Monday, 20 August 2012

Funny things kids say

While the grandkids were with us for their little vacation at the lake, it was smoking hot!!! Around 33 or 34 every day. Luckily our lot faces away from the setting sun so we have a few feet of shade from the RV itself. We are lucky enough to have 3 big trees so we get additional shade there. Still, it was 30 minimum in the shade every day.

That is prime swimming weather so we went swimming at the family pool at least twice a day. Grandma made sure she pulled at least one popsicle stick a day that said pool!!! teehee

One very hot day, Grandpa got a little overheated and overtired. He headed up to the adult pool to  relax and cool off. He jokingly refered to joining the other  beached walruss up on the pool deck.

Little Miss C and Mr P were finally sprayed with suntan lotion, in their swimsuits, towels and sunglasses packed and off we headed to pick up Grandpa on our way to the family pool.

Little Mr P said "Why we goin this way? I neva been this way befoa"
I answered "We are going to pick up Grandpa at the adult pool and then we will all head over to the family pool.
We walked up the equivalant of a city block and he looks around at the quiet pool and the adults lying about suntanning on the deck lounge chairs. He announces to me..
"When I gwow up, I neva goin to be an adult...I'm goin to be a Daddy so I can go to the family pool where it is lots of fun. I don't want to go to the adult pool and have to go in a time out on those chairs! It's too quiet theya"
I nearly died laughing silently...Of course I had it be silently...we were still right beside the adult pool!  It is very quiet there...often there is no one in the pool and DH and I can go for over an hour and not see another soul in the pool. Other times there may be 2 or 4 others...that is about it. The occasional time that we go and there are several people, DH goes in and right back out and home...remarking there is too many people for his liking!!!

Here is a photo from yesterdays post demonstrating the adult pool as it usually looks...empty!
I can't show you the family pool as it is so full of people that I can't post of shot without displaying everyone in their swimsuits and I don't even know most of them in order to get permission. LOL

There are 274 units at the resort...where do all those people swim? We do have a shared access beach between all of us but it is never full either!  Sure, some go out in their boats...but that lake is cold when you are way out from shore and we have only had someone want to swim off the boat once...ever...

The family pool on the other hand always has a shortage of lounge chairs and has a full pool and hot tub all the time! It has lots of splashing and screams of!!!!!


Diana Seal said...

LOL! Oh, the pool looks so nice! I can see myself sitting there, reading a book, all day! Have a great vacation and enjoy the grandkids!

Shelby said...

I love when kids are too funny. Sounds like you're having a great time. You know if you were exposed to hot temps you'd get used to it...that sounds like our normal pleasant temperatures from May to October:)!! When it gets to 35 and above, then it's getting a bit warm. Have a fun rest of the vaca!


Gabrielle Pollacco said...

Heehee, too cute! I used to write down all the funny things my girls would say on little slips of paper so that I could use them on my scrap pages....I hate to forget what they said when they were little like that! Sounds like you all are having a lovely summer! xo

Glenda Atkins said...

Aaah love your story, aren't kids wonderful! I sure wouldn't mind being in that pool, looks very inviting and I like the lack of swimmers:O)

Tracy said...

lol, I love the way kids think...and they are so right most of the time, teehee.