Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Oh my...Life with a dog!

Spent Tuesday morning with C. and P. and the new puppy.  C. is usually up around 8:45 am and so I was quite surprised to see her and the new puppy downstairs at 7:20...YIKES

Poor old grandma likes a little more sleep!!!

P. tagged along downstairs and generally seemed a little off.  He was a very good boy all morning but seemd a little more overtired than anything else.  Daddy came home around 10am and P. ran over to tell him how he missed him sooo much.  Daddy had a cuddle and realized poor little P. was running a temperature.  Within minutes he was barking the familar croup cough and struggling to breathe.

Thanks God for nebulizers!  Daddy reluctantly set out for his last call of the day and had plans to get his knee Xrayed before returning...He must have been really worried about P. as he returned home for the day just after lunch, forgoing his knee Xrays untill Friday.

On the other front, C. was a very trying little girl today.  Grandma thought it was a combination of overtired plus a bit of attitude and little C. spent some time alone in her room today. 

Between walking the puppy, taking the puppy out to pee,  helping P. to go pee, and fending off what seemed endless complaints from little Miss C., Grandma made a lucky escape home!

I no sooner got into my own door than Mommy called to say that little P. had barfed all over Mommy and Daddy's quilt!  Daddy was snuggled up beside P., tight as a bug in a rug, and poor little P. had valiently tried to get up and run into the ensuite. He did not suceed...

Poor Daddy had to clean it all up!!! 
Lucky, lucky, Grandma!!!

Now C. is running a temperature and not feeling well.  Methinks the constant complaining all day could have had something to do with her not feeling very well.  Grandma is feeling guilty about being a bit of a crabapple with her today...

I think Mommy and Daddy have their work cut out for them tonight!  Oh my!

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