Sunday 4 November 2012

Cards from across the pond!!!

I had a special treat last week.

 Not one, not two, but three cards from across the pond.  Three gorgeous, handmade, get well cards.

The first parcel arrived from the lovely Jo, at "a little piece of me"
She sent a little box that contained 2 cards, one from her daughter and one from herself. Now I had heard of the little card mailing boxes on some of the British girls blogs, but I had never seen one before...Now I understand what you all mean when you talk about card boxes. I always wondered how you manage to mail those gorgeous, bulky cards!!!
Jo was one of my very first followers. She was so friendly and helpful when I first started my blog. It was Jo who encouraged me to try and enter some challenges.  When I wrote back that I had post concussion syndrome since the car accident and didn't think I could figure out a method to enter and keep track, she kindly emailed me with some great organized ways I could choose what to enter, track my entries, and check the winners. With her encouragement, I signed up for some challenges and learned to love the thrill of entering them! Jo is very organized with her time as she has her blog, makes gorgeous cards, is on design teams and has 6 children!!!

Here is the card she sent me...I just love the flowers...I love the gorgeous little centers of my beautiful flower pot of blooms. Tucked just in between the blooms, is a pretty little butterfly!  Jo used a lovely, large (by Canadian standards) scalloped card base. Let me tell you, the weight of this paper card base is superb! On our next visit to England, I plan to bring back packages of these great card bases.
Here is an arty view of those really pretty flower centers.

Tucked into the box was a second lovely card from Jo's daughter Rebecca, at Rebecca's craft corner.
 She is a very talented young lady and is on design teams herself!!! She colored this sweet little image and it really touched my heart. Rebecca and Jo follow my grandaughters blog and of course I follow Rebecca as well. This card is just one of many beautiful cards this young lady has made!

All in all, I was having a pretty good week. Two cards from across the pond and a trip out for 4 hours to the crop at the local scrapbook store. What more could a girl ask for! As luck would have it.....................

Another card from across the pond!!!   This time it was  from the lovely Sarah of  Created by Sarah  Sarah has a little girl Emily who is about the same age as Little Miss C. She posts her gorgeous cards on her blog as well as her design team work and sweet little stories about her llife with her little girl, husband, and some very sweet wee kittens. Sarah's card contains something that I always love on a card...Kraft paper...and again, like Jo's, it is a gorgeous weight of paper. Her card also has a hidden surprise...A card insert!  I had read about card inserts here on the British blogs but I was not positive what it was...I thoaght it was a sort of inner liner to write on or print a sentiment on but wasn't sure...I actually left a comment on a blog this year, asking what it meant and how it was attached!!! Well, Sarah's is attached just as they described and had a lovely little letter.

The sweet little girl on Sarah's card touched my heart as it looks a bit like Little Miss C when she was a toddler. She was always a child who liked to stand back and look at things carefully...a little girl who is so quiet and still when she watches nature, that a bird and some butterflies have flown onto her hand and stayed for a wee visit. This sweet little image captures that type of child I think...

So a massive thanks to all three of you...You brightened up my week and it was so lovely.

For those that have asked, I am getting better every day. I can walk about 25 minutes at a time on my activator poles. They are a bit of a pain for shopping as they take up both your hands...but I have learned to shop with a cross body packsack on facing the front...Yes, I know I look like a weirdo, but so far, people have been kind. I mostly shop where people already know me so maybe that is why they are so kind.

I still need a second surgery on a lower section of my I do still have pain and mobility is makes me keep on track with my homework for this recovery so I can get through it and get the second one done!
I did get a side effect that I was warned of prior to surgery....It is the one I was hoping not to is nerve neuropathy down my right leg...similar to sciatica but about 10 times worse...Luckily, there is a wonderful drug that masks it....but it makes you really sleepy all the time.
I  fall asleep during the day...I swear I could even fall asleep in the middle of lunch!!! teehee Luckily, I don't have to work any longer, so it is a managable problem....I manage it by just giving in to it and napping more!!! I have fallen asleep on the computer blogging!!! teehee   If I leave any of you a comment that doesn't quite have an will know I fell asleep before I finished.   teehee!!!

I have always believed a sense of humour and the ability to poke a bit of fun at yourself can get you through anything...It has sure been true for me lately.


...the yorkshire fox... said...

...hi Sandy, how wonderful people are, these gorgeous cards must of lifted your spirits so high, these is nothing quite like happy mail as it's so unexpected...hope you are feeling a tad better...big hug Mel :)

Anne-Elise said...

What beautiful cards you received! I really wish you all the best and a speedy recovery! Big hugs

McCrafty's Cards said...

How nice to get such beautiful cards to lift your spirits I do hope you feel better soon.
Kevin xx

Mary Pat Siehl said...

what fun mail to receive- these cards are just so pretty-- hope yo are feeling better

Connie Mercer said...

sweet, sweet cards!!! thanks for the visit today!!!

Unknown said...

Hi ya, glad my card arrived OK, I was a little worried that the pearls would be damaged in the post, really glad you liked it!

And I'm such good company as well - Jo is a lovely lady isn't she and Rebecca is just a wonderful young lady.

I'm glad to hear you are getting better but sorry that you have the side-effect you didn't want.

Have to say I could fall asleep anytime and I'm not on strong medication (promise!!).

Thanks for info on your Smarties - strange isn't it how things are so similar but so different the world over.

Best wishes and hope the improvements continue.


May said...

Happy mail is the best... I am so glad the beautiful cards you received lifted your spirit's... I wish you a speedy recovery.. Thank you so much for your visits... Hugs May x x x

Wishcraft said...

Lovely cards from very lovely people! Glad you're starting to feel a little better. Big (gentle) hugs xx Lisa x

Tracy said...

I love your look at life and your sense of humour.
Give into the naps...I have dozed off watching YouTube videos, lol.
So sweet of these lovely ladies to send you such beautiful cards :)

Di said...

Gorgeous cards Mo! There's no upper limit on cards for the playground in a week - five is fine!! Hugs, Di xxx

Erika said...

Hi Mo, what lovely cards to get and brighten your day. Sorry to hear about the pain you are in. I suffered with sciatica for a while when I injured my back so you have my total sympathy. It is great that your sense of humour keeps you going, a positive attitude makes such a huge difference.
Big hugs, Erika.

Connie Mercer said...

gorgeous cards~love the first one and how the tree is designed!!!awesome!!!

Mary Jo said...

How nice to receive those lovely cards!
I am glad you are doing better but sorry you are still struggling in some ways.
I think your last sentence really sums it all up. But thinking of you!

Katherine said...

Gorgeous cards - I can see why you love them and get well soon - I'm with you on seeing the funny side in a situation if you can :) Glad you are on the mend.

Hettie said...

Gorgeous cards Mo..aren't you a lucky girl!
Good luck in your next surgery and hope you are a little more comfortable and relatively pain free as soon as possible.

Sue Althouse said...

I admire your sense of humor to get you through a tough time. Lovely cards, thanks for sharing!

Glenda Atkins said...

Oh I felt so sad reading your post, how hard it must be to keep so optimistic and cheerful with so much going on in your body. Glad they can mask your pain to some degree!
many hugs

Jo said...

What a lovely post glad the cards arrived safely and that you liked them! Love, love reading your posts, you have such a great outlook on life and always make me laugh! Great that you're managing to get about and as for the falling asleep i know what you mean......I have some of those pills too lol!
Take care & speak soon
Hugs Jo x

Darnell said...

Amen to the sense of humor, Maureen! I'm glad to read the update as I've been wondering how you are doing. I'm sorry you got the nasty side effect, but glad to hear the med helps. I'm wondering if it's Lyrica you're taking. I have peripheral neuropathy and the Lyrica turned my life around. Whatever it is, thank God for science!

Thank you for sharing your loving and beautiful cards from your friends!!

Take care! Darnell

Rebecca said...

Hi Scrappymo, Im really glad you like my card and hope you are feeling loads better! I loved reading your story about falling asleep when your blogging it really made me laugh lol!

Love From Rebecca xx