Thursday, 31 October 2013

Goblins and things that go bump in the night

We survived another Halloween...190 little goblins, witches, vampires, zombies, princesses, knights, ghosts, Frankensteins and other scary things that go bump in the night!

There were some fabulous store bought costumes and some equally fantastic homemade ones too. I always like to see the homemade costumes as there is so much creativity in them! Some had scars and injuries as part of their look and the level of makeup skills to produce those scars was fantastic.

This year had an equal number of older kids...some as old as 16 or 17. My policy has always been that if you have the courage to ring the doorbell, you get a chocolate bar, regardless of your age. I do prefer a costume, but still give if they do not have one.

Sadly, for the first time ever, I had a few huge groups of teens that were a wee bit pushy. They demanded a certain type of chocolate bar, they pushed each about while on my porch, and there was a lot of profanity. A few times during the evening there was a group 50 or 60 of swearing, shouting, pushing teenagers loitering on the street just outside my house or the houses to each side of me. They were pushing in and out of my front garden beds and even throwing firecrackers at  my neighbour's car.

I got very brave and decided to sit on my front steps and pretend I was just sitting there handing out my candy. It took about 15 minutes but they eventually noticed me and moved a wee bit down the street. Cars could not get by them and it was quite disconcerning. Eventually they headed home after a police car came by. Ironically they were from the posh, multi-million dollar homes about a block and a half below my street. I could hear them telling the police officer where they lived and she asked them why they weren't loitering on their own street!!!

I took a couple of pictures of my Halloween decorations this year. I usually do much more but was a bit late getting organized with it this year so kept it to a minimum. I was very happy with the googly eyed lights that lined the sidewalk from the driveway up tot he house. Little Mr P called them Eball lights last year...He loved them!

There was a very tiny graveyard this year...usually there are a few more tombstones...
I put a few things up on the front porch...
The bench on the other side of the door seemed to be a bit of a morgue...
There were a few hanging things too...

I did walk down the driveway to take a picture of the whole scene,,,but my camera battery died!

I usually decorate all around the door frame and put up some big 6 foot spiderwebs with HUGE spiders...but was a bit stingy with the decorations this year...just ran out of time.

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!


  1. My goodness Maureen, if this when you don't do too much I cannot wait for next Halloween to see what you do when you really go to town! It must be great for the youngsters coming up your drive! Such a pity about the older teens causing such problem. They seem to be the world over I think. Hope you are well and that your husband is recovered from his illness too. Love and hugs from Christine xx

  2. Your decorations look great, Maureen. We haven't had any trick or treating here since I made the carol singers sing three carols before I gave them anything, lol. It is geting more popular here each year though.

  3. Hi Maureen,
    wow what a lovely array of Halloween Decorations.
    If I lived near you I would definitely visit your house, and dress up. lol.
    Maybe not after spying that great big blooming spider lurking by the skull. lol.
    We don't get any body around where I live as it an Old Peeps complex. I do miss all the lovely little ones coming around.
    Lots of love. Jenny L.

  4. Oh wow Maureen this looks fab!! sounds like you had a great time. Such a pity unruly teenagers causing trouble. Hope your DH is a lot better and you are safe and well to lots of hugglessssssssssss Sue xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Your front yard and porch are magnificent, Maureen, even without the mahoosive spiders!! I am sorry to hear that a few spoiled profane rich bullies took a lot of the pleasure out of this fun holiday meant for little kids and grandparents acting like little kids. It's time like that where I hope it's true that karma is a "B!" Hugs, Darnell

  6. Hi Maureen, you decorated as my DH used to in Fla. This year, we procrastinated and he only put out his scarecrow. We didn't even drag out the punkins from the attic. We didn't have as many goblins as you did, but we did have some older teens. Thankfully this year, they were better behaved than last year. We had some pushy ones then too. And it irritates me when they push ahead of the little ones coming up the steps. But all in all, I think we had a more polite group this year. We still have candy's hard to judge. Really enjoyed seeing your spookiness, and I can just imagine Miss C & Mr. P's enjoyment of the holiday. TFS & Hugs

  7. We live back in the mountains so no trick or treating here. After reading your story I thought this day and age it is just as well. You were terribly brave to go out on your porch and sit! By the way - I think your decorations are marvelous and it amazes me that you said you did not do as much this year. So much fun for the younger kids. But I must admit, your porch looks scary!! 190 goblins knocking at your door!!! That is a lot of candy!!

  8. Wow! Your decorations look fabulous, I love they googly eyed lights and the hanging ones. Such a shame the teens have to spoil things - you were very brave.

  9. 190? I know that Halloween is more popular there but I'm shocked at the numbers! We live in a street a bit out of the way and only had 1 - which seemed a bit sad. The teens sound very intimidating though. Loved all your decorations - my daughter would love to visit a house like that!

  10. Wow, those are some amazing decorations. Great job. Sorry to hear the kids are spoiling the fun. Good of you to sit on your porch.

  11. I haven't seen any children as yet... Halloween is not a big thing in Norway, but I think the kids growing up today will adopt this tradition, and I see more shops each year selling Halloween stuff. I can see that you're in the mood for Halloween - your garden and porch look awesome!!!

  12. Your yard decorations are fantastic :)
    I didn't do much decorating this year. I feel like I failed this year…my daughter and I are going to team up and do Christmas right, lol.

  13. ...hats off to you Maureen, you've done an amazing job in 3-4hrs, fabulous work and here's me thinking it took the best part of a week...superb :)xx

  14. Wow - well, you certainly push the Halloween boat way further out than we do! Fantastic decorations - I especially love those little skull lights all the way up the path!
    Alison x

  15. Oh Mo! I think when I do eventually come to visit I shall have to come at Halloween! You go to so much effort. Me, I just put up my quilted wallhanging, a pumpkin and some spooky candles. Mind you we don't get anyone up our lane like you do.
    Such a shame the well-to-do have nothing better to do ey!

  16. Delightful and spooky decorating. Well done!

  17. Wow, AWESOME Halloween decorations! Makes me wish I had a yard and front porch to decorate!



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