Monday 30 April 2012

Finally getting a bit of time to get back to crafting and card making! It is after midnight, my husband is sound asleep and so I thought I would grab a few minutes to get a post up.

Remember all those flower posts from a while back? I finally have some finished projects to share. I made a few different hair pretties by layering differing sizes and types of flowers and then gluing them onto a hair clip. They are trimmed at the back by a circle of felt and a generous swatch of maribou. The little clip slides into a wee pony tail and is perfect for fine hair!

Boy oh boy, is that maribou messy to work was floating everywhere! I felt like sneezing I tell you!!!

I did a few different colours to go with some of Miss C's outfits. Let me know which colours you like the best....
These first two really show up the black maribou against the white background. You will see that on some of them I have added a few pieces of netting as well.

This smaller one has a soft pink maribou trim but it is a wee bit hard to see. I can't redo the picture as my 
camera batteries just died! Sorry about that!


This last one has really wide, white maribou shot through with silver threads...You will have to take my word for it, as it is just blending completely into the background here!!!

Update:  OK...the battery is finally is the white maribou on a pink background so you can enjoy all the fluffy goodness of it!

Finally, I did manage to make a couple of cards. They are cheater cards really, as all the elements on the card are store bought! I figure I can get a way with it as DH is still recovering and it has been a rough few weeks.

Update: I forgot to include the inside of the it is...simple but effective I hope.

I need to make a couple more as my sister has had a really bad fall off her horse (while schooling) and has such a bad concussion she can't remember about an 8 hour stretch. She is asking things over and over yet doesn't recall that she asked it already. I am so worried about her!!! Wish I lived closer...I am working on a card for my Mom to give her and one from me. I won't post them here till she receives them as she follows my blog. The horse was injured as well and the saddle and helmut are ruined!