Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Tour Of My New Craft Room

A few of you have asked for a wee tour of my craft room at our new house. It has taken me awhile, but I finally have most things put away and can give you a few photos...

I was a bit slow unpacking in here, as I did not have enough room to put everything away! I finally found enough matching bookcases to hold all the items that used to live in my wall of pantry cupboards at the old house. First one, then another and finally a third! All matching the one I had previously. What luck! They are very 1980's or 90's,,, not anything I would would want anywhere else in my house...but the price was right, and they are very heavy and sturdy!

I am keeping to a very small budget for my craft room as we have reno plans for new counters, and floors well as having the interior of the  house painted. The painting quotes came in at 5 grand for the top two floors. Ceilings, walls, baseboards, window ledges and closets. That does not even include doors or bi-fold doors! Ugh! It has been 8 years since we painted a whole oh my, it has sure gone up!  I talked them into a 10% discount as we have used them 4 times before and then I slashed the craft room budget and turned to Craigslist. lol

DH donated his old office desk and file cabinet.  When we bought that desk 20 or 25 years ago, we had a matching piece of oak cut to match the desk. Those two pieces form the creative working area of my room. Now I know oak is out of style, but c'est la vie... The eagle eyed among you may notice the larger brown woven baskets under the file cabinet desk. The largest holds my zippered binders of acrylic stamps. The smaller one is full of stamps that need filed away in their correct places....ughhh!
I have an ugly unfinished wooden support piece to hold up this side of the table...but have plans to swap this out for some Ikea legs...just as soon as I can get to Ikea...

Many of you know the previous owners of the house let us in a day early. It is unheard of here and it was so nice of them. I managed to get a painter to come in that day and paint my room. Thank goodness, as once the furniture went in it would have been impossible to paint it.

I hung the two tall white Embellishment towers over the one desk and slid some 6x6 Michael's storage cubes under them to help carry the weight.  Just behind me is a wall of 12x12 Michael's cubes that hold the rest of my embellishments. Each drawer has a, girl, boy, garden, water, love, etc. My various square jars of flowers, ribbons and other doodads seem to fit nicely on top of these and the oak bookshelf beside them.

That bookshelf holds my 6x6 as well as 8x8 design papers, cardstock,  and same sized scrapbook albums. 81/2x 11 card stock is filed by colour, in magazine holders. The shoe boxes hold various card making kits that I have created myself. I need to remember to use these!!!

The white tower holds 12 iris carts. The top two are inks and the rest are wooden stamps and alpha stamps. I am going to change up the DP I lined the fronts of these with. I want something in the aqua/green brown shades of my new room.  The green plastic drawers are my Xmas card making papers, embellies, and general Xmas doodads. You can just see the entry door to my room to the right of those green plastic drawer units.

My room is sort of shaped like a Z...if you could imagine the Z to have a straight line down instead of a slanted one!  You walk in the door and see the area that forms the straight line of the Z. This is where I stashed the three bookcases. The hold my 12x12 Scrapbook albums and 12x12 design papers and card stock, as well as an assortment of pages sleeves, and other assorted scrapbook supplies. The shoe boxes hold envelopes, pre-printed card blanks (that I never seem to remember to use up), and a few odds and ends of themed supplies. Mainly wedding and outdoors/water themes as those seem to be what I scrapbook most! The various baskets and containers are not all filled yet. When we moved, I consolidated items into a large box so I could stack the baskets etc inside each other. That took up less room in the moving boxes. So while I am unpacked, I do still need to fine tune what exactly goes in each and then get it all labeled. For now,  it has been roughly sorted but needs some fine tuning,.

The book shelf closest to my desk area, holds all my card UFO's carefully stashed away in shoe boxes. The iris carts on the bottom two rows are my 12x12  self made kits. I placed all of these kits, as well as my snippet containers close to my desk as possible. Hopefully that helps me to actually use them!! The rows of brown woven drawers on the middle shelf hold supplies I use all the pop dots, tape refills, shading stumps, pencils, copics, etc.

The next shelf has the snippets and four more boxes of self made card kits. Top row needs tweaked. The wicker basket tray holds TH stains, stickles, H2O's, and other assorted things in bottles. I think I need to add an extra shelf board to hold those two brown woven baskets that looked perched in the corners. The hold embossing powders and assorted embossing supplies. Have to figure out a way to keep my heat gun somewhere there too.

The shorter wood shelf beside my desk with the TV on it, holds my Project Life supplies, more UFO;s and iris carts with 12x12 DP's from the themes I scrapbook the most. My thin metal dies also live here in a woven wicker basket and my embossing folders are in a brown woven basket just to the left of them. This keeps them easily to hand as my Big Shot sits on the left edge of my desk. The woven bacsket tray for the dies is driving me does not match the other baskets of this size and style. I have a matching one somewhere in the garage...must remember to go on a hunt for it and swap this one out. It is driving my OCD tendencies crazy!!!

 I will show you the other side of the Z on another post. There is also a walk in closet just off this room...I share that with DH's books. It is a great place to hide all the sort of random things that are hard to organize.  Oh yeah...almost forgot to mention that I have plans to hang all my ribbon on one wall of the closet. It will be nice to finally have it all in one place!.


  1. WOW! It's looking great - hope you can get to IKEA soon!


  2. WOW!!! Maureen whata fabulous craft space, and what a lot you've got. It looks that you have a place for everything. Enjoy working in your new crafting studio, hugs Kate x

  3. A lovely work space Mo and I am assuming you will be keeping it that organised in the future - as if, if you are anything like me. But I always find a spruce up always helps the creative juices flow.

    B x

  4. WOW - thanks for the tour Mo. Looks terrific and wonderfully tidy. Plenty of storage too.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Wow! Such a super Craft Room, it looks so neat and tidy. I can't imagine having to pack everything up and then unpack it all again, I've told my husband if he want's to move house, he's on his own! You look very organised and it looks like you have room to expand!
    Looking forward to seeing your crafty projects now your room is sorted.

  6. It's great Mo and fabulous that you did it on a tight budget too! I love natural wood and especially love oak and beech - so that would not be an issue for me. I'm also making do with what we have in my craft room - it's amazing what we can recycle/re-use when we have to lol! Enjoy it huni - you deserve it Karen x

  7. Oooo am loving your new craft room, enjoy playing in it, Luv Sam x

  8. Oh, I loved looking at your new craftroom! It looks fantastic!

  9. Your crafty space looks wonderful the oak, it's definitely not out of vogue! Lots of lovely crafty storage ideas too. Carol x

  10. Oh wow your craft room is stunning l love all of your crafty goodies and so well packed and tidy too! ..........Enjoy your new room xx

  11. Gosh what a lot you got. Thought I was bad enough. The room looks fabulous and hope you are tall enough to reach the items on the top.
    Bet you are really proud of it and so you should be.

    Kath x

  12. Oh my! what a fabulous craft room to work in. Thanks for the tour, and happy crafting in your new room.
    Jean x

  13. What a fabulous room. I love all the organisation. I keep mine like that with everything in the right place, except for the used bits and very new items waiting to be filed away. It looks a wonderful space to work in. Enjoy using it! Kate x

  14. Oh totally loving your new craft room Mo!! it's awesome can't wait to see the rest of the photo's huggles Sue xxx

  15. How organized you are! And now I know what you mean by having many flowers to use. I think I'm. Going to show this to hubby, he thinks I have so much crafting stuff, our dining room works as crafting room, and I've given up tydeing up every time. I think he'll understand I don't have that much when he sees this, lol.

  16. It looks divine Maureen, very spacious and so well organised! Mine is a mess again - I really don't know how it happens lol! Susan x

  17. Hi Maureen
    your craft room looks superb.
    Love to have such a very big craft room myself.
    Your design for the craft room is fab, and your are very clever at organising, as you have shown us before, when packing up your old craft room.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  18. Wow, what a wonderful crafting space Maureen and you are so neat and tidy. You must be really pleased to have it all sorted. x

  19. Oh my goodness your room is awesome and so organized…and has so much space.
    I love your set up.
    Okay since when is oak outdated?! All of my trim in my home is oak as well as our kitchen cupboards..this is one of the reasons my husband fell in love with our home….that and it was brand new ;)

  20. Your craft space looks amazing.

  21. A fabulous craft room, everything is so well organised. Mine used to be that tidy a few weeks ago, but now........! You've given me the inspiration to put everything back in its right place. :-) xx

  22. Wow, what a great space. And my do you have a lot of embellishments. I really like the square jars.


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