Monday, 2 January 2012

Santa gonna bwing you cove

Ohhhh, little Mr P is such a cutie!

He will be 4 years old  in April and  is sure developing a sense of humor. He loves to tease and to tell jokes. When he mixes up the punchline, it is still so funny. No one can resist laughing along with his giggles.

Grandpa asked little Miss C if she was on Santa's "good list".  She glanced at him and quickly replied "of course".  She then got a little twinkle in her eye and mentioned that little Mr P was on the good list too. She  added that Grandma was also on the good list but Grandpa WASN'T!!!

Poor Grandpa, he was a bit shocked...As Miss C turned her head to the side to hide a teensy smile, little Mr P noticed...he jumped right into the joke and confirmed that Grandpa was actually on the "naughty list". He too struggled to hide his smile, and had to turn his head away a little bit. Grandpa and the two of them bantered back and forth with this joke and little Mr P shouted out with glee...


This statement was delivered with a full on gigantic grin, with the giggles just barely stifled.  When Grandpa seemed confused, it was shouted out again...full giggles this time. Poor Grandpa did not understand. ..he smiled and eventually wondered away into the living room.

Little Mr P was not letting this funny joke go. He burst into the living room shouting it one more time. When Grandpa still looked a bit confused, Mr P decided his punch line needed a little clarifying...


Ohhhhh, everyone laughed along with our little Mr P.

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