Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Day One - Of course there has to be a Get Well card and WOYWW

My desk is proudly displaying all my gorgeous Get Well cards. Sadly I can't submit a picture of my desk as I can't bend to insert my camera card into the computer so I need to show them from the individual photos my daughter took for me and loaded on my computer pictures file.

When I was trying to think of what creations I could post here to share with you, I really struggled to find anything.

I had thought I would whip up a couple of cards so I could create posts to showcase those. Unfortunately, I was not able to get them made in time.  Drat!

Then I had a light bulb moment...no more worrying...I'm saved! I can post my Get Well cards and I am going to show them on 7 numbered posts that are being created to share some sweet,  but funny moments that occurred on each of the 7 days I was in hospital.

The first night post-op, I was released to my room at around 9 or maybe 10 pm.  Even though it was a work night for DD, she picked him up and they drove into the city together.  I think it was a one and a half  hour drive into the city, they stayed a good hour and then another one and a half hour drive back home. It was even longer for her as she wanted to come and pick him up. I hate to think of how tired she must have been at work the next day!

I remember a lovely visit with the two of them.  I was delighted to see them and was thrilled the operation was all over. They seemed so distraught so I recall telling them it was not as bad as I had expected, and clarified the pain was tolerable and to stop worrying. I do remember my mouth was dry (I think from the anesthetic) and so I had to work at  forming  the words.
They remember coming to visit and my pain was so bad I could not even talk or form words! My poor daughter posted on facebook that she had never seen me is so much pain! Oh my ...I felt badly when I came home and read that on facebook. In reality, I fell asleep after they left, marveling that I was falling asleep in a bed, on my side, for the first time in 4 years.  All in all, that first day truly was quite special!.

My daughter was smiling as she pushed 2 fat little envelopes through the bars of the bed  rails.  Little Miss C had told her they needed to chose a card from her stash as she wanted to give me one of her own cards.  I was smiling as I took them from her hands as I knew fat envelopes usually contain handmade
cards.  Here is my favourite...it is one of those "no sentiment cards" that do well for the stash box as you can turn them into "all occasion cards"
In this case, it is what she added to the inside that tugs at my heartstrings. They were sitting together at the dining room table heads down, printing their sentiments and she looked up and said that she underlined everything to emphasize that she really meant it.

You all know by now that DD does not like her families full pictures or names on my blog. This next shot only shows the last 2 letters of Little Miss C's name as I wanted you to see that she learned all about periods that day and was quite excited to show me that she knew not to have a floating period. Today she learned that periods never float and always follow a word or a thought!!! I was grinning and thinking that the next day they probably learned about how they anchor sentences.
 She then shared with her Mum that she made the period quite dark and big so that I would notice it!!!

Oh, she is a girl after my own heart. I'm sure I can sometimes drive you all crazy with my overuse of periods and exclamation marks. I can't seem to blog without them...everything seems so formal without them!  Somehow it seems that when I use them, you can see more of the non blogging me...that I love to have a natter, that I love to giggle,that I am a worrier, and that while I can be a bit "anal" about certain things...that I take great joy from being organized and can't relax if things get out of hand. Without them, I think I portray myself as this "stick up her butt lady" who has a control freak personality.

Keep in mind that I am fairly drugged right now ( and tired) so these next few posts will be minus my usual triple checks of spelling, grammar and sentence structure etc.

Hopefully your interest is piqued to pop over to Julia's blog to see some actual desks in action!  http://stamping-ground.blogspot.ca/

Hope you will stop by tomorrow for my next post,    Day 2 - The Big Move
This post will reveal the hidden joys of moving to a private room  and showcase my next door neighbours   gorgeous card!


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I hope you are feeling better!
Thinking of you!
And love the sweet card from Little Miss C :)

Lisa said...

Cute little card.

Diana Seal said...

Glad you are back home, hospitals are no fun at all!
Oh, what a sweet get well card from your grand-baby!
Extra special and filled with so much love!
Wishing you a speedy recovery<3

Angie said...

Cute card! Feel better.
Angie #18

Darnell J Knauss said...

I'm so glad to visit with you post-op and I'm delighted at how great you sound and how well you are doing!

Your granddaughter's card and your story about the period were so lovely. She is quite talented!

I wanted to also let you know that your link on WOYWW doesn't go to your normal site, just HTML script and sidebar stuff ... at least that's what I'm seeing. You might want to relink. (I messed mine up last week and was so glad someone finally told me!)

Continued best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, Maureen! It sounds like you are blessed with a wonderful caring family and I can see you out walking with your DH before you know it!

Darnell #28

okienurse said...

glad to hear you are on the mend and feeling a little better. Back pain post op is miserable I am told! Love the card and don't you just love the way the babies minds work! My granddaughter started preschool today and she told her Mom she didn't need her to walk her in. Poor DIL stood and cried! Hope you keep mending. Look forward to some cards in a week or two. Vickie #41

Amy E said...

Hi Mo!! I'm so glad to hear you made it through everything and that the drugs are treating you well! Come back to us soon!!!

Amy E. #2

Jules said...

Hi Maureen

I am sure it must be lovely to be home again.

What a wonderful family you have and I love your Granddaughters writing.

You sound like you are doing really well and I am so pleased.

Love Jules xx

butterfly said...

Do hope your recuperation goes well... what a lovely idea to post the Get Well cards like that - and what a beauty from your granddaughter to get you started! Happy WOYWW!
Alison x

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

What a priceless card! A couple more like that and you'll be healed in no time. :)

Erika said...

Hi you've just described me too a T too. Loving your card from your grand daughter, she spells just like my youngest too, exactly how it's said, so cute.
Hope your are on the mend, crafty hugs
Erika. 96

Carolyn Phillips said...

Cute story. Hope you recover soon.
Carolyn #106

byondbzr said...

Really cute, thank you for sharing! Hope you feel better soon!

Fleursbydesign said...

What a cute little note, hope you feel better quickly

505whimsygirl said...

Yay. Surgery over and now to mend! What a cute little card and I love the special note from you GD.

Oh, but I had to laugh..... I use a lot of periods and exclamations too!! Haaa. And I NEVER check for grammar. Oh my.......

Kay #126

Jojorenee said...

Some people get the willies about what people (strangers) will know about them! I get a little freaked now and again but this is the day and age! I love the rain boots on the card. Feel better! Tamika #14

laura said...

Hang in there. Had two back surgeries and both hips replaced...post op was rough but each day got better. Hope you continue to get well quickly

kay said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, hope you can relax now you are home
Thanks for visiting me
Kay #48

Sandy Leigh said...

Mo, I hope you continue to heal and feel better and get all your range of motion back--whoever realized how important a little thing like bending down is to our blogging! I think I would have felt emotional too seeing that on my daughter's facebook! Just shows how much love there is. Love that card too! Thank you for your sweet insightful comment--I don't think we do realize how much of our true selves we show in our posts and I have to say, that Ikat Pouf is soooo me! I don't know why I love beautiful, exotic fabrics like that all patched together--I'm weird! I'm glad you keep blogging...I think it will help with your healing too! Hugs! Sandy #24

Daniella said...

I am so happy to read that you are doing better!!!
The home made card and sentiment is so darling!!
I use exclamation marks too much too!!!
Feel great!

BJ said...

Thanks for visiting my desk from your hospital bed! Not sure what green journals you saw on my shelves as I can't see any??? Hope you get better soon. BJ#23

Neet said...

Flippin' heck (Brit expression) you have been suffering. I read down from Day 3 to here and cannot believe just how much you have been suffering with one thing and another. I do hope that you are feeling much better now than you were earlier. Surely they can give you some pain relief. Just glad the bed bath left you feeling much better.
Are you still in the room by the landing pad?
Take care - blessings to you.
Hugs, Neet 29 xx

Redanne said...

Oh I do hope you are feeling much better by now and that you are getting much needed pain relief. Thanks so much for visiting me, with all your other problems, it must be difficult. When you are feeling better the link to what I did with bats is http://bollyanne.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/a-couple-of-challenges-it-is-bit-macabre.html Get well soon! Crafty hugs, Anne x #57

VonnyK said...

It's always better to be home. I hope you get better really quickly. The card by little miss is gorgeous. That is the best full stop (period) I have ever seen!!
Love her spelling, they are so cute at that age.
Have a great week.
Von #18

Eliza said...

I am so pleased that you have come through the surgery well. Time heals. Sorry I have not returned your visit until now but work had beckoned me and I must comply. LOL

Get well soon and I love the card, they are the special ones.


Sandi McLean said...

Sounds like you have the "best medicine" well in hand - a sense of humour! Hope it continues and gets you through the tough spots. I am home from work having had surgery myself - too many over the last few years. Hugs, Sandi #35

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wow Maureen am so glad and thinking the LORD that you surgery has gone along so well am only just doing bits of blog hopping mainly not commenting as yes still not good had issues with side affects from Drops and ointment and had my eye op the day after your big one..

But was thinking of you and praying for you so glad it is had all gone well and thankful that your little one has encouraged your heart with such a blessing they do that dont they..

I must way but even though have not commented on all above am so glad you are back to blogging, God bless for continued good healing love Shaz in Oz.x

Tracy said...

Such a sweet card she gave you. Love the inside and that she made her period dark enough for you to notice...she is such a sweetie.