Thursday, 12 March 2015

Slow But Sure

I feel a wee bit slow in getting my craft room set up and organized.  I know I showed you the photos of about half of it on this post. So here is the rest...warts and all.

You may recall my story of the soaring costs of getting in painters for the top two floors. So keeping to my miniscule budget, I used Craigslist again and also repurposed some pieces, to finish off this half.

Here are some shots of the inside of the closet. Sadly, I have to store DH's books in here. Luckily, the shelving unit I keep my punches and extra long border dies in, had a matching slim shelving unit...just the right size for paperbacks!

That is the door to the walk in closet that you see just to your left. Here is the view as you walk in to it. I managed to find another of the matching oak trimmed bookcases. It holds photo albums we got from DH's Dad. Lots of very old and very wonderful photos in there! As you can see, I have to share this bookcase with DH's books. Just after I took this photo, he went down to the basement to check out my progress here. Took one look and said he must have another box or two of hardcover books that he has not given me to shelve yet! Sound like he may be getting the whole bookcase space after

The opposite side of the closet has the electrical panel box for the basement. That really limited where I placed the leftover storage units. I tried to make the best of it, but I am not very happy with how this side turned out. I think I may get one more bookcase to hold the iris carts and then get rid of the white plastic units they now slide into. I would like to get rid of the cubes too...they are hard to place items in as you are so limited by size.

The blank bit of wall on the right is where I plan to hang a couple rows of 3M hooks for my ribbon rings. I have the ribbon on the ribbon ring tags and then have those tags on shower curtain rings...sorted by colour.

Just to the left, outside the walk in closet, there is a very ugly looking dresser and a hutch type topper that does not match at the moment. I hate the look of them at the moment, but they were free and will look fine once I take the time to paint them white. The dark dresser holds boxes of envelopes, card blanks, and assorted other odds and ends. My cricut, cricut supplies and cartridges all live on top of the dresser.

There is an alcove across from this dresser that will eventually hold my computer, printer, the cricut and gypsy...but for now, they have to live here. I need a table or countertop to set up the computer and have not found one as of yet. Well,  not found one for free, that is!

Here is a snapshot of the alcove...with some assorted boxes of pictures that need to be hung, a few organizing containers, and other assorted junk!!!  The closet door is at the left edge of the photo. The bookcases I showed you on my other scraproom post, are showing to the right side of the photo.


Di said...

Oooh Mo! You do have a load of space to play with. I love the dresser and hutch, they'll be a great project to renovate. Remember to show the results please :-)


Di xx

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Its taking shape nicely Maureen, looks like plenty of space and storage. I am gradually squeezing DH out of my room lol! Oh [sigh] walk in closets - heaven! Susan xx

SARN said...

Looks like you're getting there Mo. Keep up the good work. xxx

KT Fit Kitty said...

Love seeing your crafty space! Looks like you did very well with your small budget!

Jenny L said...

Hi Maureen,
oh this looks so fab.
You sound as if you have an amazing amount of room for your storage and craft.
Love those shelving units, I could sure do with some of those as my craft room is jumble site..
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Carol L said...

You are so organized! I love how neatly everything fits from one wall to the next! Precision storage at it's best, and I hope you'll both be happy with the new hobby space :)

Sandra H said...

It's looking really good what a lot of crafty goodies you have xx

Pia S said...

I'm really jealous, you've got so much crafting space even though you have downsized, I'm sure you're going to spend many happy hours in here:)

cotnob said...

It looks like you are nearly there now, lots of storage - as long as hubby doesn't take over. I hope you manage to find a table to complete your room very soon, having said that, I think they are always a bit of a work in progress!

Asha said...

Yep...looks like you're all set to start crafting again!
hugs Asha

Sandy said...

You give me hope - we are moving a good distance away and are down sizing. Surely everything will work out. As I said, you give me hope!
Sandy xx

Carol said...

Slow but sure wins the race Maureen! You do have a lovely space and lots of crafty projects there to keep you occupied lol. Carol x

Hettie said...

You may be slow but at least you know where your stuff is and you wont be moving it around for the next few months until you are happy with it. It all looks very tidy.
PS did you get your packet from me with your card in?

Sarah Mabery said...

That dresser piece will look amazing once you get it painted white. I am so jealous of all the space you have, even if you have share with hubby's books.