Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fabric, friends and fun

I am up at the RV and it is the big quilting retreat this weekend. These are the lovely group of ladies who kindly let me sit and make cards beside them when they meet each week to sew and quilt. Once a year, they organize a quilting retreat. The regular Caravans West Quilters, as well as some of their friends from around the province,  meet at the resort each September, to have a weekend of fun and creativity.
The clubhouse might have been a beehive of activity but the front porch was beautifully staged with this lovely array calm and welcoming!
Here is a little closer look of the top of that treadle machine...
But my favourite is this wee machine...
Tucked behind that pillar is this lovely wooden wall hanging.
Here is a photo of the other side of the entrance doors
Inside the hall was a beehive of activity...look at these gorgeous quilts...

Quilts were displayed on every available surface!

Even the pool table was put to use...
The shuffleboard table has been custom fitted as well...
Even the decorative wall shelves have been put to use...
Everywhere you looked there were works of art...
As large as quilts and as small as place mats....every available space had items displayed! Luckily for me, someone had left their measuring tape...I thought it added to the photo...
A few more place mats...
And finally...The warm colours of fall were evident here as well as the approach of a certain time of

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of the quilt retreat. I think it is quite an amazing event, so well organized by a small group of lovely, creative women!


  1. Oh wow Maureen everyone is a stunning piece of work how lucky to spend time with these wonderful people! I so wish we could craft together LOL lots of huggles hun Sue xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh Mo! This is a stunning post. The quilts are gorgeous and I am sooo envious of those ladies having a quilting retreat. It has been ages since I went on a quilting retreat.
    I love that pattern that is on the pool table. Not familiar with that one.
    I have two old Singer treadles one of which I still use now and again. I even have a tiny machine too among my collection.
    Enjoy the rest of your time there.
    Been thinking of you tonight watching the first episode of the new Downtown Abbey series.

  3. WOW! These are stunning quilts! I love each one of them - you ladies are so talented! Know that it must be a lot of fun to get together like that and do something you love.
    I actually learned how to see using a treadle machine - can't image using one now though!

  4. Stunning pieces of art Maureen! I can't quilt but I sure love looking and admire them.
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Love your post and the amazing photo's of the quilting retreat, wonderful display of the beautiful quilts and the layout of the resort!wow!

  6. WOW! Beautiful quilting-very talented friends you have there :)That front porch display is fabulous-loving the old sewing machines,and inside the displays are just as beautiful(love those quilted placemats!)
    Thank you for sharing,
    Best wishes,Nessa xx

  7. It looks like a wonderful location for your quilting retreat Maureen and some fabulous pieces of needlework on display.

    I used to love quilting but that was a few years ago now since my eyes and no longer up to the intricate work - hence the messy and inky crafting

    Hope you have a good Monday,

    B x

  8. Fabulous pictures Maureen! This was something I wanted to work on when I retired but I don't know where the time has gone! Susan x

  9. I want to be there!!!! I always wanted to quilt but never got round to learning. Some of the work is astonishing!!! Love how everything is set up. It all looks wonderful - so inviting. That's why I want to be there! Love from Christine xx

  10. My goodness me, what totally amazing quilts! I've never quilted (am a terrible sewer!) but I can see that sooo much work has gone into them - they are gorgeous.

    Must be so nice to meet up with like minded people to indulge your craft - whatever it is.


    PS - I've got the exact same sewing machine as on the front porch (the Singer with the table) in the corner of my craft / dining / mess room. Tho mine is broken and hidden under a lot of mess!!!

  11. Oh much loveliness in one place! That's something I've always wanted to try but sadly never seem to have the time.....or the knowledge!Love the old treadle machine! Hope you're well & back to normal!
    hugs Jo x

  12. What a super retreat that must have been and how I'd love to have been there. It sounds like and looks like Heaven. So many things to see and do.
    I've just returned to patchwork and quilting and I'm loving it,

  13. Wow Mo what a super place, love all those quilts, such fabulous work. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Erika.

  14. Cor! Am well jealous - every one of these quilts is stunning be it large or small. Ty for sharing Karen x

  15. Thanks for your reply comments and now you have made me feel totally envious of the retreat. If it was in England I'd definitely be there for the next one!

  16. Oh wow! i'm green with envy!!! That's my dream retreat right there! Glad you're having a fabby time, Maureen.
    xxx Asha
    Sunny Summer Crafts

  17. Oh what a lovely, lovely post. Quilting used to be my 1st love before I developed this latest addiction! You had some great photos of some wonderful pieces here. Can I just say I love the old machines too? I have an old treadle and then we have the frames from some we've snagged at flea markets. DH made outside benches with 2 very rusty specimens we found, and I have 2 'end tables' that have a Singer base. Thanks for sharing this lovely visit with us. You have some super talented folks at your RV center! You're also a fab photographer! TFS & Hugs

  18. This was a fun post about the retreat, Maureen! I especially loved all the photos of the porch!!

  19. Oh my goodness. Thank you for sharing this.
    I dream of being a quilter, I just dabble in it. These women are so talented. I totally love the front porch.


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