Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Little Mr P's card debut

Every now and again, Little Mr P shows a decided interest in joining in on the card making fun.  It seems to depend on which stamps I bring over with me. He saw this cute little reindeer stamp sitting on the table and announced that he would like to make a card too! Little Miss C wasn't too pleased as she didn't want him horning in on her hobby! She quickly told him that Grandma was already helping her and that he would have to wait his turn to borrow her tools.
Fair enough! He went off to play with his Lego and I though "out of sight, out of mind". But not Little Mr P! As soon as he noticed she was finished, he came over and reminded me it was his turn now.

He was very interested in the mechanics of stamping the stamp. He pressed so hard and so even...he got a nice image. He then asked which colours to use and we carefully chose 2 reindeer browns. He then looked all through my meager red collection for just the right shade to turn his reindeer into Rudolph!

I was delighted to see what a wonderful job he did staying mostly inside the lines. He is only 4  1/2 years old and so he  was concentrating very hard on his task. Once the colouring was finished, he knew exactly what he wanted for trim as he had looked through the card bits and bobs bins while he was waiting.  He wanted brown for the mat "cuz brown is for boys"! The brown string was chosen "cuz all the other string in that box is for girls"! I had to help him tie the bow but the science of wrapping the string around the card was greatly enjoyed! His sister loves to chalk or ink her edges. It is her second favourite part after the colouring...not Little  Mr P! Oh no! No chalking for him AT ALL. "No chalk Grandma, cuz it feels funny on my fingers! 

When we were done, I asked who he was going to give it to. Little Miss C always has a Grandparent or a Great Grandparent or her Mom or Dad as the recipient...he proudly announced that his card was for his best friend James!  James is a little boy who is a lot like Little Mr P. James loves to build and play trains and understands the joy of  building an elaborate track and then  playing with it all day. James would never  kick the tracks apart like some other playdates have done!!!

He then asked for an envelope and proudly wrote James on it. He had to have me spell out the letters for him but wrote them quite proudly!

I helped him stamp the inside...when I tried to get him to chose a sentiment for the front he looked quite perplexed and then said "No, Grandma, that would be silly...James can't read!
I'm not quite sure why the verse was allowed inside but ...there you go...that's life with kids!

Little Mr P is entering his card in the following challenges.
1. Pixies Crafty Workshop - use snippets; the string, brown mat and the copic paper for the reindeer are all from Grandma's snippet bin.
2. Simon Says Stamp - favourite tool. die or product; My favourtie product is my sisters copic pens cuz they are very special and I hardly ever get to use them cuz I am only 4 & 1/2 years old!


  1. Ahhhh this is so cute, well done Mr P.

  2. A brilliant card.

  3. Absolutely brilliant Little Mr P!! I adore the reindeer and it's a perfect card for James. I hope that Santa is good to you and Little Miss C - oh, and I don't like the feel of chalk either :)

    Hugs, Di xx

  4. What a wonderful job Little Mr. P did. And what a wonderful memory he will have as well as you also. His card is adorable. I know James will like it. joann sassy raggedy

  5. Mr P has made a fantastic card, I like that raindeer and the twine. keep up the good work :o)
    Kevin xx

  6. Wonderful card there Mr P for your best Buddy! Well done you and well done Mo for letting him have a go!

  7. That is a great job P!!! I think it is far better than I could do....I don't even know how to make cards.

    Keep up the excellent effort...


  8. What a fabulous card Mr P!!! I'm sure James will keep it for always :) hope you and Miss C have a great christmas hugs xxx

  9. Adorable card! I Love the twine! Thanks for joining us for the Simon Says Stamp Challenge!

  10. Aww! Well done Little Mr P, this is a fabulous card :o) Hugs, Lisa x

  11. Well done Mr. P, I love your card,your friend is going to be so happy to get. hugs to you and Grandma

  12. What a cute story! You will have lots of fun doing projects with him!

  13. Oh, my this had me chuckling so much. It is so like when the twinks first started making cards with me. I don't remember back when their father was learning, so I was quite intrigued that they learn how to write their letters so well before learning to read. For some reason it seems like it should be a) recognize and learn the alphabet, then b) put them together and learn to read, and then c) learn to write. Apparently not. Shrug.

    Little Mr. P did a wonderful job on his Rudolph card for his friend, James! You are a delightful grandmom!

    Have a wonderful holiday with your wonderful family, Mo! Darnell #32

  14. Sweet Mr P your card is simply gorgeous and if I was your nanny [grandma] I would be proud too.,..I hope you win a challenge...love from annie in australia...xxxxx

  15. How cute! He should be very proud!

  16. Oh my goodness I love this story.
    Little Mr.P is very patient :)
    Great card and I am sure James will love it :)

  17. Hi Mr P

    What a brilliant card. Love your stamping and colouring.

    I think you have done a really good job .. .. I hope we get to see some more cards from you in the future.

    I hope Santa brings you and Miss C some lovely presents. Have fun!

    Love Jules xx

  18. Such a sweet story Mo, you must be a very proud Grandma. Love Little Mr P's card and his colouring is excellent, he deserves a gold star for that work! Hugs, Anne x

  19. What a lovely post and great pictures of your card making activities with the grandchildren.

    Happy Hols! xxx

  20. This is so adorable! I love it!

  21. Mr P has done a grand job there....another crafter converted...good to see.
    Happy crafting Mo, hugs Erika.

  22. LOL. Your post really made me smile. I love the thinking of kids! Love the card too. Totally cute!

  23. Looks like Little Miss C is really going to have a run for her money with Mr P! What a fab card - his colouring is great.

    I've missed loads of your fab cards as well and I'm so sorry I've not been by in ages. It's been absolutely hectic of late and all I've really managed to keep up with is my DT commitments.

    I know it will calm down in the New Year when normal service will be resumed and you will see me waffling away again on your blog - you've been warned!!! ;-)

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog and I'm so happy to have you as a blogging friend.

    With all best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.


  24. Hi Mo

    Floors are all cleaned here too - Santa had better take his shoes off at the door!

    Lovely idea for a Playground prize - my email is di_wray@hotmail.com. If you ping me will send my snail mail address :)

    Have a good weekend! Hugs, Di xx

  25. Brilliant post. Great card by Mr P. You can't beat the logic of children can you. My Great Nephew on being told that his Grandad had to go into hospital for a minor operation but he would be ok popped his head back round the door 5minutes later and said "Dad If Grandad dies can I have his iPad ?" Hugs Mrs a.

  26. mr. p. sounds like he has a lot of patience to wait for his turn to create. this is such a cute reindeer card! i love the red nose and the twine; it coordinates so nicely with the brown paper.

  27. Such a cute card. Great coloring!

  28. What a sweet and adorable card! I'm sure his friend James absolutely loved it.



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