Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Little mini Miss C's braids

Little Miss C got her hair french braided...for the very first time! She was a trooper about staying really still and really liked the "new Miss C". She has very fine hair and it is still growing both in length and fullness. This "new do" made her feel quite confident about herself! She had the braids down and also keeping in family traditions,  pinned up, and across, in the mennonite style.

She had a little go at her own episode of Canadian pickers!!! While visiting me, she noticed that the garden was coming to life...spring is finally here!!! She asked if we could pick a bunch of Lenten Roses for her Mommy.  As we arranged them in the vase for her to take home she proudly told me that she was giving them to her Mom for...Mothers Day!   Didn't have the heart to tell her they may not still be alive in a month! My daughter and I had a little "awwwwe moment" when I shared the story.

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