Sunday, 6 January 2013

A special gift indeed

Sometimes you just meet someone and you seem to "click".  That is how I feel about Jo.
I met Jo on line when I first started my blog.  I originally started my blog as a sort of homework in my concussion recovery (after we hit that blasted deer that injured my back).  I had a great rehab therapist and she worked with me to help me regain some of the skills I had lost. She encouraged me to start the blog and we met off and on over the course of a couple of years with her teaching me the skills to concentrate on tasks and to reach my  final goal to be able to start and finish reading a book.

I had just started the blog as a way to jog my brain to remember all the funny things my grandkids say and do,  and then I started posting my cards.

Jo commented on some posts and then encouraged me to enter some card challenges. I was uncertain if I could accomplish that due to the effects of the concussion.  At the time I was troubled with horrible headaches and had difficulties with my memory and with executing complex tasks.  Jo wrote back that she has experience helping and guiding someone with a brain injury and completely understood what I meant about being not sure if I was able to try the challenges. I didn't see how I could keep track of  everything involved.  She took the time to write back and forth explaining ways to organize the entering and tracking of challenges and just generally encouraged me at a time when I  was struggling to feel competent.
Jo is a busy Mum with 6 children so it was especially kind of her to take the time to explain how to do it.

After sending over a small package of some scrappy things to Jo and her daughter Rebecca to thank them, they have surprised me with the most wonderful parcel this Christmas. It is just full of the most wonderful things, not just for me but also for Little Miss C and Little Mr P.

Here are photos of our amazing gifts  This lovely collection of papers and stamps carry a decided garden/floral theme. I love creating cards with flowers and plan to create many more with these stamps!
Here is a close up of my lovely stamps.

Little Miss C and Littel Mr P were not forgotten. Jo remembered that Mr P loves building complex railroad track and plays with his trains for hours on end. There is a hugepacket of these die cuts in all different train colours.
Little Miss C's love of ponies was remembered and this adorable stamp will soon be creating many new cards.
Both children were remembered with these lovely card toppers...this will make their card making much faster...Oh they will be delighted to finish a card so quickly.  Card time at their house only occurs when Daddy has a long day and so DH and I are still there to walk Miss C home from school. Her eyes light up at the thought of card time and we rush home for a quick snack and a card session before the garage door starts to rise and Daddy's home! Usually we have to set the semi finished card aside until the next time Daddy works late...or plan a visit to Grandma's to finish it up!
Little Miss C loves those equestrian toppers so much she doesn't want to take the plastic wrapping off until we make them up, so sorry for the glare!
Lastly there were some when Jo emailed that she had tucked in wobblers, I did not know what they were...ohhhhh, they are so cute. The kids loved them.
The crowning touch was this gorgeous Christmas card. I have never received a card like this before. If has so many layers and and so much depth to it, glimmer mist has been added to all the right places to accent the beautiful details, and it is just the most special card I have ever received. I save all the special hand made cards I receive...This one is going to be hung up in my craft room all year!
Here's a little close up so you can see all the gorgeous glimmer and shimmer. 
To check out Jo's blog and see more lovely creations, click here,  A little Piece of Me and don't forget to check out Rebecca's wonderful talent at  Rebecca's Craft Corner


Redanne said...

What a wonderful friend Jo is! Your parcel of goodies is just amazing and Jo's card is so beautiful, I am not surprised you want to hang it in your craft room all year round. Crafters, are, in my opinion the best kind of friends you can have, they are so kind, generous and helpful. Long may your friendship continue. Hugs, Anne x

brenda said...

You do meet some lovely people in blog land and like you I've been fortunate enough to find one or two who have become very close friends.

I can imagine how thrilled you must have been to received this lovely gift and card.

Hope you have a good week.

B x

Connie Mercer said...

very special story:):) great goodies too!!!

Barbara said...

Jo sounds like one of the real gems in our lives - someone who makes a lasting impression. What a wonderful tribute this post is to her.

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

It's always nice to find friendship in unexpected places at unexpected times. :) You are blessed.

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

What a lovely gift and card to receive. Jo sounds like a wonderful person and you were MEANT to find each other.

Mind you . . . you are a very generous person too, as I know only too well!

Sarn xxx

Jan Hennings said...

What beautiful stamps and a super cute card!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

How sweet!
I love hearing stories like this.
And what a great package :)

Irene said...

What a beautiful gift and card to receive, Jo is somthing special. Thank you for sharing your story.

Izzy Anderson said...

What a wonderful friend. Great package. Wow! This is so sweet. I love bloggy friends!

Glenda Atkins said...

Great post, I think both you and Jo are blessed to have found common ground and friendship through the vast blogland out there. Fabulous gifts and yes Jo's card is gorgeous, hang it proudly!

Erika said...

What a lovely gift and card Mo, how lucky are you and the grandkids. Hope you all have lots of crafting fun with the new stash, big hugs and thanks for popping by, Erika.

505whimsygirl said...

Isn't it interesting how people come into our lives! Your story is interesting in why you started your blog. What wonderful therapy and a great way to look back too!

The parcel Jo sent you is just lovely. It is obviously filled with much love and thought.

The card is amazing! I need to step it up on my card making. I usually go for plain jane....


Joann Burton said...

How wonderful to have made a wonderful friend like Jo. So glad she has helped you through your concussion. Enjoy you wonderful goodies. joann sassy raggedy

linda said...

how fortunate that you found someone you clicked with and what a lovely pressie and card. looks like you'll be busy crafting for some time.

Angela Coles said...

gorgeous gift.

Zeffy said...

What a beautiful blog post...there are Angels out there after all Jo sounds like a Fab person....blessings abound!! i am off to read some of your older posts...take care!

Tracy said...

Jo sounds like a special person.
She sent you and your little ones wonderful happy mail.
Gorgeous card she made for you.
The tiny key you asked about on my card....I think I bought it at the dollar store years ago.

Anonymous said...

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Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah such lovely treasures .. not just the items Maureen but friends true friends are great treasures indeed! love Shaz in Oz.x

Sue Althouse said...

This is the best of what blogging is all about! Wonderful treasures, but the gift of friendship is the best one of all.

Shelby said...

What a sweet and generous person and you are definitely lucky to have her in your life.


Hazel said...

Hey Mo

You have the most wonderful friend - Jo is amazinging generous and her card is beautiful - you lucky lady.

Thank you for dropping by to see me and leaving me some very much appreciated comments.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Ta ta for now.

Hazel xx

jo said...

You brought tears to my eyes! We did click, didn't we.....I'm lucky to have you as a blog friend and look forward to meeting you for real one day!Thank you Mo, that's a lovely post.Off to email you now!
Hugs Jo x

Lisa said...

Wow absolutely amazing. Such a nice gift to receive. She is a special friend to cherish!

Diana Seal said...

A very special gift from a very special kind friend!
Wonderful post, Mo and a great reminder that there are still true kind people out there!!!

Julie said...

Hi Mo,sorry it's taken me a few days to reply but you wanted to know what dies I'd used on one of my cards. Here's a link to where I got mine
I did try lots of places but the first die is very tricky to find in stock.
It's a lovely die to work with,glad you liked my card,
Julie x

aussie aNNie said...

Life's treasures are family and friends. This is the most wonderful thing a friend can do for another. I love to give but now with postage the way it is my giving overseas is limited from Australia. You are lucky to have a wonderful blogging friend which we seem to make on this little island of ours in blogland. Hope you are feeling better and don't worry about always commenting, if you are not well it is need to rest..take care..luv aNNie xx

MaryH said...

Really enjoyed reading your background story & why you started a blog. One of the nicest things I've found with beginning a blog, is learning about all the wonderful folks I've met, who have been so kind & supportive. And I'm so thankful you met Jo, one of God's helpers. I think you meet people at certain points in your life - that you were meant to know - for a special reason. Sure sounds like you met your special person. And Jo sounds like someone I'd love to know also. (will check her link you provided). It was so extra kind of her to mentor you, when she obviously had so much going on in her own both of you are doubly blessed to have found each other. Life is mysterious, sometimes, isn't it? But wonderful things happen still, and it warms my heart when I hear of it. A nice way to end my day, by reading your post. Oh yes, and enjoying the lovely goodies which were so kindly sent to brighten your life and Miss C & Mr. P. Hugs