Monday, 23 December 2013

Buddy the Elf is an artist too.

Buddy is the little Elf that lives at my Grandchildren's house during the Christmas season. He is a pretty good Elf all round...not very naughty at all!
He seems to do a lot of fun things at night while people are sleeping. My grandkids were trying to explain him to me and asked if I had seen the movie Night at the Museum. When they heard I had not, they advised that I should go see it cuz then I would understand that Buddy is real!

Apparently, Buddy finished flying school last week.

And just before we actually had any snowfall here, he managed to produce his own snow and build a Elf sized snow family. Here he sits, admiring his handiwork.

Yes Siree...Buddy is quite enterprising! I think Buddy may have been sampling the rum and eggnog as he seems about to slide off that Lego chair!


Merry said...

Lol…such fun. I only just discovered Buddy this year through Pinterest. He gets to some amazing antics at night time. Great post.

Mrs A. said...

They certainly are very enterprising these little Elfs aren't they. The one visiting my Grandson at the moment managed to absail down from the loft on a roll of toilet paper!! Hope you have a lovely Christmas . Hugs Mrs A.

May said...

Love these little elfs, can't get them in the UK as can buy one a little similar.. but not as nice as Buddy..he's having a super time by the looks of things....Merry Christmas... have fun!! Hugs May x x x

cotnob said...

I could do with a little elf in my house - he looks like fun and I would highly recommend the movie 'Night at the Museum'.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Jules said...

Hi Mo

Buddy looks lots of fun to have around in the run up to Christmas. I bet he can't wait for the new toys to arrive LOL!!!

Have a really lovely Christmas and a great 2014!

Love Jules xx

Hettie said...

From one Elf to another - Happy Christmas Buddy!
I took the Elf Oath the other night!! (Try saying that without flipping up!!)
Merry Christmas to you and Mr Mo also.

Tracy said...

As much as this elf freaks me out, I love the idea of it…just wish they would have made him a bit cuter ;)

Karen Petitt said...

You will enjoy the movie Mo - we did very much! I love Buddy - a really gorgeous Elf xx

sallysbitz2 said...

Bet your Grandchildren love having him around.
The film is good & I am sure you will love watching it (if you haven't already).

Hope you had a great Christmas & 2014 is a healthy & prosperous one x

hugs sally x

kanda said...

What a super elf and I bet he loves living with your grandchildren. Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left about my Dads snowman, it was very much appreciated xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh my! Buddy does look a little wobbly in that last photo. Apparently he sobered up enough to get his pilot's license though. When we were little my parents had an elf that looked just like these Elves on Shelves. He was just another Christmas tree ornament in our house, but I wonder if Buddy is some old tradition brought back (since Childhood was a wee bit ago).

butterfly said...

Buddy's so cute - I love that he conjured the snow and then created such a wonderful mini snowman family - clever elf!

Fascinated to hear about your your woodsman father and upbringing - it sounds amazing... Thanks for all your lovely comments.
Alison xx