Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Scrap Room

I have a room that is my very own:)
It is in the basement and doesn't have a window:(
My husband calls it the dungeon.
I call it paradise!

I have been on a bit of a scrapbooking hiatus due to some health issues. I still shopped, re-organized my stash, played with creating tags, flowers, journalling spots, cards etc...but wasn't actually getting any pictures laid to paper. I soon realized that whether I was "playing" with bits and bobs or actually creating layouts, I still enjoyed my room.

Thought I would share a few random shots...

I found these Ikea cupboards on Craigslist for $100     What luck!!!             
Here are some random shots of the inside of the cupboards.

The chest of drawers that is holding up my countertop was DH's when he was a child. He was delighted to see them reused...They hold my card  and envelope supplies as well as finished cards. Here is the inside view of a you can see my trusty labeller was once again put to good use.

These little woven fabric drawers came from Jysk and I just happened to find the matching baskets at Dollarama.  I was lucky enough to find a couple of different sizes of the baskets.
These little stickles shelves were being cleared out at my LSS. I picked them up for around a buck each...what a score! I bought a bunch and haven't filled them all up yet...

I think that means it is OK to go do some more shopping!!!

Hope you enjoyed my picture tour...feel free to leave any questions or comments...


  1. What a fantastic room! Mine is in the basement too and I love it! My girls have their own space down there with me and it sounds just as prefect as yours :) Loved seeing all your pictures and storage!

  2. I too have my own room in the basement with no windows :(
    But it is mine :)
    Your room looks like a nice size. Nicely organized.

  3. Love looking at your scrap room - so well organized and inviting! I scrap in the basement, too, and would love to have a window. Oh well. Not complaining.

  4. Very nice! Love all the storage. I dream of having a room like that one day.

  5. love your room! i love all the cabinets--that is what i need. i also scrap in the basement. it is attached to my kids play rooom-- love it!

    thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and taking the time to write such a kind comment. i would be honored if you stopped by again sometime or even signed up to follow me and iwould do the same! thanks again-mp

  6. Your scraproom looks amazing! You really lucked out on those Ikea cabinets.

    I wanted to stop by to say thank you very much for following the Counterfeit blog hop to my blog. I appreciated the visit!

  7. Really great storage! Everything is so nice and neat!

    Counterfeit Kit Challenge

  8. I like how neat and clean your room is, and it doesn't look dark at all for being a basement room.

  9. I love your space!! I'm jealous of your little stickles CUTE!!!

  10. Everything looks like it has a space and that it is there. Nice job on organizing!

  11. Love your space! I can't believe the score on the Ikea cabinets. They look fantastic. And I really like the tv too :)

  12. What a great space and so organised! I now have storage envy!

  13. If that's a dungeoun,I want to live there!! *Jealous* Love your scrap space!

  14. What a GORGEOUS scrap space!!! Thanks for sharing!


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