Sunday, 6 March 2011

The power of positive thinking...

My little grandaughter C., has wanted a new pet for several months.  They started out with a fish about a year ago.  Sadly, the little fish was floating upside down in the aquarium one morning.  Then there was a gift of a seahorse farm that generated a lot of interest from the kids, but did not seem to fulfill the "pet" request.

Grandson P. is allergic to cats, so there was quite a decision to be made on just what kind of animal this new pet would be.

Now C. really wanted a puppy, but she was keeping all her options open. She said she would take anything that she could hold in her lap and pet!  A puppy was high on her wish list but she happily said that she would take a bunny, or even a hampster or guinea pig. Her mantra was, if I can pet it, I will take it!

A short stint of babysitting a friends guinea pigs conviced my daughter that guinea pigs were not going to be the pet of choice.  Way too stinky!!!

So time dragged on and C., ever the optomist was sure she would get the pet very soon.  In the meantime she kept busy digging up worms in the garden and letting them "play" in her hands.  She would name them and introduced them as her pets!

Her birthday yielded a FurReal dog that she could indeed hold in her lap and pet. It even had a leash to take it for a walk...but it did not fulfill the yearning for a real pet.

She was sure that Santa would bring her a puppy for Christmas so she started drawing elaborate pictures of the puppy.  They all were basically a drawing of a little girl walking a puppy on a leash.  Mommy had to explain that Santa does not bring pets.  There is no room in the sleigh, they might jump out and get injured...etc

Undaunted, C. kept churning out these pictures and willingly shared the story of how she really wanted a pet with any friends or family members that would listen.

She kept her puppy requests in her prayers and never stopped believing that she would eventually get a puppy.

Yesterday her dreams came true.......A family member remembered her yearning for a puppy and recomended C's family to receive this little cutie!  She is a sweet, quiet, good natured 5 month old Miniature Schnauzer.
She finally got her puppy!!!  C. is over the moon!!!

After a visit to the groomers, the little puppy now looks like this...

I think I liked the shaggy, waif like version best!!! What do you think?


~Mar said...

I just love how she never gave up! That puppy is going to be the happiest, spoiled, well loved puppy! You do need to keep the hair near the eyes clipped but I like her shaggy look best too. :)

Sheilagh said...

What and adorable puppy, I prefer the shaggy version too:) My brother had a miniature Schnauzer for years they make adorable pets. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog:) I hope we have a successful outcome for my husband as you did.

Best Wishes