Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hair Pretties

Seems that I am still on a bit of a hair pretties kick!  I am still making the fabric flowers that I have blogged about previously, but I am now trying something new.

Little Miss C was very excited to tell me that she would like us to make a new style of  flower hair clips. She was able to describe them quite clearly (she is only 5) and told me she would like some quite large rhinestones in the center. She kept saying I can show you, I can show you, Grandma.

She ran upstairs and came down with a backpack case that was decorated with HUGE rhinestones and she pointed and said...Oh!...something like THESE!

Now, I must mention that my DD likes little Miss C to look cute in her clothes and accessories but dislikes anything garish...Oh dear...Houston, I think we have a problem.

A bit more conversation ensued about how we should make them with little Miss C nodding her head knowingly and reassuring me that she could show me how to do them. She shared some detailed explanations of the type of clips to use...ones she assures me that she "knows will stay in her hair" and then scampered off upstairs.

A wee bit later she comes running back down, triumphantly waving something in the air and calling out...I found it!!! See Grandma...I told you I could show you how to make them!!!

Can you guess what was in her hand?  This beautiful flower hair clip!!!  Of course she knew it would stay in her hair cuz she had already worn them...successfully I might add.

In all the discussion, she had never once mentioned that she already owned one and we could use it for the pattern.
hahahahahahahahaha...I love being a Grandma!!!!!!!!


Amy said...

oh this is a precious story! so cute!

Pam said...

This post is so cute! It must be wonderful to be a grandma! :-)

Patricia said...

Oh, she sounds like a mess! How fun...I would hate to see what my daughter would want for a hair clip...Ha!

Melissa Elsner said...

CUTE! Love hair pretties. :0)

Tracy said...

Awww what a sweetie.
And you did an excellent job on making it her way ;)

Tammy said...

You sound like me - I can probably wing most craft projects as long as I have something to look at to go by! :)

Courtney Mienkina said...

You have been posting up a storm. Keep it up MO. I rally like that pink head band you made Ms.S.

Lisa said...

Beautiful I bet I know another little girl that would love them!!!