Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Plant Sale update

Just a little update about the results of our perennial plant sale...
Our plant sale was well attended...DH kept a tally sheet of how many people came and even put a little asterrik down if they were garden club members! Such a guy thing to want to corral the numbers! teehee

In total we took in a whopping $266.00. We were very pleased with that as any profits had already been allocated to purchasing additional black bark mulch to finish off topping up the beds. Best of all there is over a hundred plants left for my sister, a couple of which are the size of garbage cans!
Now if you know me a bit from this blog, you will know there is often a but...

But, our profit was reduced to  $226.00 as this greedy little gardener had the bright (well it seemed a bright idea the week before when it was hot out) to have a cooler with pop cans and water bottles, a coffee urn and the famous Canadian Tims Hortons donuts. We only sold 2 coffees, 2 donuts and 2 waters! I think if it had been a hot day they would have been a great idea but the number cruncher/tally guy says he will be making all the executive decisions regarding just what will be sold at the next plant sale!!! Me thinks that means he will be writing up the signs for the telephone poles too then...teehheeehee  The tally guy advises that my free Craigslist add, coupled with 8 handmade (by yours truly) signs on the telephone poles in the nsighbourhood, brought us  just over 80 shoppers.Luckily all the half gallon pots and the 6 inchers were free at my local nursery so that kept additional overhead down.

So we are now stocked for cold drinks up at the lake and the freezer is full of 32 Tim's donuts...I am well set for drop in coffee company...donuts anyone?

We were sitting down, just finishing up with our supper,  when the doorbell rang and a lady who had been there earlier in the day asked if we would open the gate back up and let her elderly Dad purchase some plants. He was an East Indian gentleman with limited English, and he told me (with a little bit of help and embarrassed giggles from his daughter) that he does all the gardening for all his adult children.
It is the custom here for East Indian families to live together in the same house so they often choose to build very large houses (mega houses) that easily have 8 or 10 bedrooms...often all with ensuites attached.  There are two kitchens, a huge  kitchen and then just beside it with a closing door is a smaller  "spice kitchen" with a very powerful exhaust system.. Grandma and Grandpa, Mum and Dad and the grandkids live together this way. The lots are largish lots by Canadian standards as these can be 6000 or even 7000 sq feet houses. They usually have at least a 3 or even a 4 car garage with a suite above the garage for another of their adult married children.
 He proudly explained that they lived in one of these style of houses and invited me to stop by to see his garden anytime! He left me his address, paid for his plants and would not take his change (3 dollars) as he felt bad that they asked us to open back up...A true gentleman!

We had one more lady arrive just after he left and so this boosted our sales...and the number cruncher/tally guy was happy! As we waved goodbye to the last lady, he pocketed her money, smiled and asked me how soon till the plants grow large enough to need dividing again!!!    ahahahahaaa


  1. What a delightful story, and I would have thought the same as you on the refreshments. Usually that will encourage people to buy something. How lovely of your elderly gentleman to refuse his change in return for your kindness. I bet you were so happy to know your plants went to a good home. Enjoyed hearing about the living arrangements. Sounds like a great idea to me. Sadly, too many elderly are just 'thrown away' these days, and it's heartwarming to realize at least some cultures still appreciate the worth & wisdom of their elderly. TFS

  2. Glad your sale went well.
    And sounds like a really nice family. How interesting that they all live like that together. I know for a fact that my husband's family (which is much larger than my own) could never do that! But what a nice support system. :)

  3. It sounds like you had a very productive day Maureen and added interest with your late visitor.

    I imagine there will be lots of planting out going on today

    B x

  4. What a wonderful tale Maureen. I read with fascination about the elderly gentleman and his family arrangements. Just brilliant.

    Then burst out laughing at 'someone' wondering how soon the plants would need to be divided again - on the ball there!

    Hugs, Di xx

  5. Very interesting Maureen you did really well with your surplus plants! So good to read about the family from East India and how they build their homes specifically for their needs. I do admire their strong sense of family and how they look after their elderly. Mmmmm I could quite fancy a donut now actually! Susan x

  6. Oh what a beautiful day and such lovely stories too....
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words too!

  7. What a fun and funny post. All those leftover donuts! But, wow, you guys did great in your plant sale. It was such a terrific idea to divide your plants and sell them like that. I would totally have stopped by if I lived closer. Then you would have one had less donut in your freezer! :)

  8. I'm glad you're sale went so well!! Yum, donuts, they are my weakness. LOL

  9. Well done on the sales there Mo! In our house if we do a car boot sale or like we split the dosh and I usually buy stash or Portmerion china! Tee Hee!

  10. Congrats on your plant sales Mo. And fascinating to read our the East India houses and family life too.

    Sarn xxx

  11. LOL, I love that your husband is a number cruncher as I am too. That and a list maker, teehee.
    Maybe he can sell hotdogs on the grill next time...lots of people like that ;)


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