Sunday, 12 February 2012

Thomas And Friends...Oh My!

DD brought the Grand kids by for a sleepover.  We used to have them every couple of weeks for an overnight. Now that Miss C has started school, has activities, play dates and sleepovers with her friends, there are just not enough days in the week. Mr P has all his activities and play dates too... Much as we love to know that they are happy and settled with friends and school...we miss those sleepovers. Oh my!

SIL was away for the whole weekend, ice fishing with his buddies. DD was invited to a ladies evening at one of the other school moms houses. Suddenly, the schedule had an opening! YAY! It was a narrow opening but we made it work. They arrived at 6:30pm after their swimming lessons and we had to run them home by 11:30 today for ballet class.  We played, read stories, visited, and generally had fun.

Mr P built this train track and played with Thomas for a couple of hours. He has the wooden track Thomas at his house and builds complex tracks that run all around his room and out into the hallway, all the down to the master bedroom. He has towers and tunnels and hills etc. at his house.

We just have this paltry little track with hardly any extras...but he loves it.  I think it is just because it is different.  He will be 4 years old in three more months and is still crazy about trains.
DH got him busy making a tunnel out of an old shoe box! They had fun with that.
 We delivered the kids home for 11:30 and volunteered to have Peter till ballet was over. We set off walking up to Starbucks where he introduced Grandpa to his favourite thing there...banana bread! It was so nice to show Grandpa all our little rituals. Mr P and I go to Starbucks every Tuesday after we walk Miss C to school.

DD got back around 2pm so DH and I set off to Fort Langley for a leisurely afternoon perusing the shops and checking out the new housing development along the river.  The houses right on the river were fabulous, but there were not any for sale signs in that area...good thing, as they are very pricey.

We did pick up some realty brochures but the houses were a couple blocks in from the water,  priced similar to ours, and  there were no "master on Main" floor plans.  All in all, it was a nice, relaxed afternoon.
Fort Langley is a lovely, arty little town with plenty of historical attractions, fabulous little shops and lots of people walking about with their dogs, popping in and out of the shops. At one shop, the saleslady asked me if I would like to sample some lavender tea. I thought she would offer me a wee paper thimble of tea...she brought me a half cup of tea in a china cup and saucer! All the customers were walking about sipping their tea...Heavenly!

I found some specialty candy for the Grand kids Valentine prezzies and these lovely place cards.
They are even prettier in real life. The black damask edge is embossed with a sheen. Sorry about the grainy, horrid photo!  I am thinking I will use some for place cards but most will be used for embellishments or word tags on cards. They don't have to be acid free for cards...right?

We even managed to pop into Wendells bookshop and coffeebar.  DH wandered about looking at the books while I grabbed a latte. Sugar free and skinny, mind you!


Heather Landry said...

Those place cards are gorgeous and I think your grandson did a great job building his train track. My son is train obsessed too. LOL

Tracy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the little ones.
Those shops sound adorable.
I don't worry about acid free on cards :)

Erica said...

My son is addicted to Thomas. We have so many Thomas tracks and trains, we can circle the house. I found some great ideas to use old cardboard to make houses, castles etc for kids. I'm going to use your tunnel idea!

Pam said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! It must be grand being a grandparent. I look forward to hopefully being one. Although, since my son is in high school, I'll gladly wait another 10-15 years. LOL!

Izzyb said...

What a wonderful time. How blessed your grand kids are. Love the train tunnel and your pretty place adds.

Lisa said...

sounds like a great weekend. Love the place cards very pretty!!

Danielle said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I can't wait to have some little kids to hang out with again.