Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I'll neva bite you again

Little P. is  3 in a month !  I thought he had left the biting stage behind but there was a little "nibble" yesterday. C. came crying, P readily confessed and went for a timeout.  C. seemed surprisingly forgiving and tried to talk me out of his timeout.

She advised perhaps he hadn't meant to actually bite her and most of the bite was on her pant leg.  The whole story then comes out that they were playing doggies and he was the doggy biting her pant leg!

P. finishes his timeout and agrees that little boys and puppies shouldn't ever bite...he then joins C. at the art table to colour some reindeer chipboard cutouts...

He is just starting to master the basics of drawing and proudly draws a mountain for his reindeer to live on.  He then buckles down to colouring his reindeer.  After a few minutes of heavy breathing and a lot of sighs, he turns to C. and says...

"C....would you dwa eeeballs on my waindea"?

C is much too busy finishing her raindeer to want to help but ever the diplomat she tells him that if she does all the hard work for him, he won't ever learn how to do it himself!!!

His response...

"C...if you dwaw eeeballs on my waindea, I won't eva bite you again"

He eventually did draw his own was an oval and one was a dot...soooooo cute!!!

I love most that I can track these precious moments on my blog.

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Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

Oh I was the mother of a biter back in the day. Oh the shame. She only bit me and her bestest friend and little playmate but I was beside myself.

Glad to hear you've made a good deal with the little one - and gotten it in writing too! Good job!