Friday 25 February 2022

February Rudolph Days Challenge

Once again, it is time for the Rudolph Days Challenge. You have until midnight PST on the last day of the month to submit your Christmas card or Christmas project. Don't forget to leave a comment on this post.

I am so happy to share that Sam from Whisper's Cards blog is back on the design team, sharing her lovely designs with us. Sam has been off for a bit while she got settled from a recent move and dealt with some health issues. She has created two cards for us and this first one is so doggone cute! I love the image and the fabulous sentiment! In true doggy fashion, they are all carrying something in their mouths. That must be the secret to a quick Christmas decorating day. Involve the dogs in the work! So darn cute...

Sam's second card is a lovely, inky winter scene. I love the subtle shading she achieved in this scene and the deer look right at home here!

Still no cards from me. Al is doing so much better now. He is still easily exhausted, but persists with his walking every day. We follow Coronation Street on TV and although they did a great job on the Tim storey line depicting the pre surgery pain attacks etc, let me assure you the recovery after a bypass operation in not anything like what they are portraying! Al has had a good chuckle at some of the scenes and how they show him recovering so easily! In real life, you can not lift your arms to get into a sweat shirt like they have Tim wearing, and have to wear button up or zip up clothing for several weeks. You can not move your arms all about pointing etc and have to keep your body as if your arms were trapped in a tube around your chest when rising from a chair or a bed etc. They give you a small heart shaped pillow to cross your arms over as you rise.

I have been taking the time while he does his half hour walks to finnish up the big sort out I had started in my craft room just before he had the heart attack. I finally got the heavy bookcases, desk and filing cabinets moved about the room onto different walls. Whew, I am glad that is done! I am still labelling stuff, but that can be done at my leisure. With the furniture in place and everything now put away, I can finally create cards once again.

Our prize this month is this cute Cottage Cutz Kitten in a teacup die.


Liz said...

Glad to hear that Al is making good progress and that your craft room reorganising is going well. Great cards by Sarn. I especially love the first one, just adorable. xx

mamapez5 said...

So glad Al is continuing to improve - slowly but surely sounds good to me.
I love Sam's row of dogs.That made me smile, and her winter scene is beautiful too. I'll be back later to see what other folk jave made. Kate x

Linby said...

It's great to hear of Al's progress. I remember your craft room well - good that you got it reorganised.
Beautiful makes from Sam both so different but equally lovely.

Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

Great to read that Al’s health is improving and long May it continue. Lovely cards by Sam and I’m looking forward to seeing yours once you get crafting again. Crafty hugs, Sandra xx

Sandra H said...

So happy for you and you all regarding Al's health it's nice to read your great news and may it continue, another amazing challenge with such fabulous cards from Sam so beautifully put together take care have a lovely day xx

Marilyn said...

Pretty card! Love the adorable dogs in the first card
Have a great day!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Thank you for the update on Al's recovery, so happy to read this uplifting news. Funny how everything on TV makes things look much easier than real life. Sarn's cards are both gorgeous! I want to learn how to make an inky scene like that, so peaceful. This month's prize has my name written all over it! I will be beyond excited to win this one! My card is all ready so I will be back shortly to link up. Continued healing wishes to Al, and you must feel great about having your craft room all finished!

Carol L said...

Oh my goodness, those spotted doggies wearing Santa hats are too cute!! I love the whimsical as well as the serene themes of both Sam's cards! Well done! So glad to hear there's progress in Al's recovery and hopefully you can both transition to an easier living arrangement to better suit your needs. Thanks for another fun Rudolph day challenge and do have a great week ahead!

LesleyG said...

So glad Al is improving, and you can get back to some well needed crafty time.
Sam's card are adorable, and so is the prize! xxx

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

Great news that Al is improving, he'll soon be back on the golf course. I love Sam's cards they're gorgeous.

Sue T xx

Becca Yahrling said...

Sam's card are as different as night and day and I love them both! The doggies are so sweet to help decorate. lol And the winter scene is really stunning! I struggle with scenes. *sigh* So happy to hear Al is gaining ground - prayers work!! ;-) Looking forward to seeing YOUR creations soon, Mo.

Kath said...

Happy Rudolph Day! It's good to hear Al is making good progress and can chuckle at things he see on the TV. Steve's the same - people expect him to be 'back to normal' but recovery takes time!
Kath x

Helen said...

So pleased to hear that Al is recovering well.
Thanks for the fun challenge and the wonderful DT inspiration - Sam's adorable puppy card has reminded me that I should ink up that stamp soon!
Helen x

Loll said...

So happy that Al is doing well. Recovery from this takes a long time ... I wish it was closer to what you are seeing the TV! It's nice that you were able to get your craft room organized ... that's such a huge job! And so happy to see two of Sam's beautiful cards. Happy to be playing along again this month. Loll xx

Robyn Oliver said...

We are all so pleased to read your hubby is on the recovery road and you too Maureen have been busy rearranging crafting space ready to find the mojo and card making. Sam's cards are simply fantastic too, Robyn

Suzanne H said...

I'm so glad your husband is feeling better and on the road to recovery. Love both of Sam's cards. You sound like you've been hard at work in your craft room.

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

So glad to hear that your hubby heath is going better and well done for reorganizing your craft room! Beautiful samples for the new challenge!

Jenny L said...

Hi Maureen,
so glad Al is doing better it takes such a long time to recover but when you do it's such a life changer.
My Dad had a bypass when he was 78 and afterwards when he was all recovered we took him to Scotland and the amount of wlking he did was amazing as before he would get angina at the drop of hat.
He was lucky to have it at that age only because his family Doctor had done his Umiversity course with the heart surgeon and knew him well, and recommended him for it.
You be careful lugging all the furniture in your craft room we don't want you to injure your self.
I know us as crafters want it done quickly so we can get back to crafting, but please take things gently.
Will pop over to Sam's blog and leave her a bit of love.
Lots of crafty love and hugs. Jenny L.

Barbara Godden said...

Glad to hear Hubby is doing better and woohoo to getting your craft space organized, mine will take years. Since it's a short month I managed to get it done earlier than usual. feels good not to be sliding in the last day.

Pat said...

So lovely to see Sam back and with two gorgeous cards...I love those cute and fun dogs and then the wonderful winter scene. So pleased that Al is still making progress albeit slow but better to be measured, and talking about being measured you take care with your furniture I know you want to be crafting again but take good care. I have just uploaded my card and thank you for the lovely prize this time with that sweet little Christmas kitty. x

Di said...

What good news about Al's progress Mo! And you mind what you're doing heaving furniture around my girl! Lovely cards made by Sam - and I'm so pleased to be playing along as usual too.


Di xx

Chris said...

Sam has created two beautiful cards for this month's inspiration- love the first one (anything with dogs on is a winner with me) The stamped scene and inky background of the second is beautiful.
Glad that Al is continuing to improve- and well done to him for keeping up the walking, slow but sure is the way to go! Good luck with the craft room reorganisation and happy crafting.

SHartl said...

I love these pretty cards form Sam, and how wonderful that Al is getting better and better. Be careful about over doing it with your craft room organizing though, or you could be in bed with an aching back!

KathyA. said...

So happy to read the great report on Al's continued recovery. After my hubby had a stroke about 10 years ago, it took time for him to feel like himself again. But in time, he did! And, make sure to take care of yourself, too. Being a caregiver is physically and emotionally draining.

Karenladd said...

As this was such a short week, it was a rush to finish my card but I had fun coloring up an old stamped image that I've had in my stash for years. How great to hear that Al continues to improve every day, and I'm sure he has a whole new appreciation for you as well.

Lynne said...

Such lovely cards by Sam and it's good to hear hubby is making progress. Thank you for the challenge x

Tina Z. said...

great inspirations and I am so happy to hear good news.
thinking of you and sending crafty love xx

Eemeli said...

Happy to hear that Al is improving - even the sun shines for him today here in Finland (the first day when the weather feels like spring (+3 'C and clear blue sky with almost no wind).


Swissie said...

Good news from you! That's wonderful.
The news here from Europe just now are not good. We pray that this terrible war must come to an end.
Last month I had made my card for Rudolph days. But I had forgotten to upload it on the challenge!!!
Well, - for February I'm in again.
Hugs from Switzerland

Bonnie said...

I'm so glad that Al is recovering nicely, Maureen. Glad you are able to get some time to organize. Thanks for keeping up with this challenge.

Whisper said...

OMG hun it's lovely to know that when I'm watching Coronation Street you and Al are watching it too ;-), unfortunately it wouldn't make good tv if they portrayed things how they really are, which is sometimes a shame, as give people a wrong end of the stick of how long recovery takes.

Be careful you, when moving furniture around, I know it's hard but sometimes you need to give in and ask for help,

Take care of yourselves, Luv Sam x

Vicky Hayes said...

It sounds as if Al is making a good recovery Maureen, even if it isn't as depicted on Coronation Street - which is not renowned for its accurate story lines!! The craft room organisation sounds as if it's coming along nicely too. Sorry to be scraping in at the last minute! Vicky x

Valerija said...

Happy to hear good news from you.
Beautiful cards.
Wow, and I love this prize. So cute!
Valerija xx

ionabunny said...

Glad to hear Al is on the mend. Take care of yourself too. Happy Rudolf Days everyone. Glad I made the linky on this shortest month of the year. Hugz

Craftychris said...

So very glad to hear Al is heading for recovery - the telly never gives a true idea of the realities of things! I am so glad to be joining in - I haven't been here for such a long time! Take care. xxx

Craftychris said...

I forgot to say that Sam's cards are gorgeous! xxx

Trina P. said...

Getting my entry in on the last day of the month again, but I made it! 😃
Beautiful inspirations from Sam.

Great to know Al is recovering well. Sending continued healing wishes his way.

Janis said...

So thankful Al is doing better. Very encouraging to hear that.
Sam's cards are just wonderful. I esp love the soft snowy scene with the deer. Gorgeous!!
Thank you for another Rudolph Days Challenge. I very nearly missed getting my card blogged and linked up because we lost power this afternoon and evening. But all's well that ends well. :)
Take care!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Anita van Deur said...

I'm so glad your husband is feeling better and on the road to recovery.
Lovely card, take care.

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