Friday, 4 March 2011

I waited and I waited and I been good.......Birthday chuckles

The Domestic Diva threw a wonderful 57th birthday party for me on Sunday.  The smell of the garlic encrusted roast beef was fabulous when we walked in the door. mmm...mmmm...mmmm...heavenly!

C. and P. came running clutching the birthday cards they made for me.  C's card was  a lovely drawing of C. walking her puppy.  The puppy, collar and leash are all drawn with great detail. A few butterflies and clouds finihsed it off.  I think she thinks if she draws that puppy often enough it might just come to life! Oh, to have the confidence of a 4 year old once again!

P. had great fun drawing lines and shapes. There was the faint glimpse of  the letter P and he was quite proud of that.  A really good job for 2 years old!

After a superb birthday dinner of roast beef, yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings, I was completely spoiled with Scrapbook store gift cards and some is burning a hole in my pocket as we speak.

My favourite birthday memory is hearing little P. say to his Mommy "I waited and I waited and I been good and you haven't lit this fire yet"!  His mommy was having some difficulty getting the roast to the correct internal temperate and  there had been a lot of opening the oven to check on it.  We all thought he was hungry and referring to the flame under the veggies...He was sternly sent out to join his Dad and ran to us repeating "I waited and I waited and I waited" and threw his head in Daddy's lap.  Daddy was quite sympathetic and stroked his head saying "I know, I know, you are hungry for dinner". P. looked up with confusion and corrected silly Daddy. He said "No, I hungy for cupcakes"!

There was a bar-b-que lighter beside the cake and he was patiently waiting for it to be cake time!!! 
Dinner must have seemed like an eternity to him cuz when mommy finally lit that fire, he was the first to start singing...

Happy BIRFDAY to you, Happy BIRFDAY to you, Happy BIRFDAY  dear GWAMMA...

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