Wednesday 21 November 2012

Drat! Having blogger photo storage problems

Drat and double drat!

I deleted someone's candy link on my blog and I don't know who it is to retrieve it. In a silly moment of mind wandering, I didn't glance carefully before hitting the delete button. I counted down the 2  candy's I needed to delete and deleted the first one (near the top) and then didn't account that now the numbers would be one less and promptly deleted the wrong one. Drat. Oh well, if I win blog candy in the next 10 days or so, it will be someone else's lucky day! hahahaha
Now, on to my double drat!
This is not my day...I was researching how to help a fellow blogger who has run out of Picasa room and can't post pictures to her blogger blog, and discovered that I have used up 99.65% of my Picasa room too.  I know now that I should have been re-sizing pictures to 800 x 800 pixels before uploading them. But I have learned that tidbit a little late!
It seems that deleting photos or resizing them now, is a moot it doesn't seem to give me any more room.  I think that once I am over the free size limit google resizes my photos automatically...the problem lies in that very first time when you find out mid upload that you are rejected, you have to know how to resize them in mid transaction or you can't proceed..
Some of you know that I have a brain injury from a car accident. I find it hard to learn new things especially from written directions. I do better with a demo!  I have been reading how to resolve this photo storage problem and now feel like my head is ready to explode...a common symptom of post concussion syndrome. You get that feeling when you try to rush your thoughts, multitask, learn something new, get tired, etc.
I think I can avoid running out of room if I switch to google+
Google+ gives you more Picasa storage and lets you download photos larger than 800x800 without using up free space...(see I did learn something). But it appears that once I take google+, it automatically names your photos within your Picasa albums  your real name not your bloggy name.

I'm the pea with the family that fiercely guard their web privacy. Part of it is due to their jobs and I always endeavor to protect their feelings on this topic. So I need to find a solution to my nameand their names showing on photos.

Does anyone know how to resolve my dillemna...or how to take google+ and not share my albums at all?

There are 3 bloggers today with this problem that I know of...eventually everyone of us on a blogger blog will face this.
I could buy extra space for $2.50 monthly and will do that if I have to.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Di said...

Hi Mo! Oh no, not you too - this seems to be spreading almost like a virus at the moment. I'm still OK here - and seem to just have half a dozen piccies on Picasa from ages ago. Goodness knows where the remainder are though - am treading on eggshells right now.

Hugs, Di xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Maureen,
I am sorry to hear of your double drat - one is bad enough.. and not sure I can help you with either of them!

Tell me how did you find out how much room you had used up??

I tend to re-size all my pickies so am hoping I will be okay.... but who knows maybe blogger is jumping on everyone!
I did not know they went onto Picasa. I thought they just on our blogs..
anyway pray you can find a solution to both dilemmas~ love Shaz in oz.x

Hettie said...

I feel your pain Mo. I had the same issue and in order to try and resolve the issue quickly I opted for the $2.5 monthly payment. google+ was a pain as some bloggers could not see my blog so I opted out of that one. After being on puters all day I cannot bear the thought of issues in the evening hence the $. If you find an easy solution let me know.

Tracy said...

I left a long comment then realized I wasn't signed it ;(
I don't have any answers, sorry. But came to see if anyone had other solutions for you.
I just take my photos from my "pictures" folder in my files.
Does our photos from our blog go on Picassa, or do you download your photos to Picassa and then take them from there to put on your blog?

I don't know that much about the computer..hence my problem above, lol.

May said...

Sorry to hear of your Drats.... this happened to me I had not got a glue what to do... so I changed my server to Google chrome and now my pics are going on... not sure what I will do when it happens again.. Yikes!!! Good luck... Hugs May x x x

Pia S said...

I guess I will experience the same problem with Picasa soon too.. Don't know how to solve that one yet...

Glenda Atkins said...

Oh I never thought there would be a size problem, I will be checking into where I stand percentage wise and I will be re-sizing mine before I add them to blogger! So sorry about your storage problems but a good heads up for the rest of us!

Tracy said...

I think I have found a may be a temporary solution though, not sure.
I was playing around today and put a couple of photos in pain and at the top I clicked re-size. Then clicked on pxs. I then went to the larger number and changed it to 799px.
I then saved that photo and downloaded it to my blog and it worked :) Not sure how long I can do this, but I will keep it up until they tell me I am full of space. Hope this helps you as well :)

Jules said...

Hi Mo

I seem to be alright now provided I make sure my pictures are smaller than 800 x 800.

Thank you for contacting me and for your help.

I have never signed up to Picasa and don't know anything about Google+.

Hopefully the photo package you crop your pictures in will let you re-size.

It just seems strange that you have used up 99.65% but I have only used 69% and have the same message.

Hopefully everything will sort itself out soon.

Hve a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

Darnell said...

This happened to me back in June and I just had a lengthy email back-and-forth with another blogger who is currently having this happen.

Google and Picasa are not all that "free" when all is said and done. And Picasa sets up albums you don't even know exist. And I found their help sites to be absolute rubbish. I spent hours on it, deleting photos and resizing photos and a couple of months later, I was back at full capacity and I wasn't using that many "large" photos.

Finally, since my blog has become a great source of amusement for me, I opted to just pay the extortion.

At any rate, now I don't have to worry. I have tons of space and don't have to hassle with resizing, and I can put in a "large" picture if I want. Sometimes the smaller ones just don't work as well.

They should tell us these things when we first set up our blogs, but there is NO warning as far as I can see until you are in a position of panic. It stinks.

All the best with it! Darnell