Monday 25 January 2021

January Rudoph Days Challenge.

It is time for our January Rudolph Days Challenge. I still have not figured out how to cut and paste the rules from an old blog post. This new blogger drives me crazy! I also have the problem that I have to insert the HTML codes to create paragraph breaks, etc. I have a wee list of certain directions beside my computer for whenever I write a blog post now! Just certain blogs are affected, it seems it depends on the format, etc of your blog. I have tried changing things up as they suggested, but it did not solve the problem.

So, if you need a rules refresher, please look back to previous posts from this fall that show the rules!

First up today is Linda at Snail's Space Blog.

Linda has made up some pretty cards and a tag for our inspiration. The card and the tag use the same bow die...I think I just might recognize the bow die she used on these, but will check her blog post for the details. Perhaps you would follow the hyperlink I attached to her blog name above, and leave her some praise!

The tag uses the same bow die and is so sweet. I love these non traditional colours!

And now the best part!!! I think Linda has taken the waste from inside the die cut and created this New Years card. The confetti pieces look very much like I would imagine the die waste to be. Clever lady, our Linda! I really like the idea of using up the waste instead of just sweeping it into the trash. How about you?

Jenny is having a wee break this month and so instead, I have done up three items for your perusal. I say items, as I did not make cards. Instead, I have made some tree ornaments which I used on the tree this year. I had so much fun making them, that I plan to make about a dozen in total!

The black circles are wooden discs already cut into the shape of a tree bauble. I simply stamped a few different Tim Holtz images onto the discs with Versamark ink, and then sprinkled them with ivory matte finish embossing powder. I had to hold onto the bauble shape with tweezers when I used the heat gun as my fingers were getting a little too toasty. I stamped and embossed both side of the disc so that the design shows if the bauble hangs sideways.

I used some red striped twine for the hanger. I cut a piece of the twine twice the length that I wanted the hanger portion to be, and folded it in half. and slid the looped twine edge through the hole in the bauble disc. I then pulled the remaining tails of twine through that loop, and then pulled it taunt. I now had the twine lying in a nice sort of flat manner so I could slide the bead onto the twine and have it sit exactly where I wanted it. I took the two tails and guesstimated the length I wanted and tied a knot upon itself, rather than tying the two ends to each other.

I love the way they look, but might make up six in total like this and then do six more with plaim jute twine and a red bead for a little colour. I plan to use Tim Holt ink to make it red.

Thank you for the get well wishes I have received. I have had a painful hot lump, deep in my breast and also deep in my upper thigh, since late fall. I have a history of cysts in those areas ever since I was hospitalized three years ago at Christmas time. I caught MRSA while in hospital then and was in quarantine at that time. We do not venture out due to covid so at first my doctor was away and the locum doctor was not keen to give a script for antibiotics. She wanted me to come in and then be sent for a scan and then to a specialist to have it excised or removed. She was wanting to cover herself and me for a possibility of a cancer finding. Having been though this before, I knew that chances were high it was a cyst as to have it in breast and thigh has been the scenario each time. Also, there was a very slim chance that it would still be visible by the time all that was arranged, as it is months to see a specialist here and the same for scans. My doctor finally returned and gave me the script as he knows my history. I did have to have a renewal of the script as that is normal for me, and things seemed under control. Sadly, it has returned and so I guess I have to bite the bullet and go into the office so he can take a look. I am hoping he will just write a stronger script as you do have to have the right one, or just send me for an ultrasound as I do still think it is just a cyst. This would be much faster than a specialist and a scan.

It has thrown me for a loop as I did not even get all my Christmas cards mailed...I just could not get all the writing done comfortably. So, wish me luck, and if you usually get a card from me and were missed this year, that is why! I addressed all my cards and did the writing in them as soon as I noticed the lump so that I could isolate (quarantine) the cards in a bag, before sending them. If you did get a card, they all had a good spray of Lysol too!

The prize this month is a choice of this Woodware stamp set, Sketchy Pine Cones

or this Penny Black Die, Winter Berry Branch.


Kathyk said...

So sorry to hear you have been so poorly and hope that you will soon be feeling better

Happy Rudolph Day


Kath said...

Happy Rudolph Day - my card will be linked soon. Sorry to hear you've been having a tough time and hope your on the mend soon.

Kath x

KarinsArtScrap said...

beautiful cards

Gr Karin

Sandra H said...

Oh you do sound to have been put through the woods l hope your on the mend and things will ease for you in time sending lots of virtual hugs and wow the cards are adorable and l like the baubles you made how pretty are they love the colours too! take care and stay safe and thank you for the start of the challenges for 2021

Marilyn said...

Sorry to hear about your health issues! Hope everything works out for you! Take care of yourself
Have a great day!

Suzanne H said...

So sorry to hear about your health issues. I'm sure you'll find the right medicine and be back to yourself soon. I love your ornaments and have a couple wood blanks in my stash too. Take care!

Whisper said...

Oh Hun, yo have been in the wars, hoping they sort you out soon.

Gorgeous Xmas decorations and I've sent you an e-mail, Luv Sam x

ionabunny said...

Hi Mo, happy Rudolf Days. Sorry to hear you are having those health problems. Hope they can sort you out soon. I am reading your blogger problems and wondering. Are you writing your blog posts in HTML????? Is your screen a load of code and script???? If so you need to change it to Compose mode. The only thing I do in HTML mode is add a linky. I do all my writing in Compose mode and it's just like a normal document and I can highlight text, copy and paste like normal. If you are in HTML mode look at the tool bar in the new post, on the far left is a <> Click on that and click on the pencil. Maybe this isn't the problem, but if it is I hope this helps. HUGZ

mamapez5 said...

So sorry to hear about your health issues. This is a difficult time for any one needing health treatment for other than covid, but I hope they soon get you sorted and on the road to recovery.
I agree with you that the new blogger is a bit of a struggle but I think they have ironed out some of the problems, and I am finding it OK to use now. I wouldn't know how to solve your problem as I am only a 'user' not an administrator.
Your decorations are very clever and effective and Linda's use of all her little die cut-outs is fun. What a good idea.
It is nice to be back. Let's hope this year is a better one for everyone. Kate x

Pat said...

What a beautiful card and tag from Linda featuring those pretty die cut the tartan parcels, and then the waste used on the new year card...very clever. I love your baubles with the striking silhouettes too Mo. So sorry to hear of your health problems at the moment and hope that it will soon get sorted. Just a thought about the copy and pasting problem from the old to the new format blog. Have you tried copying the text into a word document and then transferring it from that to the blog. I had a spacing problem in that I found that it would do the double spacing in between paragraphs but if I wanted a list single spaced it wouldn't do it. Someone told me to hold down the initial capital key at the same time as pressing enter and it is fine then. Possibly you have tried this already but just in case... x

Liz said...

So sorry to hear about your health problems, Maureen. I hope everything is sorted out for your soon.
Linda's card and tag are beautiful and I love your cute ornaments.
I don't know what to suggest for your problems with blogger. I don't use the HTML codes at all when I'm writing a post. I just type it the same as if I was writing in Word. If you click on the pen icon at the top left of your editing screen, are you in 'Compose View' or 'HTML View'? I always use Compose View and I haven't had any problems. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Maureen, I am so sorry to hear of this news! I pray that it is only cysts like you suspect and I pray that a stronger script is all you need. You know your body the best and your history is a good indicator as well, but one can never be to careful anymore. Your ornament are fabulous and I so love them! I think too you should make more for your tree. I love the added bead and twine, makes these so cute. Stay well my friend and stay healthy! Hugs, Brenda

Loll said...

Hi Maureen. So sorry to hear about your pain with cysts. Not a great way to spend the holidays. I hope it can be confirmed soon and you can get the correct medication that will help easy the pain and swelling.

On a brighter note, your ornaments are gorgeous that you made for your tree. The black is so striking with the list embossed images. Very sweet!!

And Linda has created an adorable card and tag with her darling bow. And what a great way to use the bit and pieces as confetti on her New Year's card! Very creative and fun! Happy to be playing along again this year with Rudolph Days! Thanks for all your hard work to keep this challenge going! xx

Kathleen said...

Great cards from the team. Hope that you are better soon.

Kath x

Verna Angerhofer said...

That sounds so painful for you and I hope they can resolve it and treat it so you will feel better. Take care. I love all the cards created too!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Wow Mo, glad that you’re hopefully on the mend.. really pray you are, and able to see Dr and get right antibiotic for successful treatment.
I know what you mean re antibiotics, I can’t have regular run if mill ones they just don’t work but need special stronger ones. Thankfully I’ve not had to have any for ages.
Am doing a post now for WOYWW, so will say yes please to prize they’re both very lovely, be hard to pick! Now aren’t those bauble clever well done and such beautiful contributions from Linda too, well done everyone.

Thanks for sharing, and God bless, Shaz in Oz.x

{Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Bunny said...

Hey, Mo. Thank you for the challenge. It's a wonder you got it going this month. We could have waited a month. I'm so sorry to hear about the pain and of course the regular doctors are never around during the holidays. Hopefully you'll be getting relief soon and feel better than new. Bunny signature to copy and paste

Linby said...

Hope you are feeling better. Fab DT makes as always.
L x

KT Fit Kitty said...

Well that's not good, Maureen. I hope you are able to go the doctor/hospital and have the required procedures done without any trouble. I know what you mean about waiting for medical appointments; I think it's even worse here in Nova Scotia. I've been waiting for appoiontments/tests myself; it's over 4 months now and still waiting. Sending get well wishes and prayers to you. Thank you for the Rudolph Day challenge and the beautiful inspiration by you and your team! Love those tags you made! Linda's makes are fabulous too! I'll be back tomorrow or the next day to join in. At least my card is made and ready this time!

Karenladd said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you're still struggling with the health issues. It's always terrible to be sick but especially during this time when it's dangerous to go to the doctor or hospital. I hope they can figure out exactly how to treat you, and that you recover quickly.
Thank you for another lovely challenge and for sharing those ornaments with us. I used to make a handmade ornament each year for my grandchildren but didn't manage this year. They're old enough to make their own ornaments now, so the tree wasn't bare!

Janis said...

So sorry for the continued health problems. That sounds so very uncomfortable and worrisome. Sending hugs and prayers for a quick resolution.
I love the idea of heat embossing on wood. I have not ever tried it, but your ornaments are inspiring me. Love your beautiful results. What a fabulous set.
Thank you for another fun challenge!
Get well soon!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Di said...

I'm so sorry you're still not well Maureen - lets' hope the doctor sorts it out for you asap. I love your tree ornaments as well as Linda's cards. Great work!

Love and hus

Di xx

Lynne said...

A lovely card and tag from Linda and your little ornaments are wonderful too. It does make a nice change when you make something other than a card doesn't it. I am so sorry to hear of your health problems too and I hope the doctor can improve the situation for you xx

Vicky Hayes said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you've been unwell Maureen and I can hear how worried it has made you. Thank goodness your normal doctor has returned as it's always easier working with a doctor who knows your past health history. Here's hoping they can sort things out for you in a minimally stressful way.

I'm loving Linda's two Christmas cards and the clever New Year card made with the 'waste'. Your ornaments are beautiful too. I love how they're each different and bet they'll look wonderful on the tree! Vicky x

Jackie T said...

Hi I am so sorry that you have been poorly. I do hope that you feel a lot better soon. The makes in this post are gorgeous. Thank you for this challenge it does keep me on track. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Carol L said...

The cards and ornaments are so pretty and I'm always inspired by what you and the DT create! I'm so sorry you've not been well, and I certainly do hope these issues will end for you as you have your doctor to help you work through these problems. Wishing you better health and more days of feeling good again soon!! Hugs!!

April said...

Thanks for the challenge! Praying you feel better soon.

Chris said...

Beautiful cards and your ornaments are very elegant. Sorry that you've been having a rough time, there's never a good time to be ill and need a doctor but now is worse than usual. I hope you get the correct medication very soon and can avoid the need for further scans and tests.

Donna said...

Such fun inspiration! I love all of them. Hope you are all staying safe and healthy. Take care. Thanks for getting me started on this years Christmas cards!

Bonnie said...

What fun ornaments, Maureen! Love these Tim Holtz stamps! Hope you can get rid of those cysts. Sounds painful. Thanks for taking the time to run this challenge despite everything going on!

SHartl said...

Ouch, that sounds so painful, and I know that you must be worried. I hope that the doctor can figure things out and that you can avoid surgery. It's bad enough worrying about everything else without having a health problem as well.
Your ornaments must have been so pretty on your tree, and what a fun way to decorate. I can imagine them all strung on a garland as well. Hoping you feel better soon, hugs.

Megan J said...

Hi Mo, I hope all is settled in a quick time, your health system sounds much like ours, even when a head surgeon said I needed the next available appointment I still had to wait three months to see another surgeon... I love the silhouette ornaments you made they are stunning... Hope you feel better soon. Have a wonderful weekend.. Megan

Jane Willis said...

Hope you get the cyst sorted out soon and start to feel better.
I have a tip for trying to copy things into Blogger when it won't co-operate. First copy and paste whatever you are trying to use into Word, then highlight the whole thing and in the box next to the font box, select "Clear formatting". Then copy it again, without the formatting, and paste that into your blog. You need to then go through and update all the formatting but at least Blogger doesn't throw a wobbly! Hope that helps.

LesleyG said...

Sorry you have been feeling rubbish Mo, hope they sort you out soon. I hope to join in more this year, I need the incentive. Take care xxx

Valerija said...

So sorry to hear about your health issues. I hope, you feel better soon.
Thanks for the new challenge and for wonderful inspiration.
Valerija xx

Robyn Oliver said...

Oh Maureen I do hope you get some luck sorting out your health issues - I'm sending you a hug and feel good wishes... Love the ornaments your created and Linda's too -- happy to be starting off of the right foot with my cards this year, Robyn

Tina Z. said...

wow, stunning inspirations.
thinking of you!
hugs xx

KathyA. said...

I love your ornaments. The bead and string hanger is ingenious! I'm sorry to hear about your health issues... and am glad that your doctor is on top of things. Hope the cyst is gone soon. Feel better!

Darnell said...

I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through, Mo. I'll be thinking of you and praying that you get relief soon. Linda's cards and your garland ornaments are fantastic! Thank you for starting the new year off right with your 2021 Rudolph challenges, in spite of all you've been dealing with! I'm playing just for fun. Hugs and love, Darnell

cebelica said...

Everybody did such an amazing job. Great inspiration!
I hope you will feel better soon! xx

Susan Renshaw said...

So sorry to read about the lumps...hope all is resolved soon...
Love the use of the confetti in card #3 and your baubles!

Swissie said...

Greeting from Switzerland.
Hugs, Liv

Sally H said...

Happy Rudolf days. So sorry to hear you have been unwell. I hope the doctore manages to find something to treat the cysts and that you get rid of them quickly. Sending hugs x

Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

Sorry to hear that you're not well Mo and wishing you a speedy recovery. Crafty hugs,
Sandra x

Greta said...

So, so sorry your problem is being so stubborn. Hoping it goes away so you don't have to wait for a specialist, Maureen. Love the inspiration from you & Linda! That bow die is beautiful & I love the slimline card! Very creative to use the waste pieces for a New Year's card--something I wouldn't have the patience to do! Your tree baubles are beautiful! Very creative--love the images & that you stamped both sides!

Barbara said...

So sorry to hear you've not been doing well. I really hope that 2021 will bring a change for the better... four you and just about everybody else!

Sandy said...

So sorry to hear about your continuing health issues. I hope things turn around for the better soon. Absolutely love those vintage-looking baubles you created. I think I missed all of the 2020 Rudolph challenges because we were moving house. I packed my craft items up early in the process, then we ended up delaying the move by several months, so basically, I didn't do any crafting most of 2020. I'm happy to be back in my craft room.

Helen said...

So sorry to hear that you're still unwell Maureen - hope it all gets sorted for you soon!
Thanks for another fun challenge & all of the wonderful DT inspiration!
Helen x

Swissie said...

Hi again from Liv in Switzerland.
I was in a hurry yesterday and had only time to say a short hallo. So sorry for that. Now I'm back home again and can write a bit more.
I really do hope you are doing better now. Thinking of you.
The cards are wonderful, - as always.
Blessings and hugs,

Mrs A. said...

Just got in in time this month. So sorry to hear of your on going health problems. It is such a worry to have to trade off catching covid against needing to be seen by a Dr/Specialist/Hospital. Hugs Mrs A.

Jenny L said...

Hi Maureen,
I have just got in this month as well.
Not sure if I should have entered or not.
I did manage to make this quickly this afternoon.
Sorry to hear you have been through the mill with your health probs, puts me to shame with my ailments to think you are having such troubles.
My Mother used to suffer with Cysts and once had one the size of a football in her stomach and had to have it removed surgically,
She left it so long as she was worried it was the big C.
My Daughter gets them in her bossom and was once in hospital for medication, and she recognises the symptoms now and has just had antibiotics to sort it out all over again.
Hope you are soon feeling much better.
Lots of crafty love and gentle hugs. Jenny L.

Jenny L said...

Hi Maureen,
sorry I went off on a tangent and forgot to say how lovely your tags were.
They look amazing and so luxurious looking I love them.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

I hope you can get your medical problems dealt with easily. When I have gone for appointments, I was always impressed with how safe it was in the offices and waiting rooms. Thank you for running the Rudolph Days challenge.

Colleen Dietrich said...

I just found out about the Rudolph Days challenge, and I wanted to say thank you for hosting it! :-D Making Christmas cards all year long is the best way to avoid burnout when Christmas season actually rolls in!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tags, Maureen! Once again, there are about 15 blogs that I can't comment on so I'm sorry if I didn't get around to you all. The other problem is that some of you enable me to go hunting for new supplies that I just *have to* have. ;)

Barbara Godden said...

Love your baubles, I bet they looked fab. on the tree, As you see I'm sneaking in with only a couple of hours to spare, crafting has been a chore since before Christmas, I keep hoping by doing challenges I find my mojo. I was determined I was not missing the first challenge of the year.

Di said...

Hi Mo! I hope you see this comment, otherwise I'll send you an email. If you need any help with blogger - please just let me know what things are giving you problems and I'll sit down and write answers to them in a sort of tutorial step by step fashion. My only hope though is that you use a desktop PC or a laptop - I find using my Samsung notepad isn't very user friendly at all fpr blogging to be honest and apart from small tweaks I always make sure I use my laptop or a desktop PC. To get the rules onto your new post is actually easy - when you know how of course.

Lots of love

Di xx