Monday, 1 March 2021

Feb Rudolph Days Challenge Winner

I am typing this post on my newly restored virus free computer! We have a monthly fee coverage that includes free virus scans and restoring. Boy oh boy, that sure came in handy. This is the third virus we have had in all our years of computer ownership. The first and this time, it was restorable. The middle time, it wiped out the computer and so corrupted the files that they could not even retrieve our photos and downloads. I lost a ton of cutting files!

Now, back to the challenge...
We had 53 3ntries and I will spend tomorrow visiting you all now that my computer is back up and running. It is my birthday today (67) so I will take today off and do as little as possible all day!!! It is a good time to catch up on Netflicks.

We are venturing out of the house and getting supper out at the White Spot (a Canadian restaurant that has an option of ordering and eating in the car from a long tray that slides into the car and hooks onto the window frames around the doors). The food is very tasty, not like a typical eat in the car place!

So, I used random org to draw the winner, # 48 Paperpapier. Could you please drop me an email to with your mailing address, and I will get your prize off to you.
Last months winner will be sent their prize at the same time. My daughter has been too busy with family problems to worry about my mail.

Her mother in law has had some very strange health problems over the past few months. She was finally diagnosed after a friend suggested a specific disease mainly found in persons of Dutch descent, as the friends mother had just been diagnosed with it.

In short, the blood deposits something in the brain that eventually causes mini brain bleeds that leave you with confusion and stroke like syptoms. Sadly, there is no cure. Since Christmas, she now requires someone to be with her 24 hours a day. Although they have someone come in while stepdad is working, my daughter and son in law have her as much as they are available after work and on the weekends, to give Mike's stepdad a bit of respite. I share this story as if you are of Dutch or Icelandic descent and have a family member seeming to age overnight, this info may help you. As my daughter has mail of her own to send, mine will go out with hers. Sorry for any delays this causes, but 'I do not like to put any requests her way at the moment.


paperpapier said...

So happy to be the lucky winner! I have sent an email with my details.


Kath said...

Happy Birthday - I hope you enjoy your celebration meal.
Kath x

lichazul said...

Happy birthday💐🎉🎊🎂🎁😊
Have a great day

Sandra H said...

Belated birthday wishes Mo hope you had a lovely day congratulations to paperpapier enjoy your win x

Carol L said...

Congrats to the winner and above all, happy birthday! I hope your dinner out was great fun for you! So sorry about your daughter's MIL issues, but thanks for letting us know about something I've never been aware of until now. Take care!

Vicky Hayes said...

Happy birthday Maureen! I hope you have a happy and peaceful day doing lots of your favourite things. So pleased your computer is restored and up and running. We only realise how much we rely on them when they go wrong. I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's MiL's illness. It sounds so distressing for them all. Congratulations to Heaney on her win! Vicky x

Bunny said...

Congratulations to the winner

I'm so sorry to hear about this disease that only hits certain heritages. I'll be praying for this family. [Bunny]

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Maureen! Hope you have a lovely day. Will keep your daughter's MIL in my prayers. Congrats to the winner. Stay safe until we meet again later this month!

Verna Angerhofer said...

Congratulations to the winner. And a happy birthday to you Maureen. So sorry about your daughter’s MIL too. That is so sad.

Sandy said...

Happy birthday Mo. Hope you enjoy it.

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Maureen!!!! Hope it is a good one for you and that you enjoy your eats out! Glad you got the computer issues resolved. Sounds like a good thing to have to keep the computer running smoothly for you. A big congrats to the winner!!! Hugs, Brenda

Jenny L said...

Hi Maureen,
as I said on F/B Happy Birthday.
Hope your meal was great.
Congrats to the winner.
Hopefully your Daughter's MIL will be feeling better soon.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Karenladd said...

It sounds like your birthday dinner was a unique and happy one. I'm glad you were able to have an evening out, even in the middle of the pandemic.
I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's mother-in-law. I hadn't heard of this condition before, but it sounds serious from what I read. The stress and worry on them must be tremendous.
I'm sure you're happy to see February in the rear view mirror, along with all of 2020. What with health problems, COVID, and then computer issues, that's really too much to deal with. congratulations to the winner and thank you for continuing to sponsor these challenges. This last month's card is the only one I've made for my Christmas stack, so I'm already behind!

ionabunny said...

Happy birthday Maureen. Glad you had a chance to go out. Sending hugs to everyone. HUGZ

LesleyG said...

Happy Birthday Maureen, that drive in restaurant sounds fun! So glad you got your computer back, what a nightmare. So sad for your daughters family xxx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Happy birthday Mo, was mine ten days ago too, birthday season, 😃😉🎈🎉🎊🎁🎈glad you’ve had a treat. Sad re no cure for that condition, praying fir strength for all involved and for them to cling to the Lord through it all, He surely “is a Stronghold in the day of trouble and He knows them that trust in Him.’ Nah 1:9
I’m very glad your computer is okay, what a relief eh? Yippee!
A real blessing indeed.
Thanks for faithfully running this challenge too, and congrats to the winner!
Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X.

Linby said...

Happy Birthday Mo. Your meal out sounds great.
Pleased you got your computer sorted. How awful for your daughter's MIL - so sad.

L x

roffeycreations said...

Hi Mo, What a roller coaster ride!! I hope everything settles back down to what you now know as normal. Sorry to hear about your daughter's MIL health concerns - very sad for the family.
Happy Birthday - I hope you had a lovely day relaxing!! Cheers Maurs xxx

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