Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WOYWW #146

I am late. late, late!  It has been a bit of a scary, disorganized week at my house. My husband had a mild heart attack at work.  He was admitted to hospital and is now home, trying to rest and relax.  We could not tell his friends etc till today as our eldest is on a trip around the world and we had to get confirmation that she had read the news before we were comfortable to tell anyone other than family.

We have made her promise not to fly home as her Dad would be upset and stressed by that. He is stable, she teaches nursing at a local university, so she understands his enzyme levels etc.

Well, my desk is a very scary mess indeed! I got the bright idea to reorganize my scrapbook room and have been pulling out drawers and purging and sorting through them. I have been scrapbooking about 12 years so I had a lot of stuff that was out of style. I have been filling a bin for art supplies for the grandkids and their friends. So far I have sorted 8 michaels cube drawers...only about 40 more to go!!!
I have been busy helping little Miss C. with her horse cards. I took her images home to fussy cut (as she is only 5 1/2).  If you enlarge the photos, you can see 4 of the"horsies" on my desk. She has her own blog now and was coming for a sleepover to get a card finished so she could make her first post and debut today on WOYWW.

Unfortunately the sleepover got cancelled as ECG's troponin levels, and holter monitors etc got in the way! So you get a peek at my nightmare mess, a sneak peek of her pending cards and you can breathe a sigh of relief that this mess is not yours!!!!! hahahaha
As you can see, some of this is still last weeks mess with more stuff thrown on top. Oh dear!

Yes, That's my makeup bag. It needs a bit of a mending as the zipper has come loose. The boxes to the left are folded cards and envelopes.  One is a box of 40 and the other a box of 50. They were on sale for 5 dollars each at Homesense/Winners. They are handy to use for  Miss C or to make up lots of assembly line type cards to donate to charity.

 Way over on the right hand side of my desk where the wedding supplies dwell, there is a huge stack of paper to be sorted into themes and added to my stored paper stash. There are some lovely sparkly flowers from  K and Co and 2 more "horsies" that appear to have trotted way over here for some sort of reason...I think they are trying to make an escape. One flying leap and they could be on the ironing board which seems to never get taken down and has taken up residence just beside this area.

Once again I have to beg off leaving comments. My computer is downstairs in my basement scrapbook room. Hubby is upstairs in his recliner drifting in and out of sleep. I kind of feel like I should stay on the same level for at least a week or so. Eventually I will figure out the wireless code and then I can use his laptop. Right now it is hardwired in, way up on the top floor of the house. I usually try to get to 75% of the WOYWW posters and always reply to anyone who leaves me a comment. I may not get replies off to anyone this week...but I will try.
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May said...

O bless you, such a shock for you I do hope DH will recover soon,I do hope he is getting good follow up care?? just seems a bit quick to be home.... Maybe that's normal for your area as I know it varies in different parts!!

I love those little horses so cute.. You have a good week and take things easy as it's so easy to get stressed out when your looking out for your DH, and dont worry about reply's to us lot we will still be here next week Big Hugs May x x x x x No9

Danielle said...

I agree with May. Take it easy and take care of both you and your husband. That should be you priority right now. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Dani32

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Look at the sweet horsies, trotting around everywhere. Maybe they can trot around tidying up for you while you tend to hubby. And don't you go fretting about leaving us comments. We'll babble enough amongst ourselves until you can make it by. The dragging stuff out and organizing it project will be so worth the mess once it is over. And that'll wait too.

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Thinking of you and your husband.

kay said...

best wishes for a speedy recovery for your husband and dont worry about comments,people will totally understand,x

debby4000 said...

Oh what a fright you had, do hope DH is feeling better.

jo said...

Oh no, that's terrible news!Thinking of you both and hope each day is better than the last. Great to see Miss C's horsies - can't wait to see the cards, bet they're gonna be fab!
Hugs Jo x

SophieNewton said...

Sorry to hear about your DH. Take care x
Sophie no.88

Redanne said...

So sorry to hear about hubby, hope he gets well very soon. Love your stash! Regards, Anne #66

Joann Burton said...

So sorry to hear about your hubby. I would not worry about comments, and just take care of your family. Much love, joann sassy raggedy

CraftygasheadZo said...

Best wishes to you and DH, hope he recovers well. Thanks for sharing this WOYWW, it's Thursday afternoon now, but I'm still snooping through the list! Take care Zo xx 22

sandee said...

wow, your week has been traumatic, and I am sending wishes for your husband's health and (((hugs))) for you! Don't worry about visiting anyone's blog this week, no worries that's your motto! Take care, waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Anonymous said...

What a horrible few days - hope that he's feeling better soon - take care of yourself too. You could always blame any bits not sorted on the horsies - they look a bit lively and are probably moving stash around when you're not watching :) - Hx

Julia Dunnit said...

I think you need to not be stressing about things like comments for WOYWW girlfriend, we're here for you in a cyber way and expect no more from you than you can join in when you can. You've had a horrible few days, and I'm betting that as Mr ScrappyMo! improves, so you will feel a bit shaky and not need to keep so busy. Sending gentle hugs, and all the right enzymes!

lisa said...

Oh how awful for you both and a shock too I can imagine. I hope Hubby continues to do well and gets the rest he needs. He sounds like he is in very good hands.
Love those horse cards, looks like crafting runs in the family.
Hugs Lisax 123

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear of your husbands heart attack and hoping is resting comfortably at home. I have never seen your desk in such a state!

Sharne Davies said...

desk looks quite tidy considering .... hope OH is on the mend and giddy up... X Sharne#71

Tracy said...

All my best to your hubby.
I have heart disease, it runs in my family. My brother had a heart attack at 43, both of our parents had one at 50 and me I also have heart disease, but thankfully never had a heart attack.
Take care and tell your hubby to take it easy.
As for your desk, I love that you are working on so many projects.
And the horses look great :)

Lisa-Jane said...

Oh my! I hope he is well on the mend now and has good advice on what to do here on in. I don't think your desk is messy at all and I love the little horsies! #57