Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Birthday Wishes and Birthday Fishes

Little Mr P is 7 years old today.  After school, he is having 31 kids to the Go Bananas Play Place for a party. You know, one of those standard invite everyone in the class as well as his pals party...

But the real birthday celebrations happened this weekend in 100 Mile House. That is where he chose to spend his family birthday weekend....camping and fishing at his Opa's cabin. 100 Mile is quite far from their home, an 8 hour round trip drive, so everyone was hoping for some trout for eating and for the freezer...

Now Little Mr P is something of a fish whisperer, so it was pretty well guaranteed that he would catch a fish. Her was trying to beat his all time weight record of a 4 pound Rainbow Trout...but even his wildest dreams never imagined one this size...a 6 pound 8 ounce Rainbow!

Best of all, he caught it with a fly rod...he was very proud of that fact. It took about 15 minutes to tire this fish out and by then he was too tired to net it himself. He had to get his Dad to do it.

His Mum and Dad are not comfortable with images of their children on the net, so I had to crop his grinning face out of the frame...but I am sure you can imagine the size of his smile!



  1. Oh WOW! That's one big trout!!!! Great job on landing that monster and really great on using the fly rod too. Sounds like he had a great birthday weekend!

  2. Good for him landing that nice trout! What a fish, eh?

  3. Cool fish! Sounds like a good time was had by all!

  4. Yay . . . well done Little Mr P! xxx

  5. Wow, what an awesome birthday your little guy had! He must be a fish whisperer. lol That is one fine rainbow trout he caught, I can just imagine his smiling face over this beauty! We have a son who was always the same way, he could catch fish anytime anywhere when the other 5 boys couldn't, funny how that works. Hugs, Brenda

  6. Congrats to your grandson. That's quite a prize! I'm sure it was big enough to feed everyone!

  7. Hi Maureen,
    Yes WOWZER what a fab catch.
    No wonder he was tired love him.
    Happy Birthday to the young Mr P.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  8. Little Mr. P must have been delighted, that's quite a catch for your little on, well done!, hugs Kate x

  9. Wow! What a brilliant catch, I'm sure he was really proud.

  10. Oh my word Maureen - Graham would have been so proud if he'd caught this one!!! Well done Little Mr P - what a genius! I can definitely imagine that smile too!!

    Big hugs to you Sue Pxxx (Yes it is me!)

  11. Happy Birthday Mr P! What a great age he's getting to be. And quite right to crop out identifying features! That is an amazing fish, and if he is a fly fisherman at such a tender age, just think what he will catch as he grows. I am told this is a difficult skill to master. That is a very handsome fish, and he is justly proud of it! What an amazing adventure for his very special day. TFS it with us. Big Hugs to the Birthday boy. And you too!

  12. Oh squeal! What a whoppa! Well done Little Mr P :)

    MANY years ago when we lived there, I caught the prize catch in a stocked lake in Singapore - a HUGE lobster. We eyeballed one another then I screamed, dropped the rod and RAN :) Our Amah and her family were delighted with the gift though that evening 'cos my Dad finished off the reeling in task while I sat sobbing in the background :) Ain't bin fishin' since - although I know my split bamboo rod is still in our loft along with the reel and flies - almost an antique now, a bit like me :)



    Di xx

  13. Wow! He must have had a brilliant smile! What a wonderful birthday present!

  14. OMG! Would you look at the size of that fish ~ what a beauty!! I love rainbow trout and know that made some mighty good eating!! Congratulations are in order for the birthday boy!!
    Sandy xx


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