Monday 7 May 2012

A card and a funny Mr. P story

I finally have a card to share! It isn't even a cheater card (see my last post)!
I haven't quite re-established my routines and got back to my "normal" crafting times yet.
I have missed posting my Wednesday's Words of Wisdom...have almost given up on the Ten on the 10th; and most of all, I have missed sharing my funny grandchildren stories with you all.

So first the card, and then do I have a story for you!
The card is for my Mum to give my older sister for her birthday. She is quite the gardener and nature lover so I think she will like this card. My photography skills have not improved...sorry about the card looking crooked. I promise it is straight in real life.

Even though it looks crooked, I am celebrating the fact that I have solved the glare problem! I bought some foam core board at Michaels when they had it on for 99 cents. I actually bought 5 pieces to make the box idea...but this is taken sitting on only 2 pieces (as I haven't made the box yet) and I am quite pleased with it. 

My overhead lights seemed to bounce glare no matter what I tried I am pretty happy that this seems to work! In all my excitement about solving the glare, I forgot to take close ups of the glittered elements...the bird and the edges of the flowers are glittered with an iredescent shimmer.

I added the die to the inside to hold the verse and leave room for my Mum to sign it. I had a little problem getting the verse straight (forgot to use my brand new Fiskars stamp straightening thingy) so I just stamped it on another piece, roughed up the edges and tried my darndest to make it look like I planned it that way!!!

Now, on to my story.
Little Mr P loves trains..He loves building elaborate tracks and  loves playing with his beloved Thomas the Train and all the assorted other engines. He knows where the batteries are stored at our house (as well as at his own) and runs to the cupboard to retrieve a battery when an engine runs out of steam. He brings the  battery and the screwdriver and asks for help changing them.
DH had been busy changing several batteries when little Mr P ran up with yet one more. DH made a remark about being so tired from all this work that he needed his own batteries changed! Little Mr P looked confused and DH asked "Do you need your batteries changed too?"  Little Mr P  shakes his head vehemently and stated firmly "I don't have batteries Gwampa".  DH asks "You don't?"

"No Gwampa...I don't have batteries...I'm just skin and guts!!!"

Ahhh...I love my grandkids!