Monday, 16 February 2015

Stardust tried and true friend

I am sharing another card finished up  from my UFO VOS box. It was made some time ago, but I wrote this post and saved it to post after the move. I have had bronchitis for over two weeks now, so have not been crafting yet.

 But first, the backstory...

I usually have a double row of stickles sitting out on my desk. I love to look at those little bottles all lined up neat and tidy, all sparkly and pretty. But the truth is, I rarely use any of them with the exception of Stardust.

Today I decided to break that mold and tried a new one.  I feel like I cheated!  I really do not like the look of it...sort of taudry gold and green...with a sort of cheap look like something bought from the dollar store. Ugggh.
Stardust, I promise to never stray again!!!

I made this card much earlier, at a girlfriends Stampin' Up monthly club. She has moved away and I miss her classes so much. She had a great eye and always had something lovely for us to make.

We used her air gun to speckle the background card base and then tore the mats for the image. I so love the way Stampin' Up has everything to match. I stamped the envelope flap with the Easter eggs...I like that look but often forget to do it...

I stickled the Easter eggs along with the hubcaps and door handle of the truck.  Wish I had used my old standby...Stardust stickles. Instead I went for a more festive look with the Diamond stickles and wish I had not done that...sigh...

Update on the craft room unpacking...

I am almost done...Just two boxes of pictures to unpack and hang up in the craft room (and the hallway leading into it)...Yay!!! There are a few piles of items organized but still stacked on the floor till I find them homes Found the second bookcase, and  I am now on the lookout for a third matching one. Once finished , I will post some pictures.


  1. I hear you about some of the stickles colors. They look pretty in the bottle, but then not always so much when you actually use them. I have several of the pearl & silver ones that I like, but a couple of the gold ones look like tarnished brass or something. Love the lavendars & purples on this guy card. That is one cute little truck and the torn spotted paper was so right with the truck. Glad you are feeling better with the chest stuff, just take it easy and give yourself time to really get rid of it. TFS & Hugs too.

  2. Sorry to hear you've been so unwell Maureen and hope you're well and truly on the mend now. Your card is delightful...funny how we all have our little nuances! Look forward to seeing pics of your new crafting space. Carol x

  3. Ah I loved that stamp set and you've done a fab job colouring in the truck. Great card! Zx

  4. Sorry to hear you've been unwell Mo. Sending get well wishes your way.

    Really like your truckful of Easter Eggs. Great idea.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. a super make maureen. i hope you feel better soon. big hugs to you xx

  6. I don't have many Stickles bottles, but love my Diamond and Stardust ones it sounds that they're actually the ones I need. Ok for nice I can REMOVE items from my wishlist (shopping list) I love the splattered background and torn paper details.
    Good to hear you're well settled in. Sorry for my late visit, haven't been feeling well the past week, running nose and sore throat....

  7. I'm sorry to hear that you have been poorly Maureen, I hope you are feeling better now.
    Your card is fabulous, such a great image and design.
    I will look forward to seeing some photos of your craft room, it sounds like you are nearly there now.


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