Saturday, 19 July 2014

Relaxing in the garden

Seems hard to believe that we have been home almost a week now.  The lawn has been mowed and is still in shock from that! The gardens have been deadheaded and cut back, the weeds have been pulled, and the walks and porch and patio have been hosed down.

Time to enjoy the patio for the weekend and then it is off and back to the lake on Tuesday. Here are a few shots of our work. We are usually never home to see this clematis bloom fully. It has a small bloom but a pretty one.

The other clematis are in full bloom now...
This is my favourite...

These lavender and pink variegated Phlox are just starting to bloom...

And these dark fuschia ones are in full bloom at the moment...

The Day Lilies are working their magic

I have a few varieties of Day Lilies that bloom at slightly different times as I like to have blooms all through the season. Here there is a pale yellow and lavender variegated just finishing, a large burgundy and orange almost done, and in the foreground, a small burgundy one just starting to bloom.    

Here are a few lake time shots of what we were up to in June and early July.

There was golfing to master...

And gangplanks to cross while playing golf...

There was a shed to be built...don't you love the fancy schmancy door closure! The door still needed fine tuned but the fellows were too beat! That shed weighs 350 pounds!

There were fish to catch...

And fish that got caught!

I think I did a good job of hiding all the hopefully I have met my daughters wishes of no family faces on the internet.
The last photo is our friend holding the catch of the day...Luckily he does not mind his photo on the internet!


  1. Hi Mo, your garden is stunning! Such beautiful flowers. Looks like life would be a lot of fun at the lake, great pics, Cathy x

  2. Hi Mo, thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, life does seem better at the lake. Your garden is gorgeous, your plants are wonderful, what a burst of colour, so envious, have a fantastic day, Kate X

  3. Brilliant pics beauty

  4. Wow beautiful garden and lovely family pics too.
    Hugs Linda

  5. Your garden looks wonderful so somebody must have worked jolly hard in the week you have been home. Great pics from the lake too. Hugs Christine xx

  6. It looks like you're in the midst of having a great summer, complete with gorgeous flowers! I LOVE the clematis! TFS!

  7. Nice pictures! Looks like you have a really pretty garden.

  8. Hi Maureen,
    what beautiful photos of your lovely clematis, and all the other ones.
    Looks really fab place to me.
    Told hubby of your story about fishing,he was thankful he never had to contend with Bears on his fishing outings.
    Keep safe out there while fishing.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. Great photos there Mo. Your garden looks great. Wanna play with mine? I have a nice comfy bed you can stay in! We also have some good fishing close by!

  10. Wonderful photographs Mo, your garden looks fabulous and it looks like you all had fun while you were away.

  11. Your garden is beautiful.
    One thing with having a lake house, is all the work that needs to be done to both the lake house and the year round home…but so lucky to have them both :)

  12. This was a lovely photo gallery of your beautiful garden and happenings in your life, Maureen! Thank you for sharing! Those flowers (and that huge fish!) are really impressive. Be safe on the road tomorrow!! Hugs, Darnell

  13. What fabulous pictures! Your garden is absolutely gorgeous! And it looks like you were having a lot of fun at the Lake!

    love Mags B x

  14. Your garden is lovely! I need lessons!

  15. TFS your beautiful garden. Gosh, you & DH have definitely got green thumbs. Loved all the pretty flowers and what a striking background with the silvery greeny plants behind the colors. I'm so glad you were home to enjoy your hard work. Nice to see the lake pics too. Don't blame your DD one bit for one wanting the little faces on the net. She's being a good Mama. Have fun while you're gone. Hugs

  16. Wow--this is our dream place! You're so lucky--thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

  17. Your garden is beautiful. You must really enjoy seeing all those gorgeous flowers in bloom. It looks like you had some fun at the lake.


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