Sunday, 9 December 2012

Oh Cristmas tree...

Got the tree up...and I mean just up. It is a fake tree so I spent almost  two hours fiddling with the lights,  fluffing all the branches and setting on the garland. I had to sit on a chair to do it and get DH to do the top. That slightly leaning forward position is murder on my back.  Finally it is up and ready for decorations.

Had to leave that aside for the rest of the afternoon as DD,  Little Miss C and I set off to a Xmas card  mini class in Langley. We made 2 cards each and took home a full package of 12x12 double sided paper and 2 sticker sheets. They sold it as a 30 minute mini class...Best of all it was only 6 bucks including the paper pack! It was a fun way to spend some time with my girls! It was Miss C's first card class...she was so excited. Here is what we made...

We went back to my daughters house as my husband was there getting my SIL's help with some woodworking...very special woodworking indeed. Now that he is retired, he is busy turning the office into a TV den.  He has given me his 2 drawer filing cabinet and oak worktop.. He has fashioned an "end" piece of wood  in lieu of legs for the right hand side. The worktop will balance on the filing cabinet (which is exactly my counter top height) and needs some sort of "legs" on the right hand side.  Sadly I also inherited several of the household filing folders but  managed to gain 1 1/2 drawers of empty hanging legal sized files...perfect for large card stock scraps!

Here is a picture of my daughters front porch and door...all done up for Christmas! There are some lovely large glittered, shimmery  pine cones and lots of glittery mesh ribbon.
Just in front of that is the nativity scene she found on craigslist. They have just wirebrushed it this year and want to repaint it next year...I kind of like it just like this.
Off to start unwrapping the tree decorations!


  1. Your cards are so pretty. Sounds like a great class for you and Miss C.
    Your DIL's front porch is gorgeous. I wish I had a front porch :)
    I attached my mini lights to my faux tree with zip ties...I never have to string the lights ever again ;)
    I will put my tree up on Tuesday :)

  2. It seems like you've had a great weekend with the decoration of trees and cards! Your cards turned out great! They've got this modern look with your choice of papers and clean design. Your daughter's front porch is beautifully decorated!

  3. Hi Mo, gosh love the cards you made, simple but elegant..papers are fab and I just love the nativity scene and front porch deco's....we are not putting our tree up this year, too much work with caring for my dad and he is oblivious as to Christmas so no point, just us three this year until his 100th next month...

    Is the star a die cut as I have a spellbinders one similar which I am putting on my next card....looks great...

    take care, luv annie

  4. Beautiful cards full of Christmas colours and the right amount of sparkle!! I finally gave up on my old artificial tree as I couldn't stand the thought of all the work involved in putting it up and stringing the lights. I went out an d bought one of the quick set up pre strung lights one. I had it up and ready for decorating in less than 30 miniuts (spent some time reading up on the directions). It was so easy peasy! My son came up from Calgary and didn't seem too impressed as it only has white lights and he didn't think it was as full but I think it is lovely!
    Good luck with the decorating

  5. Love your cards there Mo! And the porch looks fabulous, hope your daughter resists repainting the nativity scene - it looks good as it is.

    Take it slowly with the tree and watch your back honey. I'm just off to do ours this morning - dontcha just love wrestling with those lights! I gave up yesterday - knew I'd open all the boxes of tree stuff and time would be against me :(

    Hugs, Di xx

  6. Lovely cards, I like that big frosty snowflake, your Daughters front porch looks fabulous!
    Kevin xx

  7. What a beautiful front porch. I love that Nativity! I agree with you, it's great the way it is.

  8. Pretty cards! I love the bright colours and the CAS look!

    love Mags B x

  9. Thanks for the peek at the cards and decorations, so lovely. This is such a fun time of year!

  10. looks like you are really getting to feel a lot like Christmas! Love your cards and DDs front porch and crib is so lovely.
    Jo x

  11. such great cards love the traditional colours of them
    Hugs Kate xx

  12. Lovely cards and your daughters door and porch are stunning hugs x

  13. What a great mini class!
    Sounds like a lot of fun plus you have cute cards :)

    Our tree is the same way.
    It takes forever to fluff out the branches. My least favorite task. But it always looks so pretty decorated.
    We had to stop getting real trees a few years ago when we figured out my husband is allergic!

  14. You girls did a marvelous job on those cards, Maureen!! And your daughter's front porch is worthy of a magazine, wow!!

    Please do not overdo it with all the fuss and stuff that goes along with festivizing decorations. None of it is worth having you hurt your back!!

  15. Card class sounded like fun, what a great way to spend time with the kids. Your daughter's door is so festive, she has the decorators touch!

  16. What pretty cards you made - sounds like it was a fun class all around! Your daughter's doorway and nativity are lovely!

  17. These Christmas cards are perfect and what a steal of a class!


  18. Hi Mo, I missed this one somehow..Lovely snowflake card and the Merry Christmas is wonderful. Great job...joann sassy raggedy


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