Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wedding Layout - The Kiss

Do you ever get a "bright idea" that turns out to be not so bright? You guessed it...that was me today!

I have posted before about how I have been working on a Wedding Album. Although we already  gave the main  gift at the wedding, I plan to give this album to the bride and groom. We will deliver it,  the next time we are over in England.  They are a lovely young couple and DH and our oldest daughter attended the wedding. I was unable to go as my doctor advised travelling that far, till after my surgery.

The bride is a card maker and kindly sent back a Cd of the photos. I have finished over 20  pages now and decided to photograph the layouts before I placed them in the album.  Yes, here comes the sad part.

I have such a glare problem with the overhead lights in my room, that I have been duct taping a new floor mat to the cupboard doors. It is a flat mat with no sheen. I taped the layout to the mat, took the picture and went to download the memory card.  While waiting for that process, I got up to put a few bits and bobs away, carrying a diet coke in my hand. I bet you imagine the next part...

As I walked by my precious layout,  the mat fell off the cupboards, knocking the diet coke all over the back of the layout!!!    EEEK!!!!!

I quickly pulled the photo off the rippled PP, but sadly the card stock mat is rippled too and the layout paper is most likely toast. I was trying to get the photo off as quickly as possible and in that process, tore the PP background too.

I have little bits of the layout all over my ironing board...trying to dry them out. Hopefully I can salvage the actual photo.

Here it is, before the mishap...
And a little close up of the embellishments that I have manged to save.
Off to finish what is left of my diet coke!!!


  1. Very pretty layout! And to answer your question...100 Proof Press actually does rubber, so they aren't digital! You can stamp them on anything!

  2. oh no! hope you can salvage it :)

  3. beautiful LO love the flower and key. Fantastic job!

  4. Oh my, that sounds like something I would do! Hope you can redo it!

  5. What a gorgeous layout! Hope u can salvage or recreate? Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my studio, did u find the follow link in the end? Top left? Now following you, looking forward to surfing your blog with a cuppa tomorrow x

  6. I hope you can salvage it. The layout is really pretty!
    heather #202

  7. I am so sorry about your mishap with the diet coke - you design work and embellishment looked gorgeous. I sure hope every thing goes a little bit better this time!

  8. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I wanted to pop over and answer your question. The free files include a layered digital template. That's for digital scrapbookers to use in Photoshop Elements to make digital pages. You can use the .jpg file to print the honeycombs out and use them as templates to cut your paper with. The .svg file is a cutting file for die cut machines and the .png file is a digital file for digital scrapbookers to virtually clip paper too. I hope that helped!

  9. I am so upset for you.
    Your layout is gorgeous.
    Hopefully you can salvage the layout :(
    Love the embellishment piece.

  10. Well at least you had some diet coke left. Love that you have a sense of humor about the whole thing. The layout was gorgeous, and will be even better the second time!

  11. I really hope you save it, the photos of your LO is gorgeous and I'm sure the happy couple will treasure the book.
    Thanks for visiting me and to your question about my red bulletins boards, easy peasy!...... They are made from pieces of recycled carton cardboard begged from Ikea. I covered them with cheap red fabric then attached a lattice of tapes before hot glueing them to the cupboard doors. It made the doors look less like old kitchen cupboards (bought them cheaply them from a friend when she had a new fitted kitchen) and they are very useful.
    Lv JoZarty x

  12. Sad to hear that, after all your work...must have been sickening.

  13. Oh no! That's such a shame!Such a Beautiful layout and love the embellies you managed to save
    Jo x

  14. Oh no that was a diet coke moment....been there too, it's a nightmare isn't it? I've even resorted to putting drinks on a table next to me.
    Great LO loving the colour combo so classically elegant.
    Crafty hugs,

  15. Eeeeek! I've done that before. I now have one of those cup holder things. Glad to hear you were able to salvage a bit of it!

  16. Hello!

    What a shock to have that happen! I hope that the photo was not damaged! Wishing you good luck in recovering your project!


    Barbara Diane

  17. This is a beautiful layout! Although spilling a coke on it must have been very upsetting! I am always afraid I will do something like that, I am always knocking over my tea cup!


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