Friday, 5 July 2013

Oh Canada...The RV Version

Just a few shots of  our Canada Day celebrations up at the lake. I was going to post them earlier but had a user problem accessing the pictures on the new laptop. It has Windows 8...what a learning curve it has turned into for this near pensioner! Oh My!
Finally found them with the help of one of my RV neighbours...thank goodness!

Flags were flying all around the resort.
Some even flew our British Columbia flag as well. Drina has the B.C. flag on her screen door.
There was ice cream and cupcakes as well as entertainment, up at the family clubhouse...of course we had to take the grandkids up there.  The singer had just started and there are a few seated already...the hordes of others are around the front of this building lined up for their ice cream!!!

The singer was a sort of country music, hillbilly, and square dance type of music all rolled into one. He had that old fashioned nasal twangy voice you often hear in old western movies. I half expected him to say Do-Si-Do or Allemande Left, at any given moment.  It was only when we were back home that I remembered that the TaLana Bay Twirlers (square dancers) are just a couple of miles up the he very well could have been a square dance caller!
It was good fun...I quite enjoyed the little step back in time!
Of course there was a bike parade. It was led by a wonderful clown who did magic tricks before the parade. I could not get close enough for a clown picture as there were about 200 kids surrounding him. The kids loved him!
I did manage to get a picture of Little Miss C as she set out for the parade. She was very proud of how her bike turned out and excited to ride in her very first parade. Little Mr P preferred to watch...he was not into the decorating or the riding about. In his defense, it was about 36 degrees that day and on the pavement it felt much hotter.
She has her head down as my daughter does not allow her photo on the internet. Just in case you could not make out her cute Tee is a close up. Some of you know her as The Pony Girl 06 as she is a bit of a blogger too...her blog is quite neglected as her typist is a very naughty Grandma indeed!
Her brother had a really cute skateboarder with a Canadian flag board tee shirt too...but he hates having his picture taken!!!
We ended Canada Day evening down at the boat as it was so much cooler on the water. This is just taken inside the marina where Little Mr P is demonstrating his jigging abilities to Grandpa. Little Miss C is staring off at the Canada geese who swam over to check them out.
And finally I will close with a house I quite like that juts out from the edge of the marina. It has lake frontage across the one side and the marina frontage across the other. You are seeing it from the marina frontage side. The view out the windows is straight out across the lake. Our beach for the resort is just on the other side of the jetty of land this sits out the sandy beach part is just beyond your view.  Shuswap Lake is known as having one thousand miles of beaches, so you can imagine just how large that view is!  Oh well...a girl can dream!!! sigh!!!
The marina moorage slips you can see are only available to the small handful of marina frontage homes and to those who have bought their boat through the marina.  This is the only marina within a 30 minute drive so they can be as picky as they like...It is always full!
We have been very lucky to be able to book temporary moorage to cover the times when we have guests up to visit. There are only 6 slips or so that are not owned, so not quite sure how we have been able to be that lucky...but are certainly blessed to have that option. The rest of the time the boat sits on our driveway and DH uses the public boat launch to put it in the water to go fishing.


Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Love seeing your photos Maureen! They take me back to my time growing up in Canada and our holidays in the Rockies or Lake Michigan - very happy times for me. Thanks for sharing, looks like you are having a wonderful time I am green with envy! Susan x

Redanne said...

Your photos are wonderful Maureen - it took me back to holidays up in Manitoulin Island as a child. The big house looks lovely, but I wouldn't want to clean it! Hugs, Anne x

Asha said...

Looks like you had a lovely time. If it weren't so hot here you'd see me turn green with envy. And I especially like that big ol' house b the lake! Enjoy the weekend, my friend!
xxx Asha

Carol L said...

TFS these great photos! Looks like everyone had a nice holiday! Now I want a golf cart :)

JoZart said...

Great photos of your Canada Day celebrations. It looks like you had fun too. Love that house, what a situation to live in, superb location.
Jo x

Brenda said...

Looks like a fun, fun time at the lake! I too love that amazing house or is it a mansion?!! lol Glad you had a great day!

Sassy Raggedy said...

Lovely pics Mo...Looks like little Miss C should be the princess of the Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday...Hugz, joann

Sue said...

These photo's are wonderful Maureen it looks gorgeous huggles hun Sue xxx

Sandy said...

Good Fathers would you look at that house. I guess if one owns that house then one would have enough money for a maid!!! Wonderful pictures, I enjoyed them a lot!

Tracy said...

Looks likes everyone had a wonderful Canada day :)
I love how creative Miss C was with decorating her bike...good job :)
Your resort looks like the trailer park where I grew up...except you have a nicer upkeep ;)
I can see why that would be your dream home...does a maid come with it though ;)

Mrs A. said...

Great photos and looks and sounds like you all had a fun day. Only just got used to windows 7 and now you say there is an 8!! Hugs Mrs A.

Glenda Atkins said...

Loved reading your post, glad your Canada day was full of fun!

Darnell J Knauss said...

That was fun, Maureen! Thank you for sharing the day with your sweet grands! I'm definitely sure that me and the Mister could fit in that "dream" house with you and yours - and even with the people who currently live there. We'll let them stay, what the heck! Enjoy!!

Mary H. said...

You are a great photographer! Loved all these pictures, and that is a lovely place where you vacation. Looked so clean & tidy too. That water seemed so cool. Delightful pics of your grands, and your dtr is perfectly right not to want them shown full face. I would not either. One must be very careful, with this kind of thing, and I see so many who don't think about that. Good for her that she's being cautious. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures, and I hope your Canada Day was delightful. Hugs

Mary H. said...

Forgot to say: I'm in awe of your Win8 efforts. We can't even manage a Smart Phone (with the finger moving of the icons), so I'm hesitant to consider upgrading to Win 8 technology! Good for you! When you learn, you can tell me how hard it is, let me know if I want to upgrade from Win 7. Hugs

Hettie said...

Wow Mo. Just catching up with you. Love that t-shirt Miss C is wearing. Now that house would make a great Playground retreat wouldn't it? Not sure the parrot can come though!
See ya soon. Counting down.....27 days!