. All the layers tend to make the cards too thick to mail with normal postage. We usually see the same group of family and friends during the Christmas season, so I bring these layered type cards along when we meet up for coffee, cards, or just meet up for fun, during the lead up to Christmas.

Al is still working on his recovery. He has a heart imaging test coming up in February that will hopefully tell if he is a candidate for a surgery to correct his aortic heart valve. They have ruled him not well enough for a valve replacement, but are testing to see if he could perhaps get a stent there instead. Fingers crossed, as that would give him more energy as aortic stenosis is very draining. After having already been through the quadruple bypass bypass surgery a bit more than a year ago, he would be quite happy to only have to deal with a stent this time!

Our prize this month is this Sizzix, Tim Holtz die set, Holiday Brushstroke #3.