Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Rudolph Days Challenge Winner

You may all chuckle have a chuckle at my expense today.  I used Random Org to do the prize draw this month. No more copying out numbers/names into a hat for this girl.

But getting that darned Random Org result to post is a bit of a job. So I took my trusty camera and took a photo of the results on my computer screen!

As you can see, the winner of the Memory Box  Crystalline Border Die is number 11 which is Sally Miller. Congratulations Sally!

Please drop me an email to and let me know your mailing address so I can get your prize posted to you.


  1. Well done to Sally! And well done to you Mo for taking the screen photo! It puts a whole new spin on 'screenshot' :-) as well as doing the job!


    Di xx

  2. Congratulations Sally Miller! We'll done Mo for getting round this pesky technology xxx

  3. I've been allocated half an hour before system restoration continues, then fingers crossed my computer activities will be back to normal and I WILL join in as soon as I promise Mo.

    B x

  4. How I envy those people with the technical know how to get a copy of this pesky little box in to their blogs! Like you I always end up taking my trusty camera!!

    Congratulations to you Sally


  5. Congratulations to Sally.

    YES . . . it is a bit of a faff to try and get the RNG box to go in a blog post (which is why I gave up in the end). But GREAT IDEA to take a picture of it! Top marks for thinking outside the box Mo!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  6. Congrats Sally! Thanks for offering this challenge. It is a fun one!

  7. Thank you for a great challenge Scrappymo and many congrats to Sally xx

  8. You know what I never thought of doing it that way!!! A lot easier.
    Congratulations to Sally. hugs Mrs A.

  9. The trusty camera always works for me too :) Congrats Sally!

  10. Congratulations Sally! I forgot that February is so short and made my card today. I'll be better prepared next month!

    Warm hugs

  11. Clever you! I haven't figured out how to get the RG results pictured either. So will be trying this idea next time I have to prove who won! Big Congratulations to Sally M for winning the nifty prize this month. And BIG HAPPY HAPPY BDay to you as well. Hope you are doing something relaxing and especially grand with all your family. Hugs coming your way. TFS

  12. Congratulations to Sally. I use the Windows snipping tool to capture the random org image...keep it handy on my tool bar! Carol x

  13. Hey, that's a great idea to take a photo of it! I had the same problem with - it wouldn't transfer to my blog and when I did get it copied to my blog, the winning number wouldn't show up! Thanks for the tip - I have a blog candy going on now so I'll do this too! Congrats to lucky Sally!


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