Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Rudolph Days Extra Challenge Winner

Well done ladies! All twenty of you entered faithfully in 2019. I know that is a big commitment and that is why I like to celebrate you all with this special extra chance to win a prize.

Before I draw the winner, I just want to add that if you already own the prizes on offer, just let me know, as I have other items I could substitute!

I used Random Org to draw our winner today, #6, Karen Ladd .  Karen, could you please email me at and let me know which prize you want, or if you need to view other options!

Will add the photo of the random org ticker later, as I am not able to at the moment for some weird  reason! I will add it from the upstairs computer when I go up later to do the laundry.

It is Jan 1st as I write this post. A  clear day today, and best of all, a dry day!  We have had a spat of very wet days lately and when DH saw the weather he said he planned to spent part of it out in his garage organizing the cast off boxes and paper litter from Christmas day. He does have a little heater out there, so he should be set! Think I will spend that time in my craft room as he will certainly never miss me out there!

Here is to the start of a new year. One that hopefully brings us all good health and lots of creative hours in the craft room.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Rudolph Days Extra Challenge

In every challenge, there are those who never miss a month. It was brought to my attention by a faithful follower that she has never missed a challenge, yet sadly never won.

So, once again I am hosting a special "extra" challenge this month for all those who have entered the Rudolph Days Challenge every month, Jan - Nov 2019 (excluding any months that I previously announced were exempt this year).

I am allowing my designers to enter also, if they entered cards for the alternate months that they do not design for.

This challenge is a  special thank you for the Rudolph Days Faithful.  If you do not qualify for this year, you have ample notice for next year!

So check your blogs to see if you posted a card for those months. If so, then use Mr Linky below, to enter!

You have the whole month of December to enter and I will draw the winner in the first couple of days in January.

The prize will be a choice of this Memory Box Peace Circle

or this Find it Media Traditional Christmas YCEMB 10007 Embossing Folder

November Rudolph Challenge winner

We had a total of 56 wonderful entries in our last Rudolph Days Challenge of the year!
I have been busy with company as well as attending a two day craft weekend at a local church, so I will finish visiting you all over the next day or two.
I always so enjoy my visits to your blogs.
 As always, I have used Random Org to choose our winner #40 Donna R.

Donna ,  will you please drop me an email at and let me know which prize you prefer. Please give me your mailing address so I can get your prize off to you!