Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Scrapping With Friends

I got home at 10:45pm from making hair clip flowers at Lisa's. She lives right next door, so I didn't have far to walk. We burnt though those flowers (pun intended!), while we drank tea and watched Mad Men.

She has Netflicks:)  I think we just finished watching the 6th episode of season one. .. I love that show and it sure is fun to watch while crafting.

Just have to glue the flowers onto the hair clips and then I will post a picture.

DH and his good friend went to the boat show downtown. I laughingly told him don't come home with a new boat!  Last year he set off to the boat show with the intention of purchasing a new one as our old one had finally quit. After an evening of hard bargaining he came home with a new Bayliner.  This year he just looked and toured the yachts!!! Cheeky!  He was surprised how much the price of his boat had increased this year!

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